Articles by Rosario T. Calabria

BSG Preview: “Someone to Watch Over Me”

We are headed into the final stretch with the 7th episode of BSG Season 4.5, and let’s hope it is better than last week’s entry. Tonight’s "Someone to Watch Over Me" looks to be Kara-centric and should answer some questions. We have previews for that, plus the latest frakkin lins, f DVD art, and more, including the trailer that Richard Hatch was pushing before Ron Moore got his hands on BSG.

Sci-Fi Sunday: Watchmen, Transformers, Batman, Alien, Stargate, Doctor Who, BSG, Reaper + more

Our weekend round-up of genre news is back with a ton of news and clips for Watchmen and Transformers 2. We also have news updates on the next steps for the Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Alien and Twilight franchises, plus the more images and clips than you can handle. In the world of TV we have the latest on the new Stargate, the BSG movie, Doctor Who, the return of Reaper and more, plus previews galore, including Lost.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Terminator, Watchmen, Tron, Iron Man, Dollhouse, Caprica, New Genre TV Pilots + more

This week the buzz is about Christian Bale’s Terminator reshoots tirade – we have all the latest on the fallout, plus more Terminator news and images. We also have a big update with lots of video and images on Watchmen, Jeff Bridges being cloned for Tron 2.0,  Iron Man 2 casting news, the latest on the future of Superman and Batman, and much more. In TV news we have a breakdown of all the genre pilots in the works, updates on Dollhouse and Caprica and tons of previews.

BSG Preview: “Blood on the Scales” + Caprica Coming To DVD In April

Last week’s episode Battlestar Galactica, "The Oath," ended with those dreaded word ‘to be continued’ and so this week they pick up where they left off with "Blood on the Scales" the fourth of the final 10 episodes of BSG. In our weekly BSG Preview we have clips, details, interview links and videos, plus more frakin links all about BSG, including news on the release of the Caprica BSG prequel on DVD.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Transformers, GI Joe, The Thing, Green Hornet, V, Heroes, Caprica, Stargate + more

There is a ton of news in our weekly wrap up of genre entertainment. We have the latest (including some video) on Up, Land of the Lost, GI Joe and Tranformers Super Bowl spots, plus news on remakes and reboots of The Thing, Predator, Tomb Raider as much more movie news and and previews. In TV news V is coming back, plus there is news and previews from Caprica, Heroes, Doctor Who and much more. 

Sci-Fi Sunday: Watchmen, Terminator, Wolverine, Stargate, Dollhouse, Heroes, Jericho + More

This week we have lots of drama from the spring/early summer movies with the Watchmen suit settled, Terminator cameo news and Wolverine reshoots, plus the usual collection of previews, including the cool looking Moon. In TV news the new Stargate premiere has moved, Fox has news on Fringe, Dollhouse and more, and there is talk of movies for Pushing Daisies and Jericho!    

Sci-Fi Sunday: Watchmen, Tron, Ender’s Game, Hobbit, Prisoner, Flash Forward, Smallville + more

This week the Fox/WB Watchmen Drama continues while WB continues to move forward with new promos and details. We also have a new character for Tron, dead or alive updates for Shazam and Ender’s Game and much more movie news, video and images. In TV news we have details on Braga’s Flash Forward, the new Prisoner, and Smallville’s future, plus lots of new promos and more. 

Sci-Fi Sunday: Watchmen, Iron Man, Transformers, Docotor Who, Lost, Red Dwarf, BSG + more

SciFi Saturday is back – a day late but chock full of genre news to kick off the new year. We got business drama behind Watchmen and Narnia,  updates on the Thor, Green Hornet and Iron Man 2, plus some of the first official Transformers 2 images. The biggest news of the weekend is the announcement of the new Doctor Who, we have that and more TV news, check it all out below.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Forbidden Planet, Buck Rogers, Terminator, Watchmen, Battlestar, Stargates, Dr. Who + more

It is usually slow towards the end of the year, but there is a ton of genre news this week. We got James Cameron tied to Forbidden Planet, Frank Miller tied to Buck Rogers, Kenneth Branaugh tied to Thor and so much more, including trailers and images. In TV there are updates including previews on Stargate(s), Battlestars plus more previews, including the Doctor Who X-Mas special.

TrekMovie Takes An In-Depth Look At The ‘Star Trek’ Competition in May 2009

According to the original plan, the new Star Trek movie was set to open in just a week, but earlier this year Paramount decided to move the film to May 2009 to take advantage of the more lucrative, and more competitive, Summer movie season. Today TrekMovie examines some of the heavy competition, including taking a look at some new previews. [Spoilers] 

Sci-Fi Saturday: Robocop, Transformers, X-Files, Watchmen, BSG, Heroes, Fringe + more

This week in our movie news roundup we find out what kind of Robocop we will get, when you can see the Transformers 2 trailer, who will be in Sin City 2 and we also have a whiff of more X-Files, along with the crop of new previews, including the Watchmen footage from Comic-Con. In the world of TV we find out how they will fix Heroes, what Flash Forward is all about and you can watch a BSG webisode and more.

