Catch Up On ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ With Season 1 Recap And Season 2 Preview

It has been a long road to get to tomorrow’s release of the second season of Star Trek: Prodigy. The first season wrapped up in December 2022 on Paramount+. Since it has been a while, there is a new short video to remind you what went down on the USS Protostar.

Watch these before season 2

The official Star Trek site has released this nice refresher of season 1, which also includes a few preview bits from season 2.

And in case you missed it, here is the trailer for the new season…

Producers prep for new season

And if you want some extra homework to get ready for season 2, co-executive producer Aaron Waltke has some recommended viewing, which he shared via Twitter/X.

For more from Aaron on season 2, check out our All Access Star Trek podcast interview with him from earlier this month.

Co-creators Dan and Kevin Hageman also took to Twitter/X today to thank fans for their support and to also suggest fans be careful of sharing spoilers.

For more from the Hageman brothers, check out our new interview previewing season 2. We will have more from them (talking some spoilers) later in the week.

TrekMovie’s Prodigy July Binge-watch

Speaking of spoilers, TrekMovie will be be covering and reviewing Prodigy throughout July. All 20 episodes are being released on Monday so this will be different than how we have covered weekly releases on Paramount+. After talking with the producers about how the season is structured we have decided to binge the show throughout July. For each of the next four weeks, we will cover five episodes with individual (but shorter than usual) recap/reviews for each episode (combining 4 of the two-parters). Each Friday’s All Access Star Trek podcast through July will discuss a different 5-episode arc.

Everything starts on Monday, July 1st with our first recap/review covering the 2-part season premiere (“Into the Breach”). Recap/reviews for episodes 3, 4, and 5 will follow on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with a discussion of the first 5-episode arc on Friday’s All Access Star Trek podcast. The pattern will then repeat over the following three weeks. This will all wrap up just as San Diego Comic-Con kicks off at the end of the month. We also hope to have more Prodigy interviews and analysis in July, and beyond.

We welcome fans joining us through July covering 5 episodes each week. However, for those choosing to binge the show even faster, we ask readers to avoid spoilers for episodes beyond the latest recap/review in our comments section.

Season 2 of Prodigy will stream on Netflix globally (excluding Canada, Nordics, CEE, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Belarus and Mainland China) and season one is currently available on SkyShowtime in the Nordics, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Central and Eastern Europe with season two coming soon. Season two has launched in France on France Televisions channels and Okoo. TrekMovie is still trying to confirm details on a release of season 2 in Canada.

Keep up with news about the Star Trek Universe.

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Prodigy, wherever you go, we go!

Can’t wait for season 2 after an excellent season 1. Plan to binge the entire season in a day.

In a day? Holy moly, your eyes are gonna fall out! Hope you enjoy it. :-)


Well I’m going to try anyway. But maybe I will need a break.

Do you plan to watch it or have a plan on how to do it? I see some people saying they plan to watch an episode a day. Yeah I can’t do that lol.

My health is shaky, so I simply don’t have the stamina to watch the entire season in one day. I can’t really make a plan, either, because what I can do on any given day depends partly on how my health is doing and partly on my husband’s various doctor’s appointments and stuff. (Not that I’m watching with him, just that if I have to take him to the doctor, that might use up all the energy I have for that day. Getting old SUCKS! I’d tell you not to do it, but the alternative is worse. :-D Eat well and get plenty of exercise, and your old age might be slightly more tolerable…)

This really saddens me when I hear things like this. I know you been sick for a long time now but I was hoping you been feeling at least a little better. But you’re right it’s something we all eventually face.

I’m always thinking about you. At least you and your husband are dealing with it together. And I just hope you can keep watching your favorite thing in life. It honestly keeps me going, even when I complain about it lol.

It’s just always nice when we do talk to each other here or the other place. 🙂

Aww, you’re a big sweetie pie! I like talking with you, too.

My husband and I played Dungeons & Dragons last Sunday with a new DM. Our party got surrounded by wolves, who the DM described as enormous and hostile. The other members of the party wanted to fight them, and I said, “I’m Starfleet; we always talk before resorting to violence, and I have a scroll of Talk to Animals.” I gave the scroll to the Druid (my husband), figuring he’d be more credible to wolves than the Paladin I was playing, and he talked the wolves into standing down. The rest of the party was astonished.

Having Starfleet in your soul is useful. :-)

Hope you’re enjoying your Prodigy marathon!

Ten-ish hours in 25-minute chunks? Totally doable. Just hydrate, break for real food, and get up to move around every hour or so. Otherwise, yeah, you’ll feel like death later. Not that I speak from experience or anything… ;)

Thats what I’m thinking. Ten hours is really not that long. I’m thinking to watch 7 episodes, take an hour break. Do another 7, have dinner and then finish the last 6.

I tried to watch an entire season of Voyager over a 3 day weekend once a few years ago. That was 23 hours. Didn’t quite get there but got close enough lol.

Star Trek is the only show I would binge. I’m not a binger, even though I come close sometimes. I like trekmovie plan so that’s how I’m going to watch.

Great plan! 👍

Can’t Wait!!!

Nor. Can. I! I’m so binging it on Canada Day.

I have now watched the first 3 episodes but I need to go to sleep! But so far great. The guys that do Prodigy should write a Star Trek film – as they are better written and more fun that any of the movies.

I knew ‘Prodigy’ would be good when I heard it was the creators of ‘Tales of Arcadia’ doing it.

All episodes, back-to-back binge – 8hrs!!!! Make it so!