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It was 42 years ago today…

On September 8th, 1966, the world was transported for the first time to the 23rd century and the final frontier. On TV screens across America, "The Man Trap" introduced Star Trek and ushered in a franchise that endures to this day. Some fans recall the day, but for many more, they were too young or not even yet born to experience that moment in TV history.

Pegg: Star Trek Getting Back To What Made It Good

Simon Pegg is definitely the geek insider of the new crew for JJ Abrams Star Trek. of the bunch. Although others are fans, Pegg knows his franchises, just recently correcting the record on if the film is a ‘remake.’ In a new interview with our friends at Hardcore Nerdity, Pegg goes into more detail on his approach to Scotty and how the film works within Trek. 

SciFi ENT & TNG Marathons + Nemesis AMC Premiere [UPDATE: Trek Trivia Quiz w/ Prize]

This week there are some happenings for Star Trek on TV. Firstly the last Trek film, Nemesis, has its network TV premiere on the AMC Network, with more showings later in the week. Plus the Sci-Fi Channel has two Trek marathons lined up for Labor Day weekend. There are also some changes ahead in the fall schedule for Trek on cable.

Saldana Needed Some Convincing To Take On Uhura

About a year ago broke the news that Zoe Saldana had been offered the role of Uhura in the new Star Trek. At the time it wasn’t clear if she would take the role, due to her obligations shooting another Sci-Fi blockbuster, Avatar. Now in a new interview Saldana reveals that the director of that film helped talk her into taking the Trek job. The actress also talks more more about Uhura and her possible future as well as JJ Abrams’ respect for the fans.

More Details On Alternate Reality