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I want to take a minute to thank you for posting the release date of “Trekkies” on blu ray. I’ve already pre ordered it. I hope you continue to post future release dates of anything concerning Trek. I love your web site. So much information. I’ve been a Trekkie since 1966, and we know what debuted that year. I’m70 years old and my passion for the Trek franchise has not dwindled. Thank you again.

That’s why we’re here. Thanks for the feedback.

I recently discovered this site, and love what you’re doing during this new age of Trek, and all the active discussions.

A few of my first comments “made the cut,” however a lot of my recent ones have been held back, and I don’t know why. Have I unknowingly gone against any rules? I just read the rules, and still don’t understand why my comments don’t show up anymore at all. Please at least let me know!?! Thank you!


Thanks for letting us know. You didn’t do anything from what I can see, but your comments became flagged as spam. I’ve corrected it.

Thanks so much!

And here we are, almost exactly year later, with the same issue. 🫲🫤🫱 (Though, you guys just might not have caught it yet, because it happened on a Sunday…)

Can’t seem to find the comments link for this episode. So I’ll leave it here. Hide and seek episode. I wonder if in season 3 we see Picard and Juratiborg unite the Federation to fight off an invasion from species 8472.

Comments on episodes are done along with the episode review. Here is this week’s

I was wondering if you had considered creating an account on one of the Mastodon instances to post updates like you have on Twitter? If not, would you object to a bot that read your RSS feed and posted to a Mastodon account?

We have considered Mastadon (and other platforms), but if we were to do it we would prefer to handle it, but thanks for the offer about the bot. For now we continue to focus on Facebook, Instagram and yes, still Twitter.

Hey there! I don’t know if you knew about this already, but I didn’t – a Limited Edition 4K Steelbook of Strange New Worlds Season One just appeared on

Yes we did report on that and hopefully we will do a review when it comes out in May, thanks for the post.

Always enjoy your page and the information provided.

I did want to let you know that there was an important passing this past week of a TOS luminary that appears to be going largely unnoticed.

Gerald Fried passed on 2/24. He was 95 years old. He composed a whole host of movie and TV music including some of the most iconic music from TOS including the fight scene in “Amok Time” and the terrific score for “Shore Leave.” All in all he scpred 5 TOS episodes which also included “The Paradise Syndrome,” “Catspaw,” and “Friday’s Child.”

Anyway, I thought it would be important for him to also be recognized on your site as a lot of folks may not know his name since he was not an actor or producer on the show, but nonetheless made hugely significant contributions in the form of his very unique music for TOS.

I actually met him a few years back as my brother’s father-in-law played in a small music group with Mr. Fried while they were both living in Santa Fe, NM, and I was visiting my brother’s family. He was most gracious and even signed my copy of the TOS soundtrack CD collection that was released by La-La Land records several years back.


I thought I posted this comment already, but I don’t see it now.

In any case, I just wanted to let the site owners know that there was a passing of a TOS luminary recently of one of the original music composer for TOS:

Gerald Fried

Mr. Fried passed last week just a few days after his 95th birthday.

He composed some of the most memorable and remarkable TOS music including the fight scene from “Amok Time” and the extremely enjoyable music heard in “Shore Leave” that was used in many other episodes that followed (especially the love-themed music). He also scored “Catspaw,” “The Paradise Syndrome,” and “Friday’s Child” all of which, IMHO, are terrific scores that hold up even to this day.

He also worked on many, many more TV shows and movies throughout his long-lasting career and was active up until just a few years ago (to 2016).

I even met him about 6 or 7 years ago at a music event where he used to live in Santa Fe, NM, as he was friends with my brother’s father-in-law at the time. He even signed by La La Land TOS soundtrack CD collection that had been recently released also around that time.

Anyway, I just wanted to let the site know of his passing in the hopes that he might receive the honor of being mentioned here as he was definitely a significant part of TOS even if somewhat unsung/unknown to many ST fans.

With respect,


Thank you for your comment. As we do with most passings, we make posts on all of our social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Here is the one from Instagram about Fried on the day of his passing. On Twitter we also shared the THR report. Our Twitter feed also shows up on our front page. We don’t always cover passing with a new article, but our hearts go out to his friends and family and we are of course big fans of his work.

