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CelebWatch: Stardate 4.24.2008

This week, the Watch brings you news on even more nominations for Patrick Stewart, disappointing news for Walter Koenig, Trek alumni participating in an Asian film retrospective, and DS9 stars discussing projects past and present, including Colm Meaney defending suicide? But the brunt of this week’s CelebWatch focuses on supporting actors from the various Star Trek films.

CelebWatch Stardate 4.17.08

Trek Celebs are all over the place this week. Colm Meaney is getting tough, Kurtzman and Orci are going underwater, and Quinto is hanging with C-3PO. And in captain news we got Patrick Stewart taking the subway, Avery Brooks in mass, and William Shatner flipping off motorists. Plus lots of Trek celebs are headed to Germany this weekend for the big FedCon.

Patrick Stewart Defends Trekkies

Back in February we reported that Patrick Stewart (TNG’s Capt. Picard) had to ask fans not to come to his plays dressed in Starfleet uniforms. In a new interview with Newsweek, however, the actor gets a bit testy (much like Simon Pegg did recently) and shows his love for Trekkies, assuring that we are not, as Newsweek calls us, “weird.” He still doesn’t like those damn uniforms, though.

The Great Links: Freddy v Khan, Chewie v Worf, Politics v Prime Directive + more

Over 40 years old and yet every week Star Trek still gets talked about all over the web…not just on Trek sites. This week the Great Links has discussions on the Prime Directive in relation to the real world, Trek making it into two different top 50 lists, and another chapter in the battle between Star Trek and Star Wars. Plus we have my favorite topic — Trek women!

Pegg: James Doohan Is Scotty

Simon Pegg attended the premiere of his new movie, Run, Fat Boy, Run, in Los Angeles last night and the actor continued to discuss his role as the new Scotty with a variety of news outlets. He describes the difficulty he had in accepting of the role of Scotty, Trek fandom, fan reaction to his casting, and his approach to the role.

Run, Scotty, Run: Pegg Talks More Trek

In a series of recent interviews promoting his latest film, Run Fatboy Run, Simon Pegg also talked more about his (now complete) time on Star Trek. The new Scotty again expressed his intent to honor (but not imitate) James Doohan. Pegg also revealed who visited him on set, what he was not able to pinch from the set and who is doing his Scottish accent coaching. He also again showed off his inner geek.

William Morgan Sheppard In New Star Trek

In a new interview with Den of Geek, veteran character actor William Morgan Sheppard revealed he has a small part in JJ Abrams new Star Trek (and has verified the report). Trek fans should recognize Sheppard from his multiple Trek appearances, most notably as the Klingon commandant of Rura Penthe in Star Trek VI. Sheppard only revealed that the role is ‘small’ and he plays a race he hasn’t played before.

CelebWatch: Shatner Honored, Stewart Loses, Bakula Dances, Quinto and Spiner Sing

Howdy, folks. This week, the Watch brings you news on Zachary Quinto and other Trek stars singing (with William Shatner in attendance), Patrick Stewart losing an award but winning a chair (no, not a captain’s chair), Brent Spiner discussing Sinatra and online communities, a new movie for Alexander Siddig, Walter Koenig’s thoughts on his son’s arrest, and more!

Simon Pegg Cast By E-mail

Simon Pegg is currently out and about promoting his new film, Run, Fat Boy, Run, and naturally, he ends up discussing Star Trek. In an interview with the Australian Herald-Sun Pegg reveals how director/producer J.J. Abrams offered him the role of Scotty and that he wasn’t sure he wanted it at first. He also talked about the ‘sc-fi’ nature of the new movie.

Quinto ‘Lives Long and Proper’ on New Comedy Show

There’s a strange new improvisational comedy series on VH1 called Free Radio, and Star Trek‘s Zachary Quinto (the new Spock) was a guest on last week’s episode. The show is set in a dysfunctional radio station where an idiot DJ interviews celebrities. Quinto appeared as himself, and talked a bit about the new Trek film… at least, when the DJ lets him. Details and video below.

Pegg: Relax, Trekkies!

A couple more press outlets caught up with the Star Trek’s Simon Pegg at the Empire Awards on Sunday (see previous story). He told the BBC “It’s a great script and it’s going to be a fantastic film. So I think, Trekkies relax!” Pegg tells the UK Sun that it’s “amazing fun” to be playing Scotty and also discussed Abrams, life on the set, ‘getting wet’ and literally following Doohan to the finally frontier.

Pine’s Kirk Inspired By Harrison Ford?

Last week Chris Pine, Star Trek’s new James T Kirk, told the USA today that he was “not trying to copy” William Shatner’s portrayal of the original character. Now comes news that the actor may be looking to another famous action star actor for ideas. When asked where he looked for inspiration, Pine told IGN “Harrison Ford in either Indiana Jones or Star Wars.”

