Articles by Kayla Iacovino

Science Friday: Hubble Edition

This week, Hubble has announce two amazing discoveries. In order to celebrate one of our most beloved spacecraft, we’ve dedicated this week’s Science Friday to the Hubble Space Telescope. See the most detailed view of Pluto ever, an asteroid collision, and learn all about Hubble’s humble beginnings. All this and more, plus our gadget of the week: the iPad(d) wall.

First Impressions of Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online, the new Massive Multi-Player Online game from Cryptic, comes out February 2nd. We’ve had the opportunity to play STO’s open beta of the game, and we’ve summarized our first impressions of the game for Trekkies, non-gamers, and avid gamers alike. So far we like what we see. Read on for a quick breakdown of each aspect of the game, what you’ll love, what you’ll hate, and what needs improvement.

VOY@15: The Science of Star Trek Voyager

This week, Trekkies are in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the premier of Star Trek Voyager. Staying in the spirit, we’ve decided to bring you a very special ‘Science of Voyager’ edition of Science Friday this week. Is the Caretaker’s array really possible? Are the badlands a kind of phenomenon we might actually encounter in space? Are bio-technological space ships possible? What about holographic doctors? Answers to all these and more!

Science Friday: Space Ribbon + NASA Coke + Earthquake From Space + Girlfriend Equation + E-Ink + more

Welcome to Science Friday! This week, solve the mystery of our solar system’s own space ribbon, pre-game with rocket scientists, see the destructive power of a magnitude 7 earthquake, and use science to find out why you don’t have a girlfriend. All this and more, plus our gadget of the week: LG’s E-Ink Newspapers!

Science Friday: Killer Asteroid + Killer Supernova+ Kepler Exoplanets + Mars Monkeys + more

Welcome to Science Friday! It’s 2010 and that means there’s a whole new year of science and technology to be had. This week, we look at some new crazy schemes put on by the Russian space agency, the discovery of several new exoplanets, a supernova that could destroy the Earth, and much more. All this plus our gadget of the week: Vscan, the modern medical tricorder.

A Very Merry Science Friday + AGU Highlights

Last week was the annual American Geophysical Union Fall Conference in San Francisco, California: A place where new geoscience research is presented en masse to over 15,000 geoscientists. TrekMovie was there to catch all the action. So, this week we bring you an AGU edition of Science Friday with highlights from the conference. Of course, today is also Christmas, so Science Friday will also bring you a bit of sciency xmas cheer.

Does Star Trek Stop Women from Becoming Scientists?

A new study published this month in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that Star Trek may be partly responsible for widening the gender gap in computer science careers. Their findings imply that nerdy stereotypes associated with Star Trek and computer science may dissuade women from joining that field. As a woman of science who was largely inspired by Star Trek, I have a few doubts about the study’s findings. Read on and find out why.

Science Friday: Utah Fireball + Enceladus Tiger Stripes + Unstuck Mars Rover + more

Is it really that time again? Yep, can you believe it, it’s already Science Friday! Catch up on sciencey goings on this week and watch the fireball that lit up Utah, get up close and personal with some tiger stripes, cheer on the Spirit Mars rover, and teach your computer to think like a cat! All this and more plus our gadget of the week: Frolicat!

Science Friday: Lunar Water + Doomsday Denied + New Dinosaur + more

So much science, so little time! This week in Science Friday, DON’T PANIC come December, 2012, learn why Ares is Time’s invention of the year, discover new dinosaur species, study how butterflies flutter in space, and buy future beach-front property in the middle of Africa. All this and more plus our gadget of the week: The not-so-fantastic USS Enterprise Chandelier! Oh, and are you ready to swim on the moon?

Science Friday: LCROSS Impact Update + more

This week in Science Friday, read about this morning’s LCROSS impact of the moon, which happened this morning at 4:31 AM (PDT). Also learn how we can use all that newly discovered moon water for astronauts, the newest huge infrared discovery around Saturn, and some freaky glowing mushrooms. All this and more plus our gadget of the week: the Cupcake Cars!

NASA To Shoot the Moon TOMORROW – See the Impact from Your Backyard!

