Return of the Tom Cruise Rumor: Now As Pike! [UPDATE: Rumor Denied]

Remember last fall when crushed the Tom Cruise in Star Trek rumor, when his own people told us it wasn’t true. Well it is hard to keep a good rumor down and now IGN are saying that JJ Abrams wants Tom Cruise to play a cameo as Chris Pike…the captain of the Enterprise before Jim Kirk (originally played by Jeffrey Hunter). cannot confirm or deny this report at this time. IGN has good sources, but some of their previous casting rumors didn’t pan out. UPDATE: Rumor DeniedArnold Robinson, a publicist for Mr. Cruise, tells that this story is "not true." has also not been able to get any confirmation of the story from any sources.   

Leaked Character Casting Sheet For ‘Star Trek’ – Entire TOS Crew Being Recast

It was long rumored, and has since been confirmed, that the new Star Trek film will recast the Original Series characters Kirk and Spock (with Spock already cast with Zachary Quinto). TrekMovie.reported last October that the film will also have McCoy and Scotty and now (if a new report is to be believed) it appears we will get the whole gang. AICN claims to have obtained a partial character casting sheet for the new Star Trek film which includes Kirk, Scotty, McCoy, Uhura and Sulu (but no Chekov who didn’t join until the second season).  Details below:

Review “Death In Winter”

August 2007 features the re-release of "Death in Winter" a paperback release of a 2005 hardcover TNG novel.  This release sets up a series of post-Nemesis TNG novels starting in September (just in time for TNG’s 20th anniversary). "Death in Winter" by Michael Jan FriedmanI’ve been reading books for nearly thirty years and reading Star Trek books for about twenty-two years. In all those years, there have only been a few novels that I couldn’t finish. The only reason I finished Michael Jan Friedman’s "Death in Winter" was to write a review. 

Details On ‘Star Trek Conquest’ For Wii (and PS2)

Last week reported a game called ‘Star Trek Conquest’ showed up on the Gamefly rental service. At the time Bethesda was playing mum, but today they have released details for the Wii (and PS2) game.’Conquest’ is described as a ‘blend of strategy and intense action.’ The game is being developed by 4J Studios (who also made last years PS2 game Star Trek Encounters). Players can take control of Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, Dominion, and Breen forces and lead them in a campaign to control the Galaxy, one planet at a time in a turn-based strategy game. conjectured that the game would be a ‘Dominion War’ game but it seems to be less DS9 specific and more generic to the Next Gen era. Conquest will be the first Trek game for the Nintendo Wii and Bethesda promises it will ‘fully utilizes the Wii Remote.’

Abrams: New ‘Star Trek’ Revolves Around Spock

Entertainment Weekly had a Comic-Con round table discussion with Star Trek director J.J. Abrams and his Spocks: Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto. When asked why to include Nimoy in the film, Abrams gave some insight into the film’s story: The story needed his participation for a number of reasons. One, the plot. In many ways, the story revolves around the character of Spock. Two, I think it’s critical if we’re going to look at reintroducing these characters — I didn’t want to disrespect what had come before, for those who care about that. But we’re making this movie for people who don’t care about Star Trek too. This isn’t about pleasing the fans, this is about making a great film. And to do that, you have to both please the fans and please the people who’ve never seen Star Trek. So having Leonard in the film shows that this film exists in a continuum of Trek history, as opposed to an absolute, page 1 reinvention. Abrams was also asked if he was ready to take on this project and such a big franchise…

Review “This Side Of Paradise” Remastered & The First TOS-R ‘Season’

PARADISE LOST: LOVING THE ALIEN After watching last weekend’s ‘remastered’ version of “This Side of Paradise,” it’s not hard to imagine how Philip Kaufman got the idea to cast Leonard Nimoy in his 1979 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, one of the most underrated genre films of the 70’s (re-issued in a the new  Invasion of the Body Snatchers DVD (Collector’s Edition) next month and definitely worth buying, BTW). Re-imagined as a paranoid sci-fi film noir, Kaufman’s film is sheer genius (which doesn’t taken anything away from the original which is also a superlative film) which managed to showcase Leonard Nimoy in a role that we seemingly had not seen him in before in which he goes from an emotional psychoanalyst to a cold, logical pod person in a heinous corduroy suit transformed by alien spores.  It was while watching “This Side of Paradise” again that I realized what a debt of gratitude this wonderful episode owes to Jack Finney’s classic “Body Snatchers” tale, but not in a goofy, body switching piece of sci-fi theatrics like The Next Generation’s “Power Play” in which Data, Troi and O’Brien go all Kryptonian on the crew of the Enterprise D, but rather using the body snatching motif to illuminate character nuance.

