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CelebWatch: Stardate 08.28.08

This week, the Celeb brings you news on how Christopher Plummer‘s sex escapades made William Shatner a star, J.J. Abrams discussing the science of Fringe, George Takei being roasted, and a new Priceline ad with Shatner and the father the new Jim Kirk. All that and celeb spottings of Wil Wheaton, Patrick Stewart and more.

CelebWatch: Stardate 08.22.08

The Watch was busy watching celebs instead of the clock, so it’s a bit late. Anyway, this week we have Shat making a top celebrity spokesmen list, a new play for Avery Brooks, Takei going to Red Alert 3, an injured Wil Wheaton being named a major internet influence, and more. Oh, and sad news: Simon Pegg is not a Bastard. Read below to see what I mean.

Joshua Jackson Talks Trek Audition, Fringe Secrecy

Actor Joshua Jackson, best known to TV audiences as Pacey Witter on Dawson’s Creek, is the star of Fringe, the upcoming sci-fi show created by Star Trek director/producer J.J. Abrams and writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. In an interview Jackson revealed that he auditioned for a role in Abrams’ Star Trek. He also discusses Abrams famous secrecy for Trek and Fringe.

CelebWatch: Stardate 08.14.08

This week, the Watch spies with its little eye: Shat’s Raw Nerve being delayed; J.J. Abrams producing an earthquake; Patrick Stewart endorsing beer; a SAG faction challenging Scott Bakula’s candidacy; Christopher Lloyd playing an elf; and gardening advice from Mr. Homn. Also: is Chris Pine the new Brad Pitt?.

Another Official Site Update: More Wallpapers and Icons

As was done when the first set of character posters were released at Comic-Con (see story here), the official site for 2009’s Star Trek has been updated with images from the Vegas convention posters available as wallpapers and IM icons. Besides giving us more options for Trekking out our computers, the updates also give us our first high-res looks at the movie’s Sulu, Scotty, Chekov, and McCoy.

CelebWatch: Stardate 08.07.08

This week, the Watch brings tons of happenings for Patrick Stewart, including reviews of Hamlet. We also have reviews of Chris Pine in Bottle Shock, Eric Bana talking cars, a new movie for Simon Pegg, Adam Nimoy talking about his dad, Jolene Blalock talking about Starship Troopers, plus Whoopi back on Broadway, and more!

CelebWatch: Stardate 07.31.08

This week, the Watch brings you an update on the much-rumored stage team-up of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, as well as news on Scott Bakula being a candidate for a SAG board election. Plus: interviews with Robert Picardo, Wil Wheaton, and Chris Pine, and pics from the San Diego Comic-Con. If that isn’t enough, we also have Jonathan Frakes singing!

Fans Banned From Bringing Trek Memorabilia To Stewart’s Play

The Royal Shakespeare Company may want sci-fi fans to show up to see their production of Hamlet starring Star Trek The Next Generation’s Patrick Stewart and Doctor Who’s David Tennant, but apparently they don’t want fans to bring any of their stuff. Although they are allowing autographs, the producers have banned the signing of any Trek or Who memorabilia.

CelebWatch: Stardate 07.24.08

This week the Watch brings you: images of Patrick Stewart caught in the act (of rehearsing, that is); Rene Auberjonois playing priest for real; sad news for those hoping to see Colm Meaney on Mars; George Takei’s gameshow victory; a challenge to Trek fans from Robert Picardo; and more! In the immortal words of LeVar Burton, you don’t have to take my word for it; read below to see for yourself!

CelebWatch: Stardate 07.17.08

This week, the Watch brings news on a possible new home for Shatnervision, Patrick Stewart becoming a real-life professor, a new movie for Marina Sirtis, an interview with Terry Farrell, Wil Wheaton on writing and killing Wesley Crusher, and George Takei giving an award to Nichelle Nichols. As if that weren’t enough, there’s news on not one but two Trek alumni who had run-ins with the law this week.

CelebWatch: Stardate 07.10.08

This week, the Watch has updates on Shatner’s Raw Nerve and news on his inclusion on an Emmy Award semi-finalist list. We also have Quinto revealing childhood secrets, details on Trek appearances at Comic-Con, one convention Robert Picardo will not be attending, Paul McGillion talking Trek, Nichelle Nichols narrating for the stars (the ones in space, that is), and much more!

CelebWatch: Stardate 07.03.08

This week, the Watch brings you new interviews with with Shatner & Stewart and Picardo & DeLancie, a chance to hang with Brent Spiner, John Cho on his favorite places to trek, articles on plays starring Denise Crosby and Rene Auberjonois, more work for Wil Wheaton, and much more! Plus Colm Meaney is on a stamp…how cool is that!

ShatnerWatch: Talking Abrams, Saving The Earth, Making A Pony?

It’s another Shatnerific Edition of CelebWatch. This week, we have Shatner discussing his life, his career, and (again) J.J. Abrams. This report also raises several questions: Will Boston Legal receive any Emmy nominations this year? Can Shatner save the Earth from everyone else? Is Shatner really designing new versions of My Little Pony? The answer to one of these questions can be read below! 

