Articles by John Tenuto

The Collective: Review of DST Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan Communicator

Used in exasperation (or a half Vulcan. half Romulan approximation) by Saavik and in revelatory assuredness by James T. Kirk, the Wrath of Khan era communicator is now available as a role playing toy from Diamond Select Toys. The Collective column makes it Khan-etic return with a review of the brand new item (including video demo).

The Collective: The Best In “Shatlectibles” and “Lemorabilia”

This week TrekMovie has been celebrating the 80th birthdays of Star Trek stars William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. In that spirit, today we take a collector’s look at the pair, exploring the world of "Shatlectibles" and . “Lemorabilia”, or all the cool collectibles dealing with the real Shatner and Nimoy (and not the characters they play). 

William Shatner’s Canadian Walk of Fame Star Fixed + Bill Tries To Recreate TJ Hooker Hood Slide

Earlier this year news of cracks in William Shatner’s star on the Canadian Walk of Fame caused a commotion amongst his fans. But everything is OK now, as today his new star was installed in Toronto. Details, and Bill’s response below, plus a bonus video of Shatner’s latest attempt to replicate his famous TJ Hooker car hood slide.

Details On “The Captains of the Final Frontier” Bio Channel Documentary Airing Next Week

On Wednesday, November 03 at 9 pm (ET) the Bio Channel will air a new two-hour Star Trek-focused documentary called “The Captains of the Final Frontier”. Unlike William Shatner’s The Captains documentary about the actors who played captains, this Bio Channel doc will focus on the fictional characters themselves. The Bio Channel has provided us with a detailed description, see that below.

Watch ‘Star Blecch’ The Animated Mad Star Trek 2009 Parody + More Mad Trek fun

Mad Magazine has a new animated TV spinoff on the Cartoon Network and in September they took on the 2009 Star Trek movie. You can watch the animated parody below, plus TrekMovie looks at the long history of Star Trek and Mad Magazine (and MADtv). So get started with all the Star Blecch below.

Review: Star Trek 365 Photo Book

Abrams Books (no relation to Star Trek’s JJ Abrams) has released a great new Star Trek coffee table book, "Star Trek: The Original Series 365". The book features 365 photo spreads, including many rare or never-seen-before images, along with text by Paula M. Block with Terry J. Erdmann.  TrekMovie provides this review of the photos, text, and design of this latest in Trek’s long history of coffee table tomes.

Review: ‘Star Trek Live’ – The Trek-themed Educational Stage Show

The Star Trek Live educational stage show is running at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex until September, but there is also a second, longer version that is touring North America. This week Star Trek Live stopped at the Harper College Performing Arts Center in Illinois and my family and I attended the show. TrekMovie provides this special review of this longer, touring version of Star Trek Live.

The Collective: Star Trek Japanese Imports Coming – Dragon 12″ TNG Figures + TOS Bearbricks

This summer there are a few interesting Japanese imports coming that are of interest to Star Trek collectors. First up, Dragon Models have a line of Star Trek: The Next Generation 12" cloth figures coming this month. And in September, collectors can pick up MediCom Bearbrick figures that have been Trek-ified. More details below.  

VOY@15: The Collective’s Guide To New and Recent Star Trek Voyager Merchandise

TrekMovie continues to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Star Trek Voyager today with a special edition of "The Collective". Voyager continues to inspire a generation of fans. And for Voyager memorabilia collectors, there continues to be modern items. To help celebrate Voyager, this special edition of the Collective engages in a adventure into some of Voyager’s most recent collectibles.