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Arthur Lamoureux

A suggestion that perhaps you should seriously consider. . . Since you cover all aspects of Star Trek maybe you should change or rebrand the site from TREK MOVIE to TREK MEDIA or something akin to that? I visit the site every day so needless to say I really like it, but Trek seems to be alive now on the home screen and not so much in the movie theater, and you cover comics and books, etc too.


Is there a place where we can leave feedback for the moderators/administrators of this site?
I find the “haters are going to hate” comments, whatever the issue, as unconstructive and derogatory in nature. When an issue is discussed, and someone dismisses their point of view without any argument/facts/ as per of a respectful dialogue, but just says something like “they’re just going to hate because they are haters” or some variation of that argument, I think it only hurts this site in terms of tone and substance. I have an idea, I think that anyone who leaves these kinds of things should be warned and banned if they continue. I mean, it’s easy enough to identify this. It’s the kind of thing that leads to the worst aspect of the internet.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll discuss it among the site admins.


I don’t know if this is my problem or the sites… But the clickbait ads are now literally endless. The more I scroll down, they just keep appearing and I cannot get to the comment section. I’ve gotten the same thing on multiple browsers. Same result. I will keep checking to see if this is on my end but thought I ought to bring it to you attention just in case.


Follow up… I can get past the endless clickbait ads by quickly scrolling to the bottom of the page. Then scrolling back up.

Thanks for pointing it out. We worked with the advertising provider to fix it.


I would really love to see transcription of ShuttlePod episodes made available to readers/listeners. Not everyone has the time available in their schedule to actually listen to them and prefer reading, and other people may not have the ability to listen due to disability or language barrier. It would also provide the opportunity for more people to share and quote the podcast so that ShuttlePod would be easily credited by outside publications and credit could be given driving more traffic to the site. Not to mention it would make it easier to make it searchable if it was in text form.

I see a lot of benefits from transcribing the ShuttlePod, I hope that it is something you consider.

John R

I have been unable to download the last two episodes of Shuttle Pod (Balance of Terror, Star Trek Day) in iTunes (ver.

Is this a problem others have experienced?

Valerie Deane

Is something up with the site? I haven’t seen a new story posted in more than a week now. I hope everything’s OK.

Things are just slow for a bit in Trek-land. New York Comic Con is this weekend and more news will come out it :-)

Harry Ballz

William Shatner just received the Order of Canada. You might want to profile it, with the short video of the presentation easily available. Thanks!


How about updating your toy section once in awhile? The last post is from last march!!!

Scott McC

I’ve been catching up on some old Shuttle Pods. The links to the pod cast are missing from:

• Shuttle Pod 30: Paging Dr. Pulaski: Revisiting Trek’s Least-Loved Ship’s Surgeon
• Shuttle Pod 32: A Deep Dive Into Star Trek: Nemesis
• Shuttle Pod 39: Will the Real Top 10 ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Episodes Please Stand Up?

Could you please restore the links?

Many thanks.