Podcast: All Access Boards The Voyager-A For ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Season 2

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 190 - TreKMovie - Star Trek: Prodigy episodes 201-205

[Review starts at  15:48]

Anthony and Laurie start with the surprising news that the Skydance/Paramount talks are back on and heating up. They also discuss the latest on Trek movies on the big screen (including Chris Pine’s comments about playing an older Kirk) as well as the small one, Celia Rose Gooding’s thoughts on Uhura in season 3 of Strange New Worlds, Mike McMahan’s tidbits about season 5 of Lower Decks, and Rosario Dawson’s revelation that she had to turn down a Star Trek role to be in Ahsoka. Then it’s time to dig into the very long-awaited season 2 of Star Trek: Prodigy. Tony and Laurie review the first five episodes, looking at them individually and as an arc and celebrating that the show is finally back. They wrap up with Neil DeGrasse Tyson on if scientists have discovered Dyson Spheres (like from TNG “Relics”), and Laurie’s guest appearance on the Deep Space Love podcast to talk “Rejoined.”


Paramount Reportedly Close To New Acquisition Deal With Skydance… Again

Chris Pine Wonders How ‘Star Trek 4’ Will Deal With Kirk Now That He Is “A Lot Older”

All 10 TOS And TNG Star Trek Movies Returning To Paramount+ In July

Celia Rose Gooding Talks Expanding Uhura’s Role In Season 3 Of ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’

Mike McMahan Talks “Amazing Sendoff” For ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ In Season 5, Hints At Potential Spinoffs

Watch: Season 1 Of ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Available For Free On YouTube In USA

Rosario Dawson Had To Turn Down Playing A Changeling In ‘Star Trek’ Because Of ‘Ahsoka’ Role

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Showrunner Terry Matalas Tackling Remake of 1980s Sci-Fi Movie ‘Enemy Mine’ [THR]

“Are We the Baddies?” — That Mitchell and Webb Look


Anthony: Did Scientists Discover Alien Mega-Structures? Neil deGrasse Tyson/Star Talk 

Laurie: Deep Space Love podcast: “Rejoined”

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@Anthony and @Laurie, do you think that the Trek prequel movie is really going into production this year, as Anthony suggests it has to if they are going to meet their announced release date? What percent chance do you give that actually happening?

Tony is much more tuned into the business side of things than I am (obviously), so he’s better qualified to guess at this one.

What we have so far are these writing announcements, and one post on Box Office Mojo for a Beyond sequel with no release date. And the cone of silence has (mostly) been in place since then.

There are some very public activities that have to happen when making a movie. Financing needs to be secured. Studio space blocked out. The production design folks are doing their works months in advance of principle photography. The legal guys are TM’ing everything they can. Buy the website domains. Gotta build the damn sets. So far, nothing. It’s not like the talent is getting calls and emails today, that production starts next Tuesday…..

I’m in wait and see mode. And I’m batting 1.000 so far on calling out that what they say and what they’re doing are very different.

I don’t believe I said they would be going into production. That would have to be next year, but by the end of this year they would likely have to at least start doing some things like hiring key people and of course casting if they want to go into pre-production early next year. Some of this can be done under the radar but casting tends to get out there in the trades, especially for major roles. A lot of this depends on if they’re aiming for a summer or a fall release in 2026.

I literally said the same thing a few weeks ago on another thread and something needs to happen by the end of the year. There’s five months to get in gear but per usual we been down this transwarp corridor to many times now.

You would think for a movie that’s supposed to be out in two years time now and supposedly with a writer and director that they would be talking up the movie at this point. Throw out bits and pieces when production could start, hints of the story, casting updates etc etc.

Instead it’s going down the exact same road as the others. They make these announcements they are starting it and then complete silence about anything else until it just withers away completely. So yeah my faith isn’t good but it hasn’t been for literally years now.

It’s mind boggling how they keep doing this over and over again.

Lower. The . Cone of silence!!

Years from now, when it no longer matters, I hope that somebody writes the definitive inside story of this era of Trek movie false alarms, missteps and course changes. I cannot fathom how this has been allowed to go on for so long; talk about illogical!

It took ten years between the end of TOS and the creation of the first movie, so there is precedent for indecision and false starts killing many Trek movie ideas.

What is different now is that the entire movie industry is in turmoil as theatrical films ebb in their importance relative to streaming. Paramount has a robust streaming Trek machine now, so the relative importance of getting a theatrical film together seems much less of a priority than it did in the oughts when Trek was off television. Star Wars seems to be going through the same pattern.

I think it’s a great idea that you aren’t covering all episodes at once. Just because all episodes are out at once doesn’t mean folks are able to watch it all at once. Thankfully my kids got into it and we ended up watching it all in a couple of days.

I’m conscience of overall spoilers but did anyone pick up how much the overall arch of the series had strong parallels with a relatively recent beta canon novel story line. I’d would like to hear Anthony’s and Laurie’s perspective on it in the podcast as it comes up.

I confess I am not up on beta canon! I read the novels as a kid but then stopped for decades, only checking out a few here and there… mostly the autobiography series.

All I’ll say is I enjoyed Dénes House’s review of them on the site ;-)

If its the one I think you’re referring to, I noticed that too. Of course, this one has a much happier ending than the novel trilogy.

Its so weird hearing Tony and Laurie speculate about what will happen next when so many of us have already seen the entire season. I guess there isn’t really a better way to do it though.


If I could pitch an idea for the next Kelvin-verse film, I’d live to see that cast in an adaptation of Garfield and Judith Reeves-Steven’s Prime Directive novel. It’s one of the best TOS novel and it’s perfect for a final Kelvin-verse mission.

I’m enjoying Prodigy. It feels like classic Star Trek. It’s the post-nemesis show I wanted. It is amazing what these writers can do with 23 minutes. They fit more character development plot, and science fiction concepts than most one hour shows. I’m not a binger, I like to savor the episodes too so I’m glad you two are doing it this way.

Unfortunately, while looking at google news, I saw a spoiler, made me mad, so be careful.

Have a great week!

There are so many parallels this season with Dal/Gwyn and J/C that it actively kills me. I will say more when you get further. Suffice it to say that these writers understand EXACTLY what they are doing.