I’ve been visiting TrekMovie for years but, man, the comment section has gotten a bit exhausting, There are over 600 comments on the Starfleet Academy announcement and the bulk of them are responses from a handful of people who are often unpleasant and dominate the threads. Unsuspecting visitors to TrekMovie who just want to share their thoughts on a story find themselves having to defend them after positing a comment.

Moderating this stuff is time consuming, I know, but if you get a chance just take a look at the comments for Starfleet Academy to get a sense of what I am referring to.

Thank you for your feedback. The team here do try to focus on creating content in the form of articles, social media, and podcasts so comment moderation is difficult, especially with the volume of it with certain articles as you noted. In general, we take a hands-off approach, but personal attacks and trolling is not okay. We want the TM community to be a welcoming place for discussion. If there are specific problematic comments or commenters for us to look at we will. But please be patient and thank you for participating in the TM community.

Do you think that there is any significance to the fact that Terry and Jeri are the final guests on The Ready Room for Picard? Do you think there is a big announcement coming? Jeri has said in the past that the fans will be happy with where 7 is left.

I appreciate your comment, but this page is for site Feedback. Feel free to add your speculation to any of the PICARD-related article on the site.

Reporting the following comment. It’s really just one of many and was entirely uncalled for.

Yep, it’s gotten cracy around here recently. the inmates are running the asylum. The mods should step in more.

Thanks for the feedback. This has been dealt with.

Not sure of the reason why you don’t have social media exposure ( I follow twitter for my feeds) but it would be nice to see your site every other day as opposed to the maybe once a week I see your site now. And the only reason I see that is…, periodically I see it in my “For You” google news.
P.S. I don’t save a lot of bookmarks to my browser.

Hello Trekmovie. I’d like to report a user Ryan who is calling out people as racist because they don’t like Burnham. The classic non-argument that if you don’t like someone that happens to be black, then you’re racist. I find this unacceptable.

The thread is the “Watch Captain Burnham Fly…” from July 22nd. There are many posts where Ryan is making his argument. My interactions with him start at my post on July 23rd, 1:24pm. There’s some back and forth, and his final post to me is at July 23rd, 7:10pm. In that post he says “…i didn’t like much of Season 1 of Discovery. I have no problem if people don’t like it. Blatant racism? Sure, I’ll call you out.”

Thank you

Can I have an update on my post above? Whether you find my post requires action or not, I would like to know please, if only to better understand the rules. Thank you.

Any words if all Star Trek french library contents, on Crave, will also be moving to Paramount+ Canada?

I’m all for lively discussion and differences of opinion but this guy loves trolling and needling people (a few in particular). It’s getting to be a bit much.

Not sure if you guys want to go further afield like you did with THE ORVILLE, but I just came across word about a space series (already filmed 2 seasons, hasn’t aired yet) called BEACON 23. Ira Behr was producer for one ep (am guessing the pilot), but showrunning is being done by somebody who worked on THE SHIELD.

While we have covered some other sci-fi shows, they are Star Trek adjacent. While Beacon is an interesting show, it doesn’t really count, but if Ira is doing publicity for the show when it drops we may interview him

There has been a bug for weeks in the comment posting section, where you get an error message when you try to edit a post. And now apparently a new bug that you can’t even post…

Thanks. It appears this bug has been fixed.

While there’s a lull in TV shows, maybe the podcast could venture into the comics or the novels?

Hi Tony and Lori,

While we wait for fresh-baked trek…maybe we could do interview with folks like:

-The Okudas
-Doug Drexler
-How about the costuming teams

I thought the time you spent with Bill Blass was great!


User was banned, thank you for bringing this to our attention

I just posted a reply to TG1701 in the “Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5 To Debut In April; Watch New Clip From CCXP” thread, around 11:00 Easter time… At first the post appeared, then I did a very minor edit (added a space after a period) and then got the “Awaiting approval: spam” message… and my post was gone.
There was nothing controversial or trolling of any kind in my post.

Post was restored. Somehow editing it got it flagged by auto spam detector. Thanks for being part of the community and understanding we need to use these tools to stop the constant flood of spam, but sometimes it does create false positives.

Yes I certainly do understand the need for spam filters, and thank you Tony and all the Trekmovie team for providing this community for what, over 15 years now?

Hello Trekmovie,

I know you don’t like rumors, so I’m sending this here away from the main threads.

