Star Trek Movie To Get Vulcan Premiere?

The residents of Vulcan, Alberta are hoping the new Star Trek movie will make its first contact in their town. The idea is the brainchild of Dayna Dickens, the tourism coordinator for the small Canadian community which has been leveraging its Trek sounding name into tourist dollars for decades. Dickens tells the idea has the support of community leaders and she is currently working with the Alberta Film Commission on a formal proposal to Paramount. Landing the Star Trek premiere may be a long shot, but it is not without precedent. Dickens noted Fox held the recent premiere for The Simpsons Movie in town of Springfield, Vermont. Vulcan may have some competition from other self-proclaimed ‘Trek towns’ such Riverside, Iowa (‘future birthplace of Kirk) and Linlithgow Scotland (‘future birthplace of Scotty’). But Dickens is not daunted, observing "the worst they can do is say ‘no.’"

TNG@20: DeLancie On TOS v TNG + EW Countdown Top TNG Episodes

Our friends at VoicesFromKrypton have an audio clip from a 1987 John DeLancie (Q) interview discussing the differences between the new Star Trek and the original. DeLancie said that when they were shooting the pilot there was no mention of the Original Series and that he felt that Patrick Stewart brought a ‘weight’ to TNG that the Original did not have. (Listen to the rest  at VOK)

Nichols Has Advice For New Uhura

On Cinema Blend’s Weekly Blend Audio Show Nichelle Nichols offered some advice for the actress who will be playing Uhura in the new Star Trek movie (which we now know will be Zoe Saldana). The original Uhura wants the new actress to remember the character’s background, pointing to her African roots and ambition. But Nichols also noted Uhura was grounded, saying "she’s down to earth, sings, is funny but she’s no nonsense." Nichols feels that the Original Series characters were not heroes, only people who make moral choices who believe that the edict "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination is what makes the universe beautiful. Then we go forth in peaceful exploration, where no man or woman has gone before. Take that to heart and then be yourself." She also believes that message is still poignant today, "maybe even more so than ever." Nichols also discusses her roles in the film Lady Magdalene‘s and her upcoming role on Heroes in the interview, which you can find at Cinema Blend.

Abrams To Focus On Paramount Until New Trek Released – CBS Bringing Stewart Show To US

The first ever article on this site was about the announcement that Star Trek producer/director J.J. Abrams had inked two major deals after his contract with Disney ended. One deal was with Paramount for multiple pictures and the other was with Warner Brothers for TV. Since then Abrams has been juggling his TV and film duties, but according to Paramount is now getting the better part of the deal. Abrams reportedly got $10 million a year from Warner but has only announced a single project (a medical drama for HBO) in the 14 months since the deal was struck. Slate notes that another TV project will soon be forthcoming, but that the new Star Trek film at Paramount "is going to become [Abrams] life" for the next 15 months. Slate quotes a studio exec saying of the dueling deals, "somebody had to get hurt" and that somebody appears to be Warner Brothers. Another development may make Abrams even more important to Paramount soon….

Zoe Saldana Is The New Uhura

In another case of you heard it here first, both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter just confirmed the scoop that Zoe Saldana has been picked to be the new Uhura for the new Star Trek movie. THR notes that Saldana is in ‘final negotiations,’ but Variety reports that Saldana has indeed ‘signed on’ as the Enterprise’s communications officer originally portrayed by Nichelle Nichols. As reported here earlier, Saldana is also the star of James Cameron’s sci-fi epic Avatar which which is currently filming and sources indicate that dealing with conflicting schedules was the focus of negotiations. Saldana joins Anton Yelchin (Chekov), Zachary Quinto (Spock) and Leonard Nimoy (older Spock). Still no word on Scotty, Sulu, McCoy and of course…..Kirk!

New Trek MMORPG Shaping Up As Two Games In One + Killer Tribbles?

Daron Stinnett, Executive Producer for the MMORPG Star Trek Online, has revealed a few more details for the exciting project in a new interview with WarCry Network. Although the game is not slated for release until early 2009, Stinnet said that they have completed work making ‘prototype regions’ for both the space and the ground components of the game and they are now focusing on getting the two to work together ‘as a single game.’ [good to see it have both: Star Wars Galaxies was released with only ground gameplay and charged extra for a space expansion kit a year later]. Perpetual seem to be taking the right approach to the space component, recognizing that Star Trek handles space in a unique way…

Emmys Elude Shatner + Sopranos Rub Out Lindelof and Moore

William Shatner was all over tonight’s Primetime Emmy Awards. He was nominated for his third Emmy for Boston Legal and his Comedy Central Roast was up for an award as well. The spotlight was on Shatner early in the show as host Ryan Seacrest commented on the former Captain Kirk’s "snazzy attire" and later in the show, the Shat co-presented an award with Debra Messing (pictured). The two joked that their planned musical number was canceled because Messing "refused to have his love child." Beyond that, however, this wasn’t Shatner’s night.

