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I want to take a minute to thank you for posting the release date of “Trekkies” on blu ray. I’ve already pre ordered it. I hope you continue to post future release dates of anything concerning Trek. I love your web site. So much information. I’ve been a Trekkie since 1966, and we know what debuted that year. I’m70 years old and my passion for the Trek franchise has not dwindled. Thank you again.

That’s why we’re here. Thanks for the feedback.

I recently discovered this site, and love what you’re doing during this new age of Trek, and all the active discussions.

A few of my first comments “made the cut,” however a lot of my recent ones have been held back, and I don’t know why. Have I unknowingly gone against any rules? I just read the rules, and still don’t understand why my comments don’t show up anymore at all. Please at least let me know!?! Thank you!


Thanks for letting us know. You didn’t do anything from what I can see, but your comments became flagged as spam. I’ve corrected it.

Thanks so much!

Can’t seem to find the comments link for this episode. So I’ll leave it here. Hide and seek episode. I wonder if in season 3 we see Picard and Juratiborg unite the Federation to fight off an invasion from species 8472.

Comments on episodes are done along with the episode review. Here is this week’s

You gave me a warning for putting out a reply to a who has tried to troll me in the past! I replied back to him the way I did because he tried to troll me again. You allow people on your website to talk trash about the Star Trek actors but you give me a warning for replying back to a troll and defending myself. You allow people to talk about Trump and the Insurrection on your website instead of Star Trek.

You judge me for one comment I made because the dude tried to troll me. Maybe you should look over all the comments on your website and not just mine? You guys certainly don’t practice IDIC. I don’t think you even know what it is because then you wouldn’t have trolls on here.

Live long and prosper Trekmovie 🖖.

We do our best to keep up with comments but hope that the community self-polices as much as possible. if someone is out of line one can always use this page to notify. But when something descends into personal attacks and namecalling and it gets noticed it will be warned. We want Trek fans to feel welcome here as much as possible. thanks for the feedback

So you do your best and allow people to self-police the pages, huh? On the Picard season 2 finale page, you literally have people calling Wil Wheaton a POS and that’s the way it was written and used. You have people calling the Picard show a POS. You have people calling Wil Wheaton a “smarmy talk-show host”.

Do you understand that Will Wheaton is neurodivergent? I don’t think you or your readers do because when I mentioned it in one of my responses on the Picard page that talked about the departing actors from the Picard show, a person responded that they didn’t know Wil Wheaton was neurodivergent. Wil suffers from major depression and anxiety. What do you think happens to him when he finds his name trending on your website and then he clicks on your website and sees a bunch of people calling him a POS?

I too suffer from major depression and anxiety but it’s because I have a terminal condition called Huntington’s Disease so I’m not neurodivergent but I know how it makes him feel and it’s not good. All I did was call someone a “loser” because the person, Tiberius Mudd, was trying to troll me. He or she has tried to troll me in the past and I was defending myself from someone I know to be a troll. I am 42 years old, not 15.

I am not gonna allow someone to try to push me around because I push back. If the responders don’t like what I say and they’re incapable of having an intelligent ADULT conversation with me then they shouldn’t respond back to me, right? If I get silly, asynine responses that make no sense to me then I can give back silly asynine responses. But also I am not going to allow someone to troll my ideas because they don’t agree with what I’m saying.

I’m allowed to have ideas. I do have the right to free speech and I will not allow people to try to bully me into their way of thinking. With all that in mind, am I allowed to post again on your site or do I find another Star Trek site to post my ideas on and share my love for Star Trek/the Enterprise on? Thank you and live long and prosper, Anthony 🖖.

A lot of ‘Trek fans are asking around the ‘net about this; I’m just wondering if you heard about this (SEE LINK and info contained therein), and if so is this a hoax or is it for real? Paramount Announces ‘Demastered Edition’ of Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Voyager – ExtremeTech

I suggest you check the date on that ‘article’