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Star Trek ARG Ends + Nimoy Announces Winner (a TrekMovie community member)

Through the last month an alternative reality game related to the new Star Trek movie has been leaving clues on websites and in the real world, leading to a story of Romulans running around Earth and a desperate warning to Vulcan. Today the game has come to a close with a video message from Leonard Nimoy thanking participants announcing a winner from the finalists (all of whom are TrekMovie community members).

Star Trek ARG Report: The Story So Far (and it isn’t over yet)

Over the last few weeks there has been an intricate alternative reality game for the new Star Trek which has been keeping a lot of fans busy sorting clues and even visiting real world locations. TrekMovie has lead the way in reporting on the game’s progress, but it can be a challenge to follow. The game is coming to a close and there have been some recent new clues and so today we now try to put it all together in our guide to ‘the story so far’ with the Star Trek ARG.

Star Trek ARG Update 5 – First Video Clue + more [UPDATED w/ another clue!]

Today the Star Trek ARG took a big step forward with the revelation of ‘Malak0’ on video, showing off an interesting alien-looking device. There is also more ‘chat’ going on at the viral site. So just one day after our last update, we have a whole new update and analysis of the exciting Star Trek alternative reality game. [4/22 UPDATE: One more clue added, see below]