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To Anthony Pascale,

I got in trouble with you for simply describing Mara as a Bozo. Yet, others were posting stuff like these two below, which seem to me much more severe and personal, IMHO. Just saying…

Chris 7
Wil Wheaton? I hate that guy. I would rather the women from THE VIEW were hosts over that jackwagon.

Spaceman Spiff

You have had multiple warnings for a variety of infractions, what others do is irrelevant. Either find a way to behave in a civil manner or move on as this isn’t the right place for you.


OK, I apologize and I promise you a better experience from me for here on out. I would only request that you please cut me a little bit of slack as you do others on using descriptive terms. When I said “bozo” for Matt Mara, well I meant like “clown,” which is certainly descriptive of his wacky behavior on that show (many others agree and used similar terms). Then this other poster accuses me of making personal attacks on Matt Mara (which is not true), and then you weighed in — that just seems a little extreme to me?

But again, I apologize and love your site here, and will be more civil. Thanks!

Curious Cadet

Is the yellow highlighting of unread/new comments unique to specific browsers? I noticed that this appears in Firefox, but not Safari on my Mac. Or is it a setting that can be turned on in any browser’s preferences somehow?

There’s no control over it, it’s a feature of the comment system enhancement plugin we use that was added a while ago. I guess whatever method they use to highlight new comments doesn’t work on Safari.

Curious Cadet

Thanks Matt. It evidently doesn’t work on any iOS mobile apps either, not Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. I haven’t checked Chrome on the Mac yet, but it seems to be desktop based at the moment, unless Android otherwise supports it, which I can’t test.

Andrew SD

Will you guys be doing a step by step break down of the new Discovery trailer? I love those.

Yes. That and more from SDCC


Hi, just wondering if y’all are going to cover the Les Moonves story [see Ronan Farrow, The New Yorker]. It’s a downer and I hope it won’t affect our Trek.

Possible effects on CBS/Viacom merger? Strengthening or weakening support for Star Trek?

Hi, our view on the Moonves stuff is that it’s too nebulous right now. If/when things develop more we’ll be in a better position to talk about how it may affect the Trek franchise.