CelebWatch: Shat’s Country , Simon’s Fuming, Billingsley’s Fearing, and Bakula’s Dancing

This week in The Watch you can find out why Simon Pegg is pissed, why Shatner (with some help from Jason Alexander) is going country, why Koenig is in court, why Billingsley is taking on Superman, why Scott Bakula is dancing and where you can see Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner and a bunch of other Trek stars this weekend…plus much more.

Star Trek IV Composer Dies at 83

Leonard Rosenman, the composer for Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, died today at the age of 83. Rosenman, a two-time Oscar and Emmy winner, died of a heart attack at the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital in Woodland Hills, CA. His score for Star Trek IV received an Oscar nomination; the only other Trek music to be nominated was Goldsmith’s TMP score.

CelebWatch: Live Shat, Pundit Mulgrew, Broadway Stewart, Jailbirds Orci and Kurtzman

This week, CelebWatch brings you news on William Shatner going live, Patrick Stewart going Broadway, Whoopi’ going weepy over an Oscar snub, Mulgrew going political, Takei going snarky, Blalock going trooper, Greenwood going artistic… and Orci and Kurtzman going to ‘Michael Bay Jail’ (see artists rendition…right) Read below for more!

Two More For Trek has confirmed  a couple of more actors in small roles in the new Star Trek movie. 32-year-old actress Darlena Tejeiro has an unknown part and 46-year-old actor and stuntman Paul Townsend is playing a Starfleet security officer. Both actors have extensive experience and for Paul, this is not his first time in the Star Trek universe.

Oscars: Trek Vets Pick Up Trophies + Trek Celeb Photos

The 80th Annual Academy Awards were held tonight at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. As reported last month, nine Star Trek alumni (present and future) were nominated for an Oscar this year including Michael Giacchino, the composer for the new Star Trek film. Of the nine ‘Trek’ nominees only two left with trophies and Giacchino wasn’t one of them. See below for our full coverage including photos from the show and Trek celebs spotted at Oscar weekend events. 

CelebWatch: Shat Goes Oprah, Quinto Goes Political, Meaney Gets The Prize and Bana Gets The Girls

Greetings, Earthlings. This week, the Watch brings you news on upcoming Shatner projects, what Quinto was doing during the writers’ strike, a new Colm Meaney moment, interviews with Eric Bana, two Kurtzman/Orci movies getting pushed back, another award for Trek’s new composer, and much more! What, you don’t believe me? Just click “more” below and find out for yourself.

Trek CelebWatch: Takei Talks Roddenberry, Stewart Hits Manhattan, Nimoy v Colbert and More

In this week’s CelebWatch we got lots of George Takei, including talking about his first meetings with Roddenberry to his recent resurgent career. Plus Patrick Stewart converts Trekkies to theater lovers, Avery Brooks celebrates Abraham Lincoln, Nichelle Nichols talks Spock, Wil Wheaton goes to the dark side, Leonard Nimoy gets grilled by Stephen Colbert (we got the video) and much more!

AFI Feels Wrath of Khan

The American Film Institute has released their nominations for its “10 Top 10,” in which they will honor what they believe to be the ten greatest films of ten different film genres. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was among the fifty science fiction films nominated. The winners will be revealed when AFI’s 10 Top 10 TV special airs on CBS this June.

New Trek Actors Confirmed has confirmed two more actors appearing in the new Star Trek film. Up and coming actor Kelvin Yu has already filmed his role as a medical technician, while Holland-born boxer turned actress Lucia Rijker will begin shooting her role as a communications officer (not on the Enterprise) next month.

Trek Celeb Stalker: Captains A’Plenty

NEW FEATURE: presents a new regular column where we stalk your favorite Star Trek celebrities and inform you on what they are up to. This week we have Shatner giving the smackdown, Patrick Stewart getting (yet another) award, Kate Mulgrew opining on the superiority of Voyager, Scott Bakula getting work, and much more!

Saldana Talks Trek, Uhura… and Sex

Two new interviews show that the casting of Zoe Saldana gives the new Star Trek movie a ‘twofer’ when it comes to diversity. The actress talked to about her role as Uhura, explaining what attracts her to the part and describing her meeting with original Uhura actress Nichelle Nichols. In another interview with Latina Magazine, however, Saldana discussed matters a little more… personal.

The Young Kirks: Actors Cast To Play Young Jim and George Kirk

It has already been reported that the new Star Trek movie will feature a young/adolescent Spock in addition to the two adult Spocks (Quinto and Nimoy). But it appears the movie will also feature a young James T. Kirk, as well as a young version of his older brother. has learned that George Samuel Kirk, Jr. will be played by 15-year-old actor Spencer Daniels, while is reporting that the younger James T. Kirk will be played by (almost) 12 year-old actor Jimmy Bennett.