Tomorrow morning at 4:31:19 AM (PDT), an empty Atlas rocket stage will make a powerful first contact with the lunar surface in a large plume that will be visible from Earth. So, grab your TV, your telescope, or your best pal and sit back while we all watch NASA shoot the moon — literally. The mission, called LCROSS, will search for water ice in a crater located on the southern polar region of the moon.

Science Friday: Water In Space Edition

This week in Science Friday we celebrate the discovery of two more water sources in our solar system: Mars and the Moon! Get your sciencey fill by diving into space water, taking a virtual 3D tour of Rome via Flickr, and enjoying another ride to the edge of space (this time in HD!). All this and more plus our gadget of the week: the U3-X aka the UniSegway.

Science Friday: SF Zoology Edition

This week in Science Friday we look into the awesome world of animals through the eyes of science. Plus, the latest news from our water-seeking lunar spacecraft. Geneticists cure color blind monkeys, paleontologists discover new mini T. Rex’s, and ecologists study how crows use tools. All this and more plus our gadgets of the week: robots that resemble dogs and fleas!

Science Friday: The Sights, Smells, and Price of Space Exploration + Lunar Impact Announcement

This week in Science Friday we look at the sights, smells, and price of space exploration as well as today’s announcement by NASA of where the LCROSS spacecraft will impact the moon. Be sure to check out the gorgeous images back from the newly refurbished Hubble, and see our video of the week: the Ares rocket motor test.

Science Friday: COLBERT Launching + Needle-less Injecting + Solar Painting + Black Hole Making + more

Welcome back to Science Friday! This week we bring you a new needle-free hypospray device, solar cell paint, how to make your own black hole (no red matter needed!), and 40 million-year-old iridescence. All this and more plus our gadget of the week: The flying chair trick! And, yes, that is a real picture of a CHAIR IN SPACE!

Science Friday: SETI Discovery + Video Paper + Touchable Holograms + Slimy Creatures + more

Science Friday is back after a crazy week at the Las Vegas convention (and then one more week to recover)! Get ready for a jam packed edition full of SETI discoveries, movies in magazines, invading slimy creatures, touchable holography, and Carolyn Porco wanting in to the next Star Trek movie! All this and more plus our gadget of the week: The iPhone Dino Dock!

VegasCon09: Saturday – Guest Movie Actors + VOY Panel + Park & Takei

Saturday at the Creation Star Trek Convention was just jammed pack with Star Trek celebrities. The day included a number of guest actors from the Star Trek feature films, including Christopher LLoyd, as well as stars from all eras of Trek, with George Takei, Linda Park and a whole panel of Voyager stars. We have the full breakdown below with pics, including a report from the evening events.

VegasCon09: Friday – DS9 & Enterprise Panels + Spiner + TrekMovie Events + Remembering Majel + more

The Creation Entertainment official Star Trek Convention was back Friday with DS9 and Enterprise panels, Brent Spiner, Bob Picardo and Ethan Phillips performing, and a number of stars remembering Majel Barrett-Roddenberry. Stars talked about everything from the art of film, to the acting abilities of Spot the cat, to behind the scenes stories. We have a full report of the day (and final Star Trek showing) with pictures below.

Official Star Trek Vegas Convention Shaping Up To Be Huge – TrekMovie Will Be There

Next week is the annual official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. This year has quite the stellar line-up, including the original Kirk, three Spocks and lots of first-time convention stars like Christopher Lloyd. There are also many night time activities lined up, including a TrekMovie meet-up and a Roddenberry party. Details below.

Science Friday: Lunar Prize + Jupiter Impact + Ion To Mars + Glowing People + more

This week in TrekMovie’s Science Friday go to the Moon, Mars, and beyond with Lunar X-Prize and ion propulsion. For those of us still grounded here on Earth, you can take a look at a cometary impact into Jupiter. And, why don’t you glow in the dark while you’re at it? What, you didn’t know you could do that? Find out more in this week’s article, plus check out our gadget of the week: The Orb blutooth device.

Science Friday: Apollo 11 40th Anniversary Edition

Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11: man’s first trip to the moon. This week, we celebrate the event with an Apollo 11 edition of Science Friday! Relive the mission in real time and celebrate with Star Trek. Go to the moon, Mars, and beyond with Steve Squyres. Join a team of rogue NASA engineers in designing a better rocket for manned space flight. All this an more plus our gadget of the week: EATR.