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Nimoy Talks Trek, Spock and New Photography Book

After 40 years, Leonard Nimoy is still amazed and grateful for the popularity ‘Star Trek’ and his character, Mr. Spock. In an interview with The Jewish Chronicle, the actor says he is "flattered, amused and delighted" that ‘Star Trek’ has endured They were good stories, interesting stories, stories that are universal and stand up over time. Star Trek has never been a millstone. It has always given me opportunities to make choices about what to do with my work and my life.

Simon Pegg Pegged For Scotty [UPDATE: Doohan Responds] [UDPATE 2: McGillion Responds]

The search for a Scot is over… and it’s an Englishman! Variety is reporting that British actor, writer and comedian Simon Pegg has won the role of Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek. The 37-year-old beat out a number of others who were up for role of Trek’s most famous engineer, including Stargate’s Paul McGillion.  Pegg, who is best known for starring in the hit British comedies Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, had previously worked with Abrams and many members of his ‘Trek’ team on last year’s Mission: Impossible: III, in which Pegg played IMF technician Benji Dunn (essentially the ‘Scotty’ of M:I:III).

Oh My – Takei Gets His Own Asteroid

Star Trek’s original Sulu is navigating through space again… now as a large rock. The asteroid formerly known as 1994 GT9, located between Mars and Jupiter, has been renamed 7307 Takei in honor of George Takei. The actor tells The Associated Press he was honored to become a fixture of space, stating: I am now a heavenly body. I found out about it yesterday. … I was blown away. It came out of the clear, blue sky — just like an asteroid.

Fall Brings Changes in Trek on Cable

With the new fall season comes some changes for Star Trek series running in syndication on cable TV. The biggest change is that Star Trek The Next Generation is no longer being shown on Spike TV. Spike (when it was TNN) began running TNG in October of 2001, but the channel has changed a lot since that time and it appears they may be moving away from Trek. Spike is still showing Voyager in the early evenings and DS9 mostly in graveyard. TNG can still be seen on G4. Enterprise’s schedule on HDNet has also changed. Updated schedule for all 5 series on cable below.

TNG stars talk last movie, next movie and Enteprise finale

Earlier this month the annual Dragon*Con was held in Atlanta, Georgia with many Trek events from costume contests, Klingon beauty pageants, and Nichelle Nichols screening her new film (Lady Magdelene’s). The cornerstone of the event was the presence of actors Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, and Gates McFadden, who were on hand to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation. During one of their appearances the subjects of the new Star Trek movie came up. According to a report on, after feigning ignorance of the new feature, Frakes (director of Star Trek First Contact) praised the selection of Zachary Quinto as Spock and went on the praise the new Trek director as well, saying…

This Week in Trek – TNG@20, season premieres, parallel universes, and bowling Klingons [UPDATED]

This week marked the 20th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation…so it gets a special section. We also bring you new Star Trek: Year Four artwork, a fan-made audio series, a number of TV season premieres, evidence of parallel universes, Klingons who bowl with honor and much more… Furries vs. Klingons… songs will be sung about this day.

Star Trek Movie To Get Vulcan Premiere?

The residents of Vulcan, Alberta are hoping the new Star Trek movie will make its first contact in their town. The idea is the brainchild of Dayna Dickens, the tourism coordinator for the small Canadian community which has been leveraging its Trek sounding name into tourist dollars for decades. Dickens tells the idea has the support of community leaders and she is currently working with the Alberta Film Commission on a formal proposal to Paramount. Landing the Star Trek premiere may be a long shot, but it is not without precedent. Dickens noted Fox held the recent premiere for The Simpsons Movie in town of Springfield, Vermont. Vulcan may have some competition from other self-proclaimed ‘Trek towns’ such Riverside, Iowa (‘future birthplace of Kirk) and Linlithgow Scotland (‘future birthplace of Scotty’). But Dickens is not daunted, observing "the worst they can do is say ‘no.’"