Interview With Leonard Nimoy – Part 1

In a exclusive, Leonard Nimoy talks for the first time about returning as Spock in the J.J. Abrams new Star Trek film. In this first of two parts the original Spock talks about the script and new team, why he didn’t appear in Generations and why he decided to come out of retirement for this film. click more for the full interview 

Orci Ready To Engage Trek Fans

I had a chance to talk to Star Trek co-writer Roberto Orci at an evening event during Comic Con. For the most part we just chatted informally just like any two Trekkies, but I did ask him about some fans’ questions regarding how the new film will fit into Trek’s canon. Orci admitted that in the case of his (and writing partner Alex Kurtzman’s) recent film Transformers –  they did make some significant changes in the universe, but that that film was translating a cartoon to a live action film. However, he also made it clear that any changes to Star Trek would be much more carefully considered. Orci (emphatically) said: We are ready to engage any fans…lovingly…over the plot of Star Trek.

New ‘Star Trek’ Gets Big Coverage

News of the original Spock (Leonard Nimoy) joining a new Spock (Zachary Quinto) in J.J. Abrams’ new Star Trek movie was big news around the world. All the major news wires (AP, UPI and Reuters) ran with the story – getting the story into hundreds of news outlets such as CNN, The Guardian (UK), and even Forbes. It was also covered on some TV shows, including a debate segment on G4’s Attack of the Show.  

Review: Star Trek: Klingons — Blood Will Tell #4

Blood Will Tell #4 is the latest in IDW’s series of famous Trek stories told from the Klingon point of view. In this case: "Day of the Dove."  K’ahlynn accompanies her grandfather, Kahnrah, to the Museum of Military Triumph and Conquest. They meet Morglar, an old comrade of Kahnrah’s, and former security officer aboard the Voh’Tahk, commanded by Kang. Morglar recollects the events of Day of the Dove.

Robbie Williams Rumor Not True

Just an update on the rumor that singer Robbie Williams was the leading candidate to be the new Kirk. Although Paramount policy is to not comment on rumors, a source tells that it is 100% not true, and it seems likely that Williams own people are behind the rumor. So that is enough of that. 

Trek Producers Behr, Moore and Fuller On Latest Trek News

I ran into three different Trek writer and producing vets today at Comic Con and had quick moments to get reactions on the news Zachary Quinto is the new Spock and Leonard Nimoy will be joining him in the new Star Trek movie. Here is what they had to say. Ron Moore (TNG, DS9, ST: GEN) [Quinto] is a great choice…sure why not? I am curious who they pick for Kirk. I think they should go with an unknown…somebody we have never hears of.

Search For Clues In The New ‘Star Trek’ Poster and T-Shirt

In a new Variety article (‘Most Anticipated Films of Comic Con’ where Trek is # 2 behind Indy 4 and ahead of Dark Knight) producer Damon Lindelof is quoted saying:   There may be a couple (clues) in terms of T-shirts and movie posters floating around the Con that may signal to fans when and where our movie is going to be set. So here are high res images of each    (front)   (back) 

CBS Testing Remastering TNG in HD

I had a moment to have a chat with some of the CBS team behind the TOS Remastered project at Comic Con about what’s next (after TOS). David Grant tells that they have "had discussions" to bring Star Trek The Next Generation onto high definition. They have also created an HD test for one episode. One concern is the visual effects which were were done in video and therefore more difficult to translate to HD. The team are seeing if the effects can be ‘upresed’ or if they need to be entirely redone (as they did with TOS). Ryan Adams says "that is part of the tests that we are trying to massage and figure out." No decisions made yet on if, when or how, but will keep an eye on this exciting potential project.

Tabloid Rumor: Robbie Williams as Kirk

There is a new rumor being floated by the UK’s Daily Star tabloid that singer Robbie Williams (wiki page) is  in "final discussions" to be the new James T. Kirk in the new Star Trek film. According to their report Williams is a big time Trekkie who "jumped at the chance." The Star even claims to have a quote from  director JJ Abrams saying "I think he’d be a good Captain Kirk. The Kirk in my movie is quite young, it’s like the early years…. But I can’t comment on who we are casting just yet. You’ll have to wait." cannot confirm this rumor and has heard nothing about it to date (unlike both the Nimoy and Quinto casting which there were rumblings of for the last couple months).