Yelchin Plans To ‘Become A Trekkie’

Anton Yelchin (the new Chekov) is still busy promoting his two fall films Fierce People and Charlie Bartlett – which is a good thing since it appears he still doesn’t have a script for Star Trek. The young actor tells ReelzChannel I guess they’re withholding that until they get casting done or whatever. I plan on… becoming as much of a Trekkie as a I can in the couple weeks before we start shooting — just renting all the box sets, not going outside, not seeing the sun rise, just having the shades drawn.

LiveVideo Cancels ShatnerVision

William Shatner’s video home on the web, the LiveVideo channel ShatnerVision, will ‘come to an end’ this Saturday after only 8 months in operation. The announcement was made on the forums of Details are sketchy, but apparently LiveVideo are changing strategy and moving away from many of the produced shows they were sponsoring. LiveVideo itself only launched last October and Shatnervision has been one of the more popular channels. The channel ranks second in LiveVideo subscribers (currently 2,712) and has over a million ‘views’ since launching in January. ShatnerVision has a new video almost every day and is a regular feature here on – as the source of some great nuggets of both news and just Shatnerrificness.

Exclusive Preview For IDW ‘Alien Spotlight’ Comic Series

IDW are following up their popular ‘Klingon Blood Will Tell’ series of comics told from the Klingon point of view with a new series of ‘alien’ comics. Each of the new IDW ‘Alien Spotlight’ comics in the series will tell a story from the point of view of a different classic Trek alien (Andorians, Borg, Gorn, Orions, Romulans, and Vulcans), with the first issue due out by the end of the month. IDW has provided with cover art for every issue, many of these covers seen here for the first time.

Guest Blog: Meeting Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy was so impressed by a young fan at the Vegas convention, he invited him to the premiere of the new film. Now young James shares thoughts on why he is such a big Trek fan and what it was like to meet Mr. Spock… My name is James – I am ten years old and I have been a Star Trek fan all of life. My first Trek experience was when I was just two. My dad was watching The Original Series on the Sci Fi Channel, and I knew I liked it even though I didn’t understand it all. The first time that I can really remember was when I was four and Enterprise came out. I liked it so much that I wanted to see more. Star Trek appeals to me because it is a positive view of the future. I have always thought that Star Trek has made life easier, because some of the technology today is based on Star Trek, like a cell phone. Star Trek symbolizes human growth in the 22nd through 24th centuries. 

Jen Garner Ready For Trek…if called

Last March there was a rumor going around that J.J. Abrams was thinking about Jennifer Garner for a role as Spock’s love interest in his new Star Trek movie. Now the "Alias" leading lady tells Rotten Tomatoes that she ‘absolutely’ willing to put on Vulcan ears for Trek, saying  "Anything J.J. asked me to do ever, that’s a clear ‘Don’t even worry, the answer’s yes.’ I owe him." Abrams is known to like to stick with people he knows so it isn’t a crazy idea (although he may have a hard time choosing between Garner and his Felicity star Keri Russell who Abrams thinks would make a great Klingon). In addition to being ready for Trek Garner said she would also be up any J.J. Abrams Alias movie, noting "I think we’d all sign on. I mean, it’s all in his crazy brain." Garner has been keeping in practice. She stars along with Jamie Foxx as an FBI agent (pictured) in the thriller "The Kingdom" opening later this month.

William Shatner: Still Not In New ‘Star Trek’ Movie

In case you were wondering if anything had changed since his website put up the ‘I am not in the movie‘ video last week…it hasn’t. In a new interview William Shatner tells the National Ledger he has not ‘been invited’ to join in on J.J. Abrams new Star Trek. Shatner seems resolved to his fate saying that he "will watch from the wings." The original captain Kirk says that he didn’t have any idea who the new young Kirk would be, but joked that his fictional alter ego Denny Crane would be a good choice. Shatner will still get his crack at the early years of Kirk and Spock with his novel "Star Trek: The Academy–Collision Course, " due out next month.   

Review: Star Trek: Year Four #2

The fourth year of the original five-year mission continues with IDW’s Star Trek: Year Four #2. The Enterprise detours to Aarak 3 to replenish their supply of dilithium crystals. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are entertained by King Marat when terrorists attack and nearly succeed in killing the king and his guests. Kirk learns that rapid change since the Federation began buying dilithium has split Aarakaian society. Spock believes that overthrow of the government is inevitable. While Kirk decides whether or not to intervene, Scotty gets some assistance installing new dilithium crystals from a very attractive Aarakaian with more on her mind than starship engines. While the Aarakaians play out an elaborate deception, the crew of the Enterprise answers with a little deception of their own.

