Ron Moore Supports Abrams – Thinks Trek Should ‘Start Over’

There was a Battlestar Galactica special screening in Hollywood on Wednesday and was there. BSG co-creator and executive producer Ron Moore had a quick moment to chat about the next season of BSG and Star Trek. On the subject of the new Trek film Moore tells that he is a fan of JJ Abrams. "He is tremendously talented and I think he is going to do a really good job," said the veteran Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine writer/producer. I also had a chance to ask the man who killed James T. Kirk (Moore co-wrote Generations) about the the the plans to bring Kirk back in the new film.

Review of “Bread and Circuses” Remastered

“Exactly in some ways, different in others.” So describes the similarities to Earth of planet 892-IV (also known as Maga Roma). The Enterprise has found a 20th Century Roman Empire and Hodkin’s Law of Parallel Planetary Development strikes again. “Bread and Circuses” has it all: a high concept plot, richly drawn characters, humor, suspense, action, a blonde bombshell with a name ending in the requisite letter “a,” and great acting. It is also notable for plumbing the depths of the Spock-McCoy relationship and dealing directly with religion, which makes it unique among TOS episodes. Now it is new and improved and remastered…with double the moon goodness. The episode also has enough plot holes to swallow a dozen starships, but more on that later.

New Podcasts from Kelvington and Dochterman

A couple friends and contributors of have put up new podcasts and I say check them out. First up is Daren Dochterman who has a commentary for his Doomsday Machine Efffects video. Podcast at Next up is Rick Kelvington who has launched a new podcast show along with Jessica Menn called ‘Talking Entertainment.’ More info at …and yes eventually will have its own podcast 

This Week In Trek

Trek XI: Comic-Con have just released a preliminary list of panels and Star Trek XI is on it. had reported before that Paramount planned to attend for Trek and we have re-confirmed that there will be a panel, but they have not yet worked out the details. DS9 showrunner Ira Behr told he thought Abrams plans for a return to TOS was ‘the safe thing’ but expressed concerns about ‘going backwards to the future’ Heroes actor Zachary Quinto again expressed a desire to play Spock

Time To Form Starfleet?

In the world of Star Trek we know that eventually the Earth is united both with a single government and a single space agency. This agency called ‘The United Earth Space Probe Agency‘ and ‘Starfleet‘ even predates the formation of the United Federation of Planets. To date in the real world there have been many forays into international cooperation between agencies, but they are still fully independent. Now comes news that some of that may change. This week thirteen space agencies (including those of the USA, Russia, Europe, China and Japan) have agreed to co-ordinate future exploration – including the Moon and Mars. They have agreed to a (sadly non binding) document called "The Global Exploration Strategy: The Framework for Co-ordination." It is said to help with the exchange for information and most importantly "identify gaps, duplication and potential areas for collaboration."

Review “Shore Leave” Remastered

From the opening moment of “Shore Leave” you can tell this will be a different type of Star Trek episode. Kirk’s mistaking a backrub from the lovely Yeoman Barrows to be one from Mr. Spock shows the whimsical and subtlety sexually charged nature of one of the more fun outings for the Enterprise’s crew. Down scouting out a rest stop Sulu exclaims “no animals, no people, no worries,” seemingly shocked to find a planet that isn’t overrun with gangsters, Indians, or Nazis. What they have found is an idyllic planet full of misadventures that looks ever better now fully remastered in living color. It is a good thing that Kirk ignored McCoy’s report of spotting a large white rabbit, not a Florida White Rabbit, a human-sized one (with Alice of Wonderland trailing) or we would never get to visit this “Shore Leave” Planet.

Behr on Voyager, Trek XI & Future of 4400

Deep Space Nine executive producer and showrunner Ira Steven Behr has been spending the last few years running the time travel related show The 4400 on USA. attended a press round table discussing the premiere of season 4 and the subject of Star Trek came up. Behr was asked if he had a view about J.J. Abrams taking over Trek and the return to Kirk and Spock. At first said that he didn’t have any strong feelings, but then went on to talk about the franchise, saying…

Quinto Still Hoping To Be New Spock

Last December we reported that Zachary Quinto had expressed interest in being the new Spock for Star Trek XI. Now in a new interview with Starburst magazine he again states his interest. The actor who plays the villain Sylar on the hit show Heroes stated after being inundated with e-mails about playing Spock he started to ‘open himeslf’ to the idea, stating: "the exploration and immersion to be done with such a character would be amazing." Specifically on this role of the quintessential Vulcan, Quinto stated…

This Week In Trek

Trek XI: EW listed Trek XI as one franchise Hollywood is trying to ‘reboot’, writer Roberto Orci notes that the Trek comes with ‘preexisting expectations’ Trek Merchandise: IDW sent out Issue 2 of Klingon: Blood Will Tell Comics Hallmark have released their 2007 catalog with their two new Star Trek ornaments

Review: Errand of Fury (Books 1 & 2)

Star Trek: Errand of Fury – Book 1: Seeds of Rage (Kevin Ryan)Following up on his successful Errand of Vengeance trilogy, Kevin Ryan returns with "Seeds of Rage", the first book in the three-part Errand of Fury series set before the TOS episode "Errand of Mercy." It’s a difficult time for the crew of the starship Enterprise.  With a substantial casualty list in the wake of the events of the preceeding series, Captain Kirk is forced to take on new crew members and consider the futures of some who remain on board.  While his security supervisor, Leslie Parrish, struggles with deciding about remaining on duty, Michael Fuller boards the ship, intent on avenging the death of his son.  Both situations meet head-on in the midst of the Enterprise’s security department as the crew investigates System 7348 where a primitive Klingon culture is faced with their planet’s impending obliteration at the hand of ‘unknown’ agents.

Review: “Patterns of Force” Remastered

TRIUMPH OF THE BILLKirk & Company save us from the Nazis and proves we can all get alongSantayana once said “those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it,” but in the case of John Gill, he didn’t forget, he just made a really, really bad call. It was a bad call, John, a bad call. Thus goes “Patterns of Force,” in which a Federation historian (this time not an unhinged captain, commodore or woman who wants to change bodies with Kirk for a change showing that even academics can get into the act of nearly destroying, not only one planet, but possibly two) uses Nazi German as the template for a brave new Ayran world. It’s such a great idea that the neo-cons watching this episode as kids probably thought what a great idea this would be oneday…but I digress.

Orci: Trek XI Under A ‘Critical Eye’

Star Trek XI is mentioned (with a brief quote from Robert Orci) in a feature titled ‘Deja View: Hollywood reboots some familiar movie franchises in hopes of finding the next box office monster’ in the May 25 Issue of Entertainment Weekly. The article starts off discussing how franchises like Spider-Man, Pirates and Harry Potter dominate the box office and notes that ‘Hollywood is keener than ever on cultivating bankable brands out of old properties.’ It also points out ‘Batman and James Bond ‘reboots’ – featuring new stars and behind the scenes players – reaped big bucks.’ EW then ‘checks on the status of a few high profile reboots in the works’. These are The Incredible Hulk, Terminator 4, Star Trek, and The Mummy 4. Star Trek XI writer Roberto Orci is quoted in the blurb on Trek, full text below