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Yesterday I posted a reply to the article about Gene Roddenberry and Patrick Stewart. As Gene’s executive assistant for 17 years, I am in a unique position to comment on this. But for some reason, my comment doesn’t appear to have been posted.

Can you tell me why? Was it not received? Did I miss some protocol I needed to follow?

I think what I had to say was important to the conversation. So I’m wondering when you might post my comments.

Thank you,

Susan Sackett


Because we have an open comment system that doesn’t require people to register an account, there is a spam safeguard that requires all first posts from a given email/IP to be manually approved. Your comment is live on that article now.

Okay, thanks!

Have you guys seen the internet posts as of 2-5-21 that Christopher Plummer (CHANG) has just passed away? I just thought you would like to know.

Thanks, we shared something in the morning on social about it (which also appears on our Frontpage) and followed that up in the afternoon with an article

Hey everyone. Does anyone know if they are no longer releasing Star Trek music on CD? What a tragedy if that’s true. I don’t understand why there are Vinyl versions of the recent seasons’ soundtracks but not CDs. What’s going on? Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks for reading! LLAP

No one has answered my question, so I suppose no one knows anything. Star Trek music is dead, then, I guess.

Just reporting an apparent typo on this page:

“Break out the bloodline” presumably should be “break out the blood wine.”

right you are

In the Comments section for Anthony’s article ‘Review: ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Shakes It Up In “We’ll Always Have Tom Paris”,’ I posted a reply to David’s comment about the colorist for TAS, but my reply seems to have been deleted. Is it still pending manual approval or has it been rejected?

Sorry about that, I’m not sure why that ended up missing our approval process. It’s approved now :)

Thank you, Matt!

It appears that RIVERSIDE, IOWA is seeking financial assistance in providing the funds necessary to restore the large starship model they have used for decades in their annual TREKFEST. Perhaps TREMOVIE.COM might consider posting this as a new feature to generate interest in helping them out. Here is the feature article about it:

I was unaware the word I used was harsh language at all. It’s a word I use from time to time to describe what I deem to be an unworthy idea or item. I’ve even used it as a verb for something like slowing down progress. It is never directed towards a person as use in THAT context is what I thought was the offensive part. I have never once been chastised for it and over the years have even asked a couple of people, one of them my sister who’s own child is on the spectrum, if using the word was an issue and both times I was told the way it was used was perfectly fine.

That said, I will refrain from using the word here now that I know you take issue with it.