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Arthur Lamoureux

A suggestion that perhaps you should seriously consider. . . Since you cover all aspects of Star Trek maybe you should change or rebrand the site from TREK MOVIE to TREK MEDIA or something akin to that? I visit the site every day so needless to say I really like it, but Trek seems to be alive now on the home screen and not so much in the movie theater, and you cover comics and books, etc too.


Is there a place where we can leave feedback for the moderators/administrators of this site?
I find the “haters are going to hate” comments, whatever the issue, as unconstructive and derogatory in nature. When an issue is discussed, and someone dismisses their point of view without any argument/facts/ as per of a respectful dialogue, but just says something like “they’re just going to hate because they are haters” or some variation of that argument, I think it only hurts this site in terms of tone and substance. I have an idea, I think that anyone who leaves these kinds of things should be warned and banned if they continue. I mean, it’s easy enough to identify this. It’s the kind of thing that leads to the worst aspect of the internet.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll discuss it among the site admins.