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More From Orci & Kurtzman On Star Trek Sequel Script Development

Star Trek scribes Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman have another sequel update from the TCA  event this week (promoting Fringe). Regarding the Trek sequel, they corrected Zoe Saldana’s recent estimate that the script was ‘half done’, again noting they haven’t started yet. They also talked about the balance of new stories vs elements of TOS, writing with Lindelof and more. Details below .

Rachel Nichols & Eric Bana Talk Star Trek Sequel Potential

We know that the main crew are all coming back for the ‘Star Trek Something Something’ sequel to this year’s Star Trek blockbuster, but what about the supporting cast. In a couple of new interviews Rachel Nichols (Gaila the Orion) and Eric Bana (Nero) weigh in on their future with Trek. Bana also talks about his deleted scenes.

Con Report: Star Trek New Jersey 2009

Creation Entertainment got their Star Trek Summer convention season going with their East Coast Star Trek convention in Parsippany, NJ over this past weekend. On hand were many big Trek celebs, including Jeffrey Combs, Kate Mulgrew, Conner Trinneer, John Billingsley and the headliner, Leonard Nimoy. TrekMovie has a full report (with photos and video) for all three days of the con below 

Star Trek Magazine #20 Excerpts: Abrams & Krige Interviews + more

Star Trek Magazine #20 is just arriving on newstands as a focus on the Borg. STM have provided TrekMovie with excerpts of their interview with the Borg Queen (Alice Krige) and an article on the history of the Borg. We also have an excerpt from an interview with JJ Abrams and a closer look at the covers.

Orci: Linking Next Two Star Trek Movies Just A ‘Maybe’

A few days ago we reported a comment from Star Trek scribe Roberto Orci at Comic-Con about possibly linking the next two Star Trek movies. However, in a new brief interview (from the next day) has Bob downplaying the possibility as just a maybe, and also talking about differences between the second new Trek film vs. the second Transformers film. Details below.

Trekkies Guide To San Diego Comic Con 2009

This weekend (kicking off with a preview tonight) is the annual San Diego Comic Con. Although there are no major Star Trek panels, Trek will still have a big presence at the show from the Paramount Home Entertainment Booth, to the other licensees (including some selling exclusives). There are also Trek celebrities showing up at booths and panels. We have all the details below.

Star Trek Movie DVD and Blu-ray Sets Available For Pre-order

Details on the various DVD and Blu-ray sets for the Star Trek movie were just announced on Friday, and now they are becoming available for pre-order. The 3-disk Blu-ray and 2-Disk DVD are both discounted to $27.99 at Amazon in the US. Below we have links to those and to pre-orders and notification sign-ups in the UK, Germany and Canada.

TrekInk: 5-Page Preview Of Spock Reflections #1

This year’s "Star Trek Countdown" comic prequel to the Star Trek movie featured the elder Spock on Romulus late in the 24th century. Next week IDW debuts the first issue (of four) of "Spock Reflections," which will delve into the events that led to Spock choosing to live on Romulus, and promises to have "key insights” into Spock, as well as a “startling revelation." We have a 5 page preview of issue 1 below.

Jonathan Frakes Narrating New Science Doc On History Channel – Clip From Show On Cloaking Devices

Star Trek stars are no strangers to the world of voice-over and narration and with all that practice at technobabble, they are naturals for narrating documentaries on space, science and technology. The latest is Next Gen’s Jonathan Frakes who is narrating a new show on The History Channel called "That’s Impossible" The show airs Tuesday (with two episodes airing tonight). See below for a clip.

Happy Birthday Patrick Stewart

There may be two Captain Kirks but there still is only one Captain Picard. Today is Patrick Stewart’s 69th Birthday. Although he has handed in his space suit to return to his home in the theater, Star Trek fans still remember the leader of The Next Generation on TV and film. See below for the latest on Patrick.