I saw this on a YouTube channel which apparently is well connected. I won’t identify it in case you’re not ok with that but let me know if you want to know…

– Apparently the prequel origin story Star Trek movie is not a Paramount initiative, it’s coming from Bad Robot.

– Bad Robot released the news without Paramount’s consent and Paramount is not happy about it.

– This is only a pitch that BR is making. Paramount hasn’t approved or signed off on it.

– It would be in the Kelvin timeline. TPTB think Star Trek is already complicated enough with the different timelines, so they want the TV/Streaming versions to stay in the prime timeline and the movies to remain in Kelvin.

– The origin they speak of is the origin (i.e. launch) of the Enterprise. So this would be a few decades before Kirk with possibly April as captain and Pike as 1st officer.

– Regarding the fact that we already saw in ST2009 the Enterprise being built later than this, the explanation would be that this wasn’t E being built but just a refit and besides J.J. Adams doesn’t care about that kind of discrepancy anyway…

I’m sure you can either confirm or dispel this as rumor… Just letting you know what I heard.

We will report what can be confirmed when it can be confirmed.

We did offer our condolences via our various social media channels early Tuesday morning, for example here is the post on FB. Our Twitter/X feed which also had condolences is visible on our front page.

To whom it may concern:

I have no idea if this might be worthy of a general post on your site, but I am some other local Star Trek fans who are also pinball/video arcade collectors will be bringing our full-sized, Star Trek-themed pinballs and video games to the upcoming Creation ST convention in our area next weekend (at the San Francisco Airport Grand Hyatt). I think that this might be a first/unique event for an ST convention as we’ll have all 4 of the Star Trek pinballs that have been produced from the late 1970s to the most current pin (2013) as well as two versions of the somewhat rare Sega Star Trek coin-operated video game that was produced in 1982. Games will be set on freeplay for all attendees to enjoy. Creation also plans to have a celebrity event involving the games with a donation to the celebrity winner’s favorite charity. Details are at the Creation site here:

Anyway, I’m just sending the above your way and feel free to post on the site again if you feel it’s noteworthy enough to do so. No problem if not.



I am wondering with all these Studios trying to absorb Paramount if the fan film guidelines might change if skydance or Apollo were to buy them out. I think it’s high time all these years later that you see fan films from some other franchises like Star Wars and Halloween that are an hour long and the quality is really good and yet Star Trek there’s been silence. Can we maybe get a response from someone at Paramount for the website about where a fan film stand with them and if the guidelines are still so black and white?

Hello Trekmovie. Please do something about the poster TOS Continues 2027 (used to be UpperDecks NormalNecks and before that One Lion…). His posts have turned into psychological harassment, not with me but with another poster. I’m sure you have other things to do, but please look at the exchanges in the March 25 Discovery article. And this has been going on in other articles for ever. Gatekeeping is the least of his offensive behaviour. Thank you.

TOS CONTINUES poster is really way out of line. He has previously been banned apparently, wondering why he was allowed back and what moniker he posted under previously.

How about you guys do a blog reporting the information needed as a fan to protest Lower Decks cancellation (ongoing petitions, contact information for emails to Paramount, CBS etc.)? It is my fav and the only series among new Trek that I enjoy. I love all the characters and it feels as if it has only started as the characters develop. I love the bubble of happiness from this series in difficult times (and the often surprising depth)! I used to think it was clever of Paramount to produce different Trek series so every fan can find the one they like! Thank you!

I just finished ST Discovery S5E10. This is only the 2nd tv show i was completely hooked on. (the other was Vikings). Highest sincere praise to the senior producers, the players, the FX people(!!), and whoever else was involved. As a lifelong sci-fi fan of movies, tv, and books, I will miss it dearly. I believe it will help to take it’s intended inspiration forward.
Still, I scold myself for being so emotionally involved with this, a mere tv show. Yes, the highest production values, the 100’s of people needed to make it, the countless tie-ins to much of our worlds’ wisdom, but also(no offense), just entertainment. All make believe.
Thank you, and Best luck to everyone involved. May your individual futures allow you to be parts of more excellent opportunities to create such great work.

Please see This is the first time in many years of posting that I’ve done something like this, but felt that this finally needed to be brought to your attention. A long-term and prolific poster on this site is literally being stalked on these threads, and it should stop.