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  1. Anthony – you offered the opportunity to provide feedback to a warning you provided me in regards to a post I made. So I shall.

    I’ve been insulted far, far worse than my post. I never insulted anyone. You referred to getting personal. I’d like you to point out the personal insult. Referring to a remark as stupid is not a personal insult. The original poster had insulted William Shatner as not getting Star Trek. I used their own words to imply they didnt get Star Trek either. Thats sarcasm, not a personal attack.

    This site is awesome but the moderation is really all over the place. You dont have a forum where posters can be ignored or reported and allow a lot of insults and angry exchanges go. You let posters keep pushing negative, off topic, attacks on actors and other people. There have been posts hoping for death of certain actors.

    And then pop in occasionally to give stern (sometimes heavy handed) warnings to people, some of whom are significant contributors.

    Of course, it is your site to do with as you please. And I never want anyone banned or suspended (I’ve said this privately to this site’s admin). But providing even the basic tools that other forums have to assist posters in ignoring/reporting those few that are obviously trolling or baiting would be useful.

    If the standard by which I received a warning is the new standard, this place is going to be a ghost town. lol

    We’re all mature adults. And I agree, we can get TOO argumentative. But let’s not over-moderate (which this place historically has never done, to your credit).

    My feedback is, can we not provide tools to help us deal with the negative people?

    Thank you for your consideration. Im always available via email (I’ve emailed you and other site admins before). I’ve moderated my own forums in the past so I get the tireless work that can go into babysitting people from time to time…its not a fun task sometimes. Keep up the good work!



  2. Christopher Jeske | October 17, 2017 at 3:28 pm | Reply

    nobody cares about the orville, this is a star trek website, pls dig into further what’s happening with star trek 4 and Chris Hemsworth, NOT that farce Orville. Honestly, it’s embarrasing, remove that content. Suggestion, start a .com for those losers who enjoy that quip.

  3. Is there ANY moderation on this site anymore? This LETHE page is just open warfare (which I have jumped well into), and pretty tragic already. I’m also rather ticked off that I can be accused of being an alias for somebody else (who I don’t know from Adam) in multiple posts in this thread without anybody noticing or rapping anybody’s ball for same.

  4. barely trek related, but this story does not cast Robert Wise in a particularly good light (though not too surprising given his involvement in AMBERSONS.) Would have been shortly after TMP.

  5. Somewhat related to what kmart said… It very much seems like the bulk of the problems stem from mostly one, perhaps two posters. Since nothing is being done about that then a good add would be an “ignore” function. Then we don’t even have to accidentally see their posts. They would just be invisible to those who don’t even want to see them.

  6. I also think posters should not be able to just change their handle and then lie about their previous remarks when its very very obvious its the same person. And the constant uneducated attacks on CBS and the show.

    We all have things we like and dislike and 99% of us discuss them and really enjoy it. Seems to be the same 2-3 posters who said for months how much they hated the show before they ever saw it than continue to post irrational negativity. And then when you have people switching handles when the show debuted to pretend they’re new, that’s just ridiculous.

    An ignore function would be nice. But really, this site is great and mostly handles its own issues. If people would look in the mirror before complaining, they might have a more positive experience. Keep up the great work!

  7. Joshua Langweil | November 18, 2017 at 9:35 pm | Reply

    The site’s CSS is not loading. I cannot view the site properly on Edge or Chrome.

    • We had an issue yesterday which created CSS loading issues, they were fixed Friday afternoon. I just confirmed in multiple browsers (Firefox, Chrome,Safari) in private (no cache) sessions that the site loads as expected.

  8. Hi Guys! Is there an issue with comments being moderated initially? All my comments are being held in moderation which is unusual… Thanks!

  9. Hello

    I just posted a feedback comment that didnt appear, about comments being held in moderation. Is this a glitch or a something new?

  10. Happy Hoildays. & New Year 2018.

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