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Someone needs to review the new Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments for 2020. It’s a cool interlinking of three ornaments with stand alone sound and lights (Mirror Sulu, Kirk, and the USS Enterprise (tree topper)), but when on three are powered on they are coordinated to present short sound bites from “Mirror Mirror”. The Uhura ornament will be out later.

Every year we review the Hallmark stuff and this year will be no different. We finally got our hands on it all this week and so please look for a review in early August

i have a friendly suggestion… i know there’s a lot of angry fans on this site and people who really hate new trek… some of us really can’t stand this… i mean i love discussing trek and debating what someone likes or doesn’t etc… but there’s a group that absolutely is unpleasant to be around… why not create a safe zone for people who like trek?… i dont mean no criticism but people who enjoy new trek… you can enjoy something and be critical… maybe each post is labelled hate trek and likes trek… and you can choose to read both or one or the other… i was hoping this place would be for fans of the show but it’s really not

Your concern is understandable but I’m not sure how something like that would work. We try to keep TrekMovie to be an open place but we also endeavor to keep gatekeeping and trolling out of discussions. Perhaps we should be more vigilant. Also remember that our focus is always creating great content with articles and podcasts and with so many comments coming in so fast, it is hard to keep up.

If there is a particular poster who is causing problems and breaking the rules you can always use this page to notify us and we will review.

I have noticed that you’ve used this photo a couple times, just wanted to make sure that the credit for this mash-up was given to my buddie Jim Alexander, who created it . . . . dig the site, lots of great info and topics!

Last edited 5 months ago by Matt Wright

We have used that for Lucy’s birthday on social media. We can use the image with the source next time if we use it again.

That would be so great. Thanks for replying.

I am here to ask that Anthony Pascale explain why he’s going around editing comments and removing links to official YouTube trailers for Lower Decks. This evening I included a link to one of these videos to explain a comment that I was making on a news item, and Anthony, without any explanation whatsoever, deleted the entire link and any mention that the link had ever even been there. I checked the site rules, and I’m not doing anything wrong (according to the official notices) and neither are the other commenters who have noticed this trend in the past few days.

I would get it if I was posting a completely off-topic link, or if I was posting a link to an offensive or unlicensed Star Trek site, even though none of these infractions are mentioned anywhere as being against the site rules. That’s just common sense. But now Anthony is going around, editing long time sight visitor comments, deleting links to official Star Trek videos that are relevant to the discussions at hand, and without any explanations.

Well I’m sorry Anthony, but this capricious, unexplained moderation *is* being noticed by your site visitors, and it is becoming extremely offputting. If we are not supposed to be posting hyperlinks of any sort, why is the feature allowed in the first place? And secondly, if it’s not allowed, you really need to update your site guidelines to explicitly say so.

Please explain yourself.


Tony removed the link because you posted a link to about the very trailer that was already in our article.

As to the link I removed, we’ve generally agreed among the site admins that we’re not fans of sites that lend themselves to clickbait titles, and nasty website design with lots of advertisements, etc. the link I removed is one of those. It took nothing away of substance to the comment. The point about the reference from the episode of Voyager had been already been made in his comment.

Last edited 5 months ago by Matt Wright

Not a trekie ,I dont speak Klingon but I watch star trek on netflix every day …Does the netflix have the extra effects ? I kinda doubt it !

Not really sure what the question is. Netflix has the first five Star Trek shows available to stream worldwide. They also have Star Trek Discovery outside the USA and Canada. Discovery is available with Klingon subtitles on Netflix.

Yesterday I posted a reply to the article about Gene Roddenberry and Patrick Stewart. As Gene’s executive assistant for 17 years, I am in a unique position to comment on this. But for some reason, my comment doesn’t appear to have been posted.

Can you tell me why? Was it not received? Did I miss some protocol I needed to follow?

I think what I had to say was important to the conversation. So I’m wondering when you might post my comments.

Thank you,

Susan Sackett


Because we have an open comment system that doesn’t require people to register an account, there is a spam safeguard that requires all first posts from a given email/IP to be manually approved. Your comment is live on that article now.

Okay, thanks!

Hello! Just a quick note that you misspelled Patrick Kwok-Choon’s name in this article:

The author(s) wrote: Patrick Kyok-Choon, it is Kwok-Choon.

You are correct. Those captions are actually built into publicity photos from CBS and we tend to try to quickly turn those image releases out to get them to the fans as soon as CBS releases them.

Article has been updated with correct spelling

Thank you for the quick fix! :)