See Alt Universe Mariner Face Off With Q Jr. In Preview Of ‘Sons Of Star Trek’ #4

This week IDW wraps up its new miniseries all about the kids. Sons of Star Trek is a 4-issue spinoff of IDW’s Star Trek: Defiant series that takes a closer look at the children of Star Trek’s heroes. The new series is being written by first-time Trek writer Morgan Hampton (Cyborg) and features art from Trek comic vet Angel Hernandez. We have a preview of the fourth and final issue, out this week.

Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek #4


The final chapter! What do you get when you cross three of the Federation’s most celebrated sons with a misguided god? An alternate reality full of lessons that may be just what the doctor ordered. But with Jake Sisko’s enrollment in the Pennington School, Alexander Rozhenko’s prison sentence, and Nog’s first Starfleet posting all fast approaching, they’ll have to move fast to defeat the Breen once and for all if they’re to convince Q Jr. to return them to their home reality.


Cover A by Jake Bartok

Cover By by Angel Hernandez

RI cover by Andy Price


Five-page preview: 

Sons of Star Trek concludes on Wednesday

Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek #3 arrives on Wednesday, July 3. You can order issue 4 and other Trek comics at TFAW or pick up individual digital editions at Amazon/comiXology.

The paperback collection of all four issues will be released in November. You can pre-order that now at Amazon.

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Interesting to see Mariner realistic but still a drawing! However why does every comic book decide they need to redesign Starfleet uniforms and combadges? Enough already!

They are all Spider-Man!

Current Star Trek comics run is made up from bad fanfic that are wet dreams of writers. I’ll bet in next issue Mariner will hook up with Dax.