Comic Con: Abrams Confirms Nimoy and Quinto – Still Wants Shatner + New Poster [UPDATED + Photos]

Highlights from Comic Con panel on  (2008): All producers attended (Abrams, Orci, Kurtzman, Lindelof, Burk, and Leopold) Poster revealed (right) Zachary Quinto introduced as new Spock Leonard Nimoy introduced to be in the film (playingSpock) Abrams says they are ‘desperately’ trying to find a way to get William Shatner into the film, but will not just ‘shove him in’ No Kirk has been cast Quinto will be influenced by Nimoy’s take, but will put own spin. Honored to be working with Nimoy. Nimoy says script is ‘fabulous’ and predicts "this is going to be a great movie" UPDATE: Watch the video More quotes from Abrams, Quinto and Nimoy below

Details on TOS-R HD-DVDs [updated]

CBS has released details for the upcoming 1st season of Star Trek: The Original Series digitally remastered for HD-DVD: Disks: 10 (box)Format: HD-DVD Combo (double sided w/ HD-DVD on one and standard DVD on other)Sug. price: $217.99 [oh my]Release Date: November 20, 2007HD Features (include) a "Starfleet Access” interface picture-in-picture video commentaries,  comparisons of re-mastered vs. original effects, encyclopedic information (science, life forms, technology), episode trivia and more on seven episodes. in-depth tour of the starship Enterprise documentary on making of remastered Trek behind the scenes footage (also on regular DVD side) [related story] more details below…

Review “The Squire Of Gothos” Remastered

“What does God need with a starship?”–James Kirk, “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier” I know, it’s off the map to mention “Star Trek V” in a review of a TOS-R episode, but in watching “The Squire of Gothos,” I couldn’t help but replay the moment from the 1989 movie through my head where James Kirk faces down a God-like being with some healthy skepticism.  Captain Kirk does not suffer deities kindly, especially those who abuse their power.  Be it an Ancient Greek god or a super-computer, there is a recurring theme that comes up throughout The Original Series and it is best summed up by Mr. Spock in this very episode: “I object to intellect without discipline.  I object to power without constructive purpose.”  Fellow Trek fans, this is the sort of stuff that elevates Star Trek above your average science-fiction fare.  “The Squire of Gothos” is vintage Trek.

Star Trek and @ Comic Con 2007

Everyone knows that this week’s comic con in San Diego is going to be a big moment for Star Trek. The two biggest news events will be on Thursday the 26th.[all time PST] Thu 12:30 – 1:30 TOS-R on HD-DVD: All about new Remastered Trek on HD DVD. Thu 1:30 – 3:30 Paramount Presentation: Covers multiple Paramount films including Star Trek and 1-18-08. JJ Abrams to attend with other producers…Trek expected to be last will report from both as soon as possible…so keep checking back. Later on Thursday I will also be a panelist on a Geek Star Trek Panel.  Plus there are other Trek related panels & events (details on all Trek events below)

Quinto Spock Deal Looks Certain – Will Split Time Between Star Trek and Heroes

More and more reports continue to support the story that Zachary Quinto will be the new Mr. Spock. Moviehole is now reporting that that Quinto has finalized his deal with Parmount. has also confirmed the story and noted that Heroes exec producer Tim Kring says he is ‘thrilled’ for his star to be the new Spock. One of the big issues for Quinto is how will he fit Trek in with his current job playing the villain Sylar (pictured right) on the NBC hit Heroes (currently shooting). Quinto himself is already dealing with juggling with the publicity. In a new article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Quinto states I would love for it [the Spock role] to be true. We’ll see what happens. We can only talk about ‘Heroes’ today. I’m under a strict directive from NBC. When I have something to say about ‘Star Trek,’ I will.

New Star Trek (Dominion War?) Wii Game

Haven’t heard much from Bethesda since they launched a slate of Trek games in 2006, but this week a new game titled ‘Star Trek: Conquest’ has come out of nowhere. It has shown up at the Gamefly rental service (which is known to leak games from time to time). Gamefly only provide a game category (Action/Aventure), a release date (11/03/07) and box art (pictured right…click to enlarge). The Nintendo Wii is the best selling new game platform and so it is a natural for the Bethesda to take advantage of it. From the looks of it this is a new game and not a port of one of the other games. Hopefully the game will take advantage of the Wii’s unique ‘Wiimote’ controller.