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I’ve been catching up on some old Shuttle Pods. The links to the pod cast are missing from:

• Shuttle Pod 30: Paging Dr. Pulaski: Revisiting Trek’s Least-Loved Ship’s Surgeon
• Shuttle Pod 32: A Deep Dive Into Star Trek: Nemesis
• Shuttle Pod 39: Will the Real Top 10 ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Episodes Please Stand Up?

Could you please restore the links?

Many thanks.

Hello there, I love the site and the podcast. Now that 3 seasons of new trek shows are in the can (2 Discovery seasons and 1 Picard season), I think it would be great if you could dedicate a podcast episode to what you think of this new Trek writing team (Kurtzman, Goldman, Chabon). Specifically, do you think this team is accomplishing its goal of successfully introducing Trek to a new generation of fans? Do you think CBS is happy with the product? How would you compare their writing caliber to that of DC Fontana, Ron Moore, Brannon Bragga? Do you think Trek is currently in good hands with this team? It would be great to get your take on how you think this is all going.

Hi there RikersMailbox –

Thanks for the kind words about the site and podcast. It’s much appreciated.

I’m sure from listening to the podcast it’s pretty clear that we’re not thrilled with the quality of the writing, and for a variety of reasons. That said, you ask very specific questions that are certainly worth discussing. I have many thoughts on every one of those questions!

Thank you for the suggestion. We’ll certainly consider it.

Just seen the expected release date for Strange New Worlds could be 2023.
I know the pandemic is causing problems but any chance of releasing as soon as finished please?
Always been a fan, have been watching Star Trek since first arrived in the UK but probably enjoyed Discovery more than any other (maybe we are more sophisticated today). Am buzzing about Season 3 of Discovery and Season 1 of SNW.
As I will be 67 by the end of ’23 times marching on for an old fan.


There is no announced release date for SNW. I believe you are referring to an article on another site that just speculated it could be 2021, 2022, or 2023. That is true, it could be any of those years, not sure any of them are “expected.”

Have you guys seen this Violin Medley Showing How the ‘Star Trek’ Theme Has Evolved From 1966 Through 2020?
Very cool:

One last plea.


Do. Something. About. The. Ads.

This has been a problem for a while now, but over the past few days TrekMovie has become all but unusable, especially when it comes to how the comment sections have been buried.

If this is a glitch, it’s been going on a while now, and I hope you address it as soon as possible.

If this is a glitch you already know about, it would be very much appreciated if you could at least acknowledge the problem and let your loyal readers know you’re working on it.

But if this is not a glitch, but is instead the new normal, I respectfully request that you please do your longtime loyal readers a solid, and just come out and admit it. I for one would not fault you for it, because I know you need to pay the rent. I’ve been coming here over thirteen years now, since the pre-JJ, remastered Star Trek era. If the option was offered I would be delighted to pay for an annual subscription if it meant getting rid of the obnoxious ads that are all but obliterating the meat and potatoes of the site.

But there is no such option, and life is too short. If you’ve made the calculation that the only way to survive is to bury us in spam for bra inserts (LITERALLY the display ad that I’m looking at as I type this), then at least do us the courtesy of fessin’ up so that we can decide for ourselves whether or not we want to keep coming here.


We are working on the problem. We upgraded the comments system but it is causing issue with ads. Hope to have it resolved soon. In short term, if you want to snap to comments just click on the comments number under the to header picture at top of articles or on front page.

Thanks. We did cover her charity theater work in a May article.

We may do an update on that as well.

Someone needs to review the new Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments for 2020. It’s a cool interlinking of three ornaments with stand alone sound and lights (Mirror Sulu, Kirk, and the USS Enterprise (tree topper)), but when on three are powered on they are coordinated to present short sound bites from “Mirror Mirror”. The Uhura ornament will be out later.

Every year we review the Hallmark stuff and this year will be no different. We finally got our hands on it all this week and so please look for a review in early August

i have a friendly suggestion… i know there’s a lot of angry fans on this site and people who really hate new trek… some of us really can’t stand this… i mean i love discussing trek and debating what someone likes or doesn’t etc… but there’s a group that absolutely is unpleasant to be around… why not create a safe zone for people who like trek?… i dont mean no criticism but people who enjoy new trek… you can enjoy something and be critical… maybe each post is labelled hate trek and likes trek… and you can choose to read both or one or the other… i was hoping this place would be for fans of the show but it’s really not

Your concern is understandable but I’m not sure how something like that would work. We try to keep TrekMovie to be an open place but we also endeavor to keep gatekeeping and trolling out of discussions. Perhaps we should be more vigilant. Also remember that our focus is always creating great content with articles and podcasts and with so many comments coming in so fast, it is hard to keep up.

If there is a particular poster who is causing problems and breaking the rules you can always use this page to notify us and we will review.