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New Version Of Star Trek Trailer – Now with three FOUR Spocks

One of the big missing pieces from the Star Trek movie trailer released last week was Spock. Of course Zachary Quinto appears as young adult Spock (and Jacob Kogan as kid Spock), but what about SPOCK (as in Leonard Nimoy). In the TrekMovie comments co-writer Roberto Orci has been dropping hints that a new Nimoy-iffic trailer was on the way, and today it has arrived, check it out below.

More Details and Promotional Image For Star Trek Movie Prequel Comic

Last month TrekMovie reported that IDW will release a comic book prequel in January for the new Star Trek film from JJ Abrams. Today IDW issued an official announcement related to that book, including a promotional image and some comments from the IDW editor and Star Trek movie co-writer Roberto Orci. [UPDATE: plus a comment from artist David Messinia] [SPOILERS]

Deep Thoughts On Star Trek Trailer From TrekMovie Contributors

The Star Trek trailer hit the Trek world by storm this week, including the contributors to Anthony, the Editor in Chief, has weighed in with his trailer review (and his 20 minute preview analysis), but today some of the other contributors put in their two cents on the trailer, including some observations from their unique perspectives.

Frakes Talks TNG, Beard and Future of Riker + Librarian Wrap Pics w/ Frakes, Sirtis & Dorn

Star Trek The Next Generation’s Jonathan Frakes will be appearing at the Boston SuperMegaFest this weekend and in a new interview to promote the event he talked about various things Trek from his auditions, to his beard, to his future as Riker. We also have pics of Frakes and some TNG co-stars from the wrap party from Frakes’ third Librarian TV movie. 

TrekMovie Goes Inside The Star Trek Trailer – Shot By Shot [UPDATE: Abrams Gives His Analysis]

The arrival of the theatrical trailer has answered quite a few questions about the new Star Trek movie, and it has also created a number of new mysteries, especially with all those images going by so fast. No worries as TrekMovie goes shot by shot and explains, based on our research, what is going on in each shot. [SPOILERS]. 

New Star Trek Trailer Online + Official Site Revamped [UPDATE: new TV Spot + Foreign Versions]

The wait is over. The new theatrical trailer for the new Star Trek movie is now officially online, with an exclusive at Apple Trailers, including HD. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is the second best way besides seeing it onscreen. In addition the official site for the Star Trek movie has been re-launched with a new look and some hidden features. UPDATE: There is also a new TV spot and some foreign dubbed versions.

First Look At New TOS Remastered Promo

The new trailer for the Star Trek movie will be online shortly, but CBS wants to remind people that the Original is still out there. CBS is still airing Star Trek Remastered in syndication. Next month they will be releasing a new fun light-hearted promo to stations, but they sent it over to TrekMovie this morning for a first look, check it out below.

Star Trek Trailer Hits The Net [UPDATED]

The trailer for the new Star Trek movie is in theaters and will be online at the official site in HD on Monday morning. However that is just not good enough for some folks who just can’t seem to wait. As noted in the review of the trailer, it is meant to seen on the big screen for the first time, or at least on the small screen in HD on Monday. UPDATE: Official trailer online.

Report on JJ Abrams Star Trek Events in Paris & Rome

After visiting London, Cologne and Madrid (see TrekMovie’s reports from the UK, Germany and Spain), Star Trek director JJ Abrams took his Star Trek EuroTour08 to France and Italy, two more countries where Paramount has work to do building an audience for this re-invigoration of the franchise. TrekMovie has another exclusive first hand report from Paris and a summary of some of the media reports out of Italy.  

Abrams Talks Klingons & Romulans + New Kelvin Images At Intel Site

Trek news is coming fast this week. Since the release of images of Nero and his pointed ears, it is no longer a spoiler that Romulans are the new Star Trek bad guys, but what about the Klingons? In a new interview JJ Abrams explains why. Plus, in totally unrelated, but still Star Trek film news, Intel has updated their partnership site, including new Kelvin wallpaper images.

Star Trek Trailer Warps Into [Some] Theaters

The wait is over– the new Bond film Quantum of Solace premieres today and it comes with a little extra bonus in the form of a trailer for the new Star Trek movie. The Trek trailer will be available online next week, so until then you have to go to the theaters (where it should be seen anyway). We have a summary of trailer news and Bond facts below. [UPDATE: Emails and comments from TrekMovie some TrekMovie readers indicate that not all theaters showed the trailer at the Thursday midnight showings]

Big Reaction To New Enterprise – New Designer Responds

The new USS Enterprise released yesterday has spawned dozens if not hundreds of articles across the globe in the mainstream press and the geekosphere. Reaction here at TrekMovie has been running at one comment every 49 seconds for 24 hours straight. In that deluge are a few notables, including former Star Trek designer Rick Sternbach and the designer of the new ship, Ryan Church.

ShatWatch: Takei v Shat Round 3 + Canadians Want Shatner

Think the back and forth between William Shatner and George Takei regarding Takei’s wedding invitation was over?  After Shatner’s first biting video and Takei’s response, Shatner has a new video today up on The Shatner Project where he tries to get in the last word, and he also seeming invites Takei onto his new Talk show. Plus we have Canadians petitioning Shatner news.  

ST09 Trailer Countdown: Taking A Look At STV: The Final Frontier’s Trailer

A week from tonight millions of film goers across North America will be seeing the first theatrical trailer for JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie, and some might even stay for the new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace. To bide our time we continue our trailer countdown, today looking at the trailer for William Shatner’s 1989 film Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

ShatWatch: Raw Nerve Nimoy Clip & Pics + Shatner Talks Kirk Fight Moves

In just a month William Shatner’s new talk show Shatner’s Raw Nerve finally premieres on the Bio Channel. The Bio Channel has now launched, which includes some clips from his interview with Leonard Nimoy. [UPDATE: Bio has sent over some exclusive images of Shatner and Nimoy]. Plus The Shatner Project has a new video of Bill talking about some of his classic Shat Fu fight moves.