Nichols Has Advice For New Uhura

On Cinema Blend’s Weekly Blend Audio Show Nichelle Nichols offered some advice for the actress who will be playing Uhura in the new Star Trek movie (which we now know will be Zoe Saldana). The original Uhura wants the new actress to remember the character’s background, pointing to her African roots and ambition. But Nichols also noted Uhura was grounded, saying "she’s down to earth, sings, is funny but she’s no nonsense." Nichols feels that the Original Series characters were not heroes, only people who make moral choices who believe that the edict "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination is what makes the universe beautiful. Then we go forth in peaceful exploration, where no man or woman has gone before. Take that to heart and then be yourself." She also believes that message is still poignant today, "maybe even more so than ever." Nichols also discusses her roles in the film Lady Magdalene‘s and her upcoming role on Heroes in the interview, which you can find at Cinema Blend.

Emmys Elude Shatner + Sopranos Rub Out Lindelof and Moore

William Shatner was all over tonight’s Primetime Emmy Awards. He was nominated for his third Emmy for Boston Legal and his Comedy Central Roast was up for an award as well. The spotlight was on Shatner early in the show as host Ryan Seacrest commented on the former Captain Kirk’s "snazzy attire" and later in the show, the Shat co-presented an award with Debra Messing (pictured). The two joked that their planned musical number was canceled because Messing "refused to have his love child." Beyond that, however, this wasn’t Shatner’s night.

This Week In Trek – President Picard, Guinan & Uhura Chat, Trek Taxis, and 7 of 10?

As we celebrate the 41st anniversary of Star Trek, this week’s wrap-up brings news on why Picard should be president, a controversial debut for a certain Ten Forward bartender, a Star Trek-inspired cab company, Nichelle Nichols on Heroes, news of Patrick Stewart appearing in a big budget prequel, a singing TNG episode guide, and much more.  

Quinto Ready For Spock – Learning Trek Mythology

In a series of interviews conducted during his visit to New York City as part of the Heroes World Tour this past week, Zachary Quinto talked about getting the role as the new Spock and his preparations to don the ears for the new Star Trek film. "It’s something I gunned for. I mean, I really wanted to play this role," he tells the London Free Press, but noted to the National post “I don’t think I would have gone after it if I didn’t feel ready for it.” Quinto told SciFi Wire that he is "becoming more familiar with the mythology" of Trek, but also still charting his own course: I am going to go about it in my own way, which I am starting to do now. And that is really exciting. I am learning a lot about Vulcans and a lot about Romulans and a lot about really interesting stuff so I am looking forward to more of it

Anton Yelchin Talks (a little) about “Star Trek” [UPDATED: Rehearsal Required ‘Nuclear Vessels’]

While promoting his new film Fierce People, Anton Yelchin briefly answered a couple questions about his role as Pavel Chekov in the new Star Trek film. “There’s not much to say, actually,” he explained to, but went on to say he was excited the project and about working with director J.J. Abrams. The 18-year-old Russian born actor guessed his age and background may have something to do with his casting, joking “I can do a Russian, [I am] familiar with Russian people. Very, very familiar.” UPDATE: Yelchin talks about audition process (see below)

Quinto Already Practicing His Spock

It seems a day doesn’t go by without a new interview with Zachary Quinto. This time, the actor who will be Spock discussed his relationship with his predecessor and soon-to-be co-star, Leonard Nimoy, with National Ledger. “His involvement and support really mean the most to me at this point,” he says. “To step into a role this iconic and have the actor who created it at your side — it’s a true gift.” He again expressed his hope in getting to know Nimoy “as a person and as an actor,” referring to him as “an incredibly multifaceted and fascinating artist.” Quinto says he is already practicing his own characterization of Spock – in between takes on Heroes.

