All 20 Episodes Of ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Season 2 Out Now On Netflix – All Spoilers Open Thread


The entire second season of Star Trek: Prodigy is now available on Netflix, with all 20 episodes having dropped at the same time. TrekMovie is spending all of July covering the season with individual recap/reviews (combining most two-parters) as well as weekly All Access Star Trek podcast reviews covering five at a time. You can follow along with those in our guide below and join in on the specific episode discussions for each review and podcast.

If you are binging the show faster and can’t wait to talk SPOILERS beyond the episodes already covered in our July Prodigy Binge, then please use the comments section below to discuss any and all aspects of the entire season. ALL SPOILERS FOR THE FULL SEASON ARE OKAY!

Episode Guide
Number Titles Review Podcast
201 “Into the Breach, Part I” Review Podcast
202 “Into the Breach, Part II”
203 “Who Saves the Saviors” Review
204 “Temporal Mechanics 101” Review
205 “Observer’s Paradox” Review
206 “Imposter Syndrome” Review Podcast
207 “The Fast and the Curious” Review
208 “Is There in Beauty No Truth?” Review
209 “The Devourer of All Things, Part I” Review
210 “The Devourer of All Things, Part II”
211 “Last Flight of the Protostar, Part I” Review Podcast
212 “Last Flight of the Protostar, Part II”
213 “A Tribble Called Quest” Review
214 “Cracked Mirror” Review
215 “Ascension, Part I” Review
216 “Ascension, Part II”
217 “Brink”
218 “Touch of Grey”
219 “Ouroboros, Part I”
220 “Ouroboros, Part II”

Season 2 of Prodigy is streaming on Netflix globally (excluding Canada, Nordics, CEE, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Belarus and Mainland China) and season one is currently available on SkyShowtime in the Nordics, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Central and Eastern Europe with season two coming soon. Season two has launched in France on France Televisions channels and Okoo. TrekMovie is trying to confirm details on a release of season 2 in Canada.

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I can’t be the only one who knows this exists!

Might as well start things off… isn’t the Doctor a synth? We saw this overarching sweep of all android life after the incident on Mars, but what about holograms? They’re basically androids without physical bodies, after all. And any Tom, Barclay or Harry can program them. They seem far more dangerous than androids and would certainly qualify as synthetic life forms.

I really enjoyed this season of Prodigy. I’d love to watch more, but if not, I am satisfied with how this got wrapped up. The basics of the Prodigy story was nicely wrapped up, and the end of the season really set up something new. No real cliffhangers or anything like that, just a really nice setup for future storytelling, even if the future only has the Extended Universe to tell more Prodigy stories.

To get into a couple of specific things, in episode 14, Broken Mirror, Chakotay saw the symbol for the Terran Empire, and immediately thought of the Mirror Universe. However, this appears to be a variant of the Mirror Universe where the Terran Empire was not conquered by the Klingon/Cardassian/Bajoran Alliance. I’m speculating here, but based on dialog and what we saw on-screen, the Mirror Universe we saw on DS9 implied that “Goatee Spock” put actions in place to cause the fall of the Terran Empire, but in this episode’s version of the MU, “Goatee Spock” was not successful in causing the Terran Empire to fall. In DS9, the MU did not have a Terran Empire, agony booths, and certainly wasn’t capable of building their own version of the Voyager-A.

Also, by the end of episode 20, the Doctor referred to Holo Janeway as a sentient Emergency Command Hologram. I suspect that the 10 years the Protostar was on that planet, Janeway was on most of the time, which, like the Doctor, allowed her program to grow to the point of sentience. There was one scene where Holo Janeway and Chakotay were on the Protostar bridge and she was concerned that she was going to be erased, and Chakotay and the Doctor revealed that they were transferring her program in order to save her. During that scene, it is implied, at least to me, that Chakotay and Holo Janeway developed a relationship and were basically a couple (with poor Adreek the third wheel). Later, when Admiral Janeway retired, Chakotay did not join her, even though he could have. I wonder if Chakotay’s relationship with Holo Janeway made thing awkward to the point where he couldn’t join Admiral Janeway in retirement? That would be one weird love triangle…

The discussion with Aaron Watke clarified that the MU Terran Empire re-created itself after the events in DS9s Mirror Universe episodes and the fall of the Klingon-Cardassian alliance. The terrans thought (rightfully) that Mirror Spock’s reforms weakened the empire, so they should return to the old ways right away!

Oh interesting. I think in Beta Canoe (comics in particular), they took a different stance, that the Terran Empire still existed but in a much smaller, weakened state in comparison to the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.

I liked this season even better than season 1! It was right up there with the storytelling of LDS and SNW (though with some allowances for the shortcuts needed to fit the 22 minute episode format and it being, ultimately, a kids program). I hope, but don’t really expect, Netflix will see the quality of the show and order some new episodes.

A lot of what PRO did here with continuing the story of the late-24th century Federation is exactly what everyone is asking for for Star Trek: Legacy….tell the continuing stories that result from 15+ years of Berman-era Trek shows, movies, and elements of the related Kurtzman-era Trek shows. PRO is doing (did do?) this as well as anyone – tying together events from TOS, TNG, VOY, DIS (season 2), DS9, adding new interesting canon (the Loom), fixing others (Travelers, Wesley’s journey), and giving sorely needed development for underserved characters (Chakotay, Voyager in general). More of this please!

OMG, thank you TM for doing this! I just saw this but so happy its here.

Absolutely loved the season the whole way. Like season one, the second half was even stronger than the first half IMO. I loved how crazy the time travel stuff got and Chakotay was a big part of the story. I originally thought we would maybe see him 3 or 4 episodes like the first season but instead helped guided the season. I loved his interaction with the kids, especially episodes 11-14. And becoming captain of Voyager A at the end was a very sweet symbolic moment. It’s nice to see progression with the Voyager characters like we got with Seven in Picard.

There’s obviously tons more to say but this is the first thing I thought of lol. When I have more time I definitely want to talk about more specifics with the episodes themselves.

But another quick item that came to me, but did anyone see the article that originally the producers wanted Chris Pine’s Kirk in the season? I think it was supposed to be in episode 14, Cracked Mirror and the Kelvin universe would somehow cross over on the Voyager A.

I would’ve LOVED that idea and it would’ve been the first time obviously we got a crossover of a Kelvin character. According to the article they decided against it due to time and who knows if Pine would’ve done it but I’m pretty sure he would’ve since he says he wants to keep being part of Star Trek.

I thought it was a great season but what I’m still wrapping my head around the temporal mechanics. It was okay for the Loom that Solum seems to have the potential for a much brighter future because: 1)the alternate timeline events were only meant to set all of this into motion, 2)the Protostar took its rightful place in the past and 3) the civil war kind of still happened but earlier and with a different outcome? Would Gwyn be like Admiral Janeway from “Endgame”? Her timeline had to happen for her to still exist, even though the future timeline her father is from doesn’t exist anymore?