Sci-Fi Saturday: World War Z, TR2N, Avatar, Terminator, Superman, Caprica, BSG, Lost, Heroes + more

This week in SciFi movie news brings updates the plots of World War Z and TR2N, trailer news for Avatar, runtime news for Watchmen, and much more with tons of trailers and images including the next Terminator. On the small screen there is big news on Ron Moore’s Caprica and Brannon Braga’s Flashforward, plus Lost and Heroes updates and a bunch of previews, including BSG.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Wolverine, Hulk, Iron Man, Avengers, BSG, Heroes, Futurama, + more

In genre movie news this week we have the latest on sequels to Iron Man and Hulk and prequels to X-Men and I Am Legend, and to top it off a possible Buffy movie. Plus movie trailers and images. In TV news there are more details for the return of BSG and the latest on genre shows for 2009 and the creator of Heroes has an apology, plus of course TV images and previews and more.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Terminator, X-Men, Robotech, Prey, Heroes, Lost, Stargate + more

This weekend Vampires are dominating theaters, but don’t worry, we have plenty of news about comic book heroes headed back to the big screen, and some robots from the future as well. On the small screen ABC kicks a couple genre shows to the curb, while Sci-Fi gears up for another walk through the Gate. Plus we have dozens of new images and vids, including Avatar, Spirit, Lost, Heroes and more.

Sci-Fi Sunday: Watchmen, Hobbit, Magneto, Daisies, Sanctuary, Knight Rider + more

Believe it or not, there is other genre news outside of Star Trek, notably the release of new posters and a trailer for Watchmen. But we also have news on The Hobbit, Twilight sequels and another X-Men prequel and more movie images and vids. In TV news it looks like Sactuary is going to stick around, but Pushing Daisies is on its way to the door. We also have TV image and vid previews, including Fringe, Heroes, Lost and Doctor Who.

Sci-Fi Sunday: Terminator, Forbidden Planet, Wonder Woman, BSG, Lost, Heroes + more

This week in genre movie new we start of with some clarifications and rumor control on upcoming Forbidden Planet, Terminator and Wonder Woman movies. There is much going on in TV news with dates set for returns of BSG and Lost, a big shakeup Heroes, and it looks like Dick Grayson is not coming to the small screen. All that plus new images and vids.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Forbidden Planet, Robocop, Batman, Superman, Doctor Who, Dollhouse, Stargate, + more

In the world of genre movies there is remake news for Robocop and the classic Forbidden Planet, and we have updates on the next installments for the Batman, Superman and Spider-man franchises. In the world of genre TV there is big news for Doctor Who, an update on Whedon’s Dollhouse problems, the new Stargate show, the premiere of a new show featuring Trek vets and more. Plus the usual pics and vids!

Sci-Fi Saturday: Terminator, Transformers, Iron Man, BSG, Dollhouse, Stargate + more

In Sci-Fi movie news this week we have a big update on that other big May 2009 movie, Terminator Salavation. Plus there are updates on Transformers 2, Iron Man 2, a Dr. Strange movie and more. TV news brings the first look at the new Stargate series, word on the ending of BSG, the latest on Dollhouse and more. Plus new images and videos from a couple dozen movies and series, so check it all out below.

Sci-Fi Sunday: Capt. America, Hobbit, TR2N, V, Smallville, Knight Rider, Mars + more

This has been a big week in sci-fi with lots on upcoming movies including the plot of Captain America, an update on the Hobbit, details on TR2N (in 3D!), the latest on the futures of Superman, Iron Man, and Batman. In TV news we have the latest on the future of Smallville, Hasselhoffs (non) Knight Rider cameo, and the return of V! All that plus tons of pics and videos so what are you waiting for?

Sci-Fi Saturday: Indy, Spidey, Iron Man, Transformers, + Sarah Connor, Robin TV series + more

Another week and another new batch of comic book movie news from Iron Man, Green Lantern, Spider-man, Watchmen and more. Plus we have updates on Transformers 2 in IMAX and the latest on a possible 5th Indy movie. In TV news we have a new Robin prequel, rumors of a Terminator cancellation and updates from Sanctuary, Fringe and more. And the usual crop of images and videos.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Ghostbusters, Potter, Star Wars + Heroes, Stargate, Terminator, Lost + more

This week we have the latest (from Bill Murray himself) on the next Ghostbusters movie, plus news on more Marvel movies, the next Harry Potter, an I Am Legend prequel, and maybe even another Star Wars movie. In TV news a Stargate producer is defending the new show, plus we have the latest on Heroes, Lost, Terminator, and more. Plus lots of new videos and images, so check it all out below.

Sci-Fi Sunday: Tranformers 2, Green Hornet, Heroes, Lost, Spaceballs, Stargate, Prisoner + more

A bit of a slow week in genre movie news but we do have updates on Transformers 2, Green Hornet, a host of Marvel movies, and more including some new pics and vids. For TV news there is a ton of stuff from The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Heroes, Stargate, Lost, and more, including lots of new images and video (including the new Prisoner).

Sci-Fi Sunday: Batman, Iron Man, Ghostbusters, Transformers, Fringe, Smallville, Heroes, Dollhouse + more

Another week and another Batman sequel casting rumor. We have that plus news on Iron Man 2 in 3D, that Arnold Terminator cameo, Bill Murry in Ghostbusters III and more including new images and vids from Transformers, Avatar and more. Plus there is tons of TV news, images and video previews, including Dollhouse, Terminator, Fringe, Heroes, Doctor Who, Battlestar and more.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Spidey, Supes, Bat, Ghostbusters, Fringe, BSG, Heroes, Stargate + more

The genre movie news this week is (again) almost all about comic book movies, with updates on the next steps in the Spider-man, Superman, Batman and Ghostrider movies (and some movement on the Ghostbusters III front). There are also new videos and images, including some new Transformers behind the scenes. Plus lots of TV news, vids and pics from Heroes, Fringe, BSG, Terminator and more.

Sci-Fi Sunday: Superman Reboot, Arnie Cameo, Stargate Does Voyager, The Return of the Hoff + much more

The ripples of Summer 08 are already starting–while work on the Iron Man sequel starts, the success of The Dark Knight gets WB to rethink the future, including Superman. In TV news The Stargate franchise is also headed for a Trek-like rethink, while David Hasselhoff is ready for his own reboot. All that plus tons more news, pics and videos below.