Quinto On Spock’s Origins in the Prequel + Possible Sequels

Another day, another Quinto interview – this time with The actor, who has admitted that he is new to the franchise now  says he will not necessarily be analyzing old movies and episodes too much: “I think that the key to the success of this character is probably going to be reestablishing a perspective on this character with gratitude and respect for what’s come before.” The new Spock also gives the strongest indication yet as to the setting of the film: The interesting thing is that you meet this character before you ever knew him on the television series and the other movies, so sort of what you know about him and then also an exploration of how he got to that point. All of the characters, not just Spock.

Quinto not daunted by Spock, will be touring with Nimoy [UPDATED]

In a new Interview with Aint it Cool News Zachary Quinto seems ready to take on the role of Spock in the new Star Trek film, saying “I can’t be daunted. I have to be absolutely honored and prepared. There’s no room for daunted.” He noted the courage he feels working with the likes of Leonard Nimoy, producer/director J.J. Abrams, and the film’s writers and producers. “I feel like I can just implicitly trust these guys and I’m so inspired by their enthusiasm, so I’m nothing but excited.” Regarding Star Trek’s “notoriously picky fan base,” Quinto acknowledged that Star Trek is an important part of many people’s lives and that the new film’s creative team were aiming to please the fans while also putting their own spin on the franchise. Their hand in it is going to inevitably influence it and change it and that’s really exciting as long as it’s done with the work in mind and the respect at hand.

Quinto Sees Parallel Between ‘Heroes’ and ‘Star Trek’

In an interview with Rope of Silicon, Zachary Quinto discussed his portrayal of Spock in the upcoming Star Trek film, particularly in comparison to his role as the villainous Sylar on NBC’s hit series, Heroes. Quinto found no similarity between the roles (does anyone?), and he still seems to be coming to grips with moving on from Sylar to Spock. "It is just settling into me now and I am just embarking on this preparation and I think it is going to be a pretty epic journey," said Quinto. However, the new Spock does see more than just the growing list of cast connections when comparing the two shows: I think the message of "Star Trek" and the message of "Heroes" is the overwhelmingly optimistic message about humanity and its capacity to evolve and survive and to hold itself accountable considering the state of things. We live in a world where that is imminently necessary. It is nice to be a part of those things.

Picardo on Voyager Role, Roddenberry’s Vision, & New Trek Movie

In a couple new interviews Star Trek: Voyager star Robert Picardo talks on his time with Trek, his future projects and his thoughts on the new Star Trek feature. Picardo tells Seb’s Raw Takes that he initially did not have high expectations for his role as the Emergency Medical Hologram on Voyager, saying "when you accept a role that is described as ‘colorless, humorless, a computer program of a doctor’ you don’t necessarily have great expectations for how the character will develop.” The Doctor eventually became one of the break-out characters on the series and Picardo notes his thanks for how the show’s writers gave him "wonderful things to do” as his character grew and became more popular. The actor also endorsed Gene Roddenberry’s more optimistic view of the future, noting “we need more than ever to focus on the kind of hope and positive vision that Star Trek represents.”

Cruise & Crowe Rumors Find New Life In Brit Tabloids

And now for something not completely different. Last week’s Tom Cruise as Pike and Russell Crowe as a villain Star Trek rumors rippled across the world and are now rippling back from British tabloids. This past week, the Daily Star ran a story claiming that Tom Cruise had actually ‘signed on’ to make a cameo as Captain Pike in the new film, even though that very same rumor was denied a week earlier. According to the tabloid’s supposed ‘source,’ “Star Trek was the start of the huge sci-fi craze and Tom is fascinated by all of it.” More recently, it appears that the Daily Express has received word from yet another ‘insider’ that Crowe “is definitely considering [director/producer] J.J. Abrams’ offer.” The insider also claims that Crowe “was always a ‘Star Trek’ fan as a kid, which is a big bonus.” Of course once the rumors got upgraded by the Brit tabloids they then got picked up by other news outlets (examples: here, here, and here).