CelebWatch: Stardate 06.27.08 – Happy B’Day JJ Edition

This week, Celeb spied with its little eye an out of this world chat with the Shat, a Trek composer named as one of Michael Giacchino’s major influences, J.J. Abrams being political, the new Kirk and Spock out on the town,  a new movie for Alexander Siddig, a potential series for John Billingsley, The Doctor and Q getting musical, and more. Plus lots of bdays to report, including one for JJ Abrams today! Read on!

CelebWatch: Stardate 06.20.08

In this special, late edition of CelebWatch (special because it’s late), we bring you news on what Patrick Stewart is doing now that he lost that Tony Award, an update on Meaney’s Life on Mars, Shatner declaring he is not a hustler, Chris Doohan in concert, plus the Holodoc and Q hosting a concert, and several interviews, so check it all out below.

CelebWatch: Stardate 06.13.08

Trek Celebs are all over the place this week, from London, to New York, to Tulsa, Oklahoma. This week we got news on Patrick Stewart’s stache, Quinto’s charity, Bana’s comedy, Nimoy’s salesmanship, Park’s availability, Russ’s depth, Shatner’s campaign and so much more.

CelebWatch: Stardate 06.05.08

Close your eyes and run like hell, it’s CelebWatch time again! This week brings news on a snub from the Shat, yet another award for Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks acting for President Bush, Colm Meaney’s Life on Mars status, a health scare for Kelsey Grammer, good news for Wil Wheaton (and bad news for Wheaton’s fans in Tulsa), Zoe going to the dogs, and much more!

CelebWatch: Stardate 05.30.08

This week in the Watch, we have news on Patrick Stewart wrapping up his Macbeth gig, Wikipedia giving Wil Wheaton trouble, Brent Spiner meeting his Italian dubber, an update on Simon Pegg’s next movie, Blalock talking T’Pol, Russ back directing, new work for some Trek villains, and more.

Quinto: New Trek Honors Original

You just can’t keep a good Vulcan down. In a new interview with Sci-Fi Wire, Zachary Quinto, who takes over the role of Spock in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, once again explains that the upcoming film honors the original Trek series. He stresses, however, that the priority for the filmmakers was to make a good movie. Quinto also explains how he thinks his role on Heroes won him the role of Spock.

TOS Director Joseph Pevney Dies at 96

The director of numerous episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series, including “The City on the Edge of Forever,” died this week. According to his Desert Sun obituary, Joseph Pevney died peacefully in his home in Palm Desert, California, surrounded by his wife and family members. He was 96 years old.

CelebWatch: Stardate 05.22.08

This week The Watch welcomes the return of Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (which opens today) by starting with an Indy-related Trek Celeb story. Plus we have Kate Mulgrew and Patrick Stewart being honored for their theater work, lots of red carpet photos from around the world (including Jeri Ryan’s first post-baby sighting), videos and more.

CelebWatch: Stardate 05.15.08

Hiya, folks! This week’s Watch brings you Quinto cracking jokes about Trek, movie set reports for Scott Bakula and Winona Ryder, Trek star convention appearances, the final act in the Andrew Koenig legal drama, Stewart hanging with with his fellow Tony-nominees and visiting Goldberg on The View (w/ VIDEO), and a new project for Trek ’09 writers Kurtzman & Orci: What do you guys think about Tom Cruise for President?

CelebWatch: Stardate 5.9.08

This week’s Watch covers news on four of the Star Trek captains and makes you ask the questions: Will William Shatner be back as Denny Crane? Will Patrick Stewart be nominated for a Tony Award? Does Avery Brooks exaggerate? And what happened to Kate Mulgrew’s family emergency? Plus, we have news on the two Koenigs, Crosby, Auberjonois, Cho on SARS, and more!

Great Links: ‘Dude, Where’s My Trek’ Edition

Star Trek is everywhere, it surrounds us…and binds us…oops wrong franchise. Maybe confusing Star Wars and Star Trek explains why the International Space Station has Wars and not Trek in their library? We have that story and all the other Trek flare ups around the web in this week’s ‘Great Links’ including a story about how one actor auditioning for Scotty almost got himself the wrong kind of happy ending.

CelebWatch Stardate 5.1.2008

Howdy, folks! We’ve rustled up ah whole mess of news for you in this week’s Watch: Shatner rides again, Mulgrew calls it quits, Takei gets a birthday surprise, Abrams gets snubbed by Time, and Trek heads for the Chiller. Plus, find out why Wil Wheaton and Christopher Lloyd are seeing yellow.

More Trek Talk From John Cho

Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay opened today and star John Cho, who plays Sulu in the new Star Trek film, has been busy promoting the film’s release. To that end, numerous interviews with Cho have popped up on the web, a few of which have Cho talking a little Trek. Here are some quotes (read below).