Review – Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home returns to our look back at past Trek films and what can be learned from them. Paramount monitored Leonard Nimoy’s every move as director of Star Trek III, but when it came time for IV, studio president Jeff Katzenberg told him, “the training wheels are off.  Give us your vision of Star Trek.”  Years later, when I interviewed him in 2004, Nimoy said that Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home was his “Star Trek statement.” So now that Nimoy is conspicuously associated with the next Star Trek movie, as well as being Trek’s most active elder statesman, what did he mean?  What makes this movie his Star Trek statement?

Book Review: Resistance

Retread is a verb in the English language.  It’s second definition, according to is "to repeat or do over, especially without the boldness or inventiveness of the original."  A perfect example of what it means to retread is found in J. M. Dillard’s new Star Trek: The Next Generation adventure, "Resistance." Dillard’s novel, a part of the relaunch of the Next Generation franchise, pits Captain Picard up against the Borg once again… and I could swear that I was watching a fan-remix episode pieced together from elements of "The Best of Both Worlds" and "Star Trek: First Contact".

This Week In Trek – President Picard, Guinan & Uhura Chat, Trek Taxis, and 7 of 10?

As we celebrate the 41st anniversary of Star Trek, this week’s wrap-up brings news on why Picard should be president, a controversial debut for a certain Ten Forward bartender, a Star Trek-inspired cab company, Nichelle Nichols on Heroes, news of Patrick Stewart appearing in a big budget prequel, a singing TNG episode guide, and much more.  

TOS-R Year 1 Scorecard: Ratings Down – Ranking Up

The first season of Star Trek: Remastered in syndication is now complete so is taking a look back at how the show performed. If you can remember back a year ago, the remastered Star Trek The Original Series actually took the place of Star Trek Enterprise which had just completed its first (and now only) year in US broadcast syndication. In the last year TOS-R averaged a 1.27 household rating (based on 48 weeks of data available), which is a slight decline from ratings for Enterprise the year before. However TOS-R was third-highest rated Science Fiction & Fantasy series for the last year, which is a an improvement in ranking over Enterprise. Details and Charts below.

The Search For (a) Scot Continues

As reported last week, the casting search continues for the new Star Trek movie. The focus for the search for a new Scotty is in London where it appears they are casting a wide net to find a new chief engineer for J.J. Abrams Star Trek. The latest name to be thrown into the ring is 24 year old Scottish actor Martin Compston (pictured right), best known for his role on the BBC drama Monarch of the Glen. The UK’s Daily Record cites friends of Compston’s saying he has had callbacks, but also notes that he is up against a lot of competition and that he may look too young for the part. Just last week the same newspaper cited friends of 38 year old Scottish comedic actor Greg Hemphill (pictured left) saying he too had auditioned for the role. Their names join James McAvoy’s for those who have been rumored to be in the running, but there are undoubtedly many more who don’t have friends talking to the media.

Buy TOS-R Season 1 & Toshiba HD Player – Get A Free Phaser Remote [UPDATED: New Images From Toshiba]

Yesterday at the CEDIA video industry conference in Denver, CO. Toshiba (along with CBS) announced a special promotion for the upcoming release of Season 1 of Star Trek The Original Series digitally remastered for HD-DVD. If you buy the box set and a Toshiba HD-DVD player you will get a free ‘phaser’ remote control for your HD-DVD player (pictured right…larger version below). It seems that Toshiba are doing everything they can to pull out a win in this format war. Just a few weeks ago they ‘talked’ Paramount into going HD-DVD only and now they are touting Star Trek as one of the big exclusives for the HD-DVD format. They are so into Trek that Toshiba employees dressed up in Trek uniforms at the show (more details on the promotion and images below). UPDATE: Toshiba has sent exclusive shots of the phaser (see below) 

Those 70s Toys – The Return Of Mego Star Trek

The year was 1974. Richard M. Nixon was President. Stamps were ten cents. $11,197, now the cost of college tuition, was most people’s salary. Star Trek fans were enjoying the show on television re-runs and at toys stores. During the 1970s, Mego was the leader in action figures and toys with movie or television themes, from Planet of the Apes to Marvel Comics. Mego’s Star Trek toys are among the most collectible items from the 23rd Century. Toys included the amazing USS Enterprise playset with working transporter or the Mission to Gamma VI environment. Mego continued to make Trek toys through the 70s including figures for Star Trek The Motion Picture. Mego closed its doors in 1983, but now these classic Trek toys are back and as good as new (because they are new).