Articles by Edward Gross

Leonard Nimoy Talks About His Return To Spock + Reveals Scene Detail

After two decades, and passing on previous offers, Leonard Nimoy returns to the role of Spock in the new Star Trek movie. In an interview in the new SciFi Now Magazine (#26), the actor talks about the state of the franchise, his approach to the role, the new actors, working with Quinto and more. Nimoy also talks a bit about an interesting scene in the film. See excerpts & spoilers below.

Production Designer Scott Chambliss On Designing New Star Trek

Star Trek director JJ Abrams has worked for years with the Emmy-winning production designer Scott Chambliss and that includes the new Star Trek, but in a new interview with SciFi Now, he explains how he needed some convincing to go to the final frontier. The designer also talks about his approach to (re)designing the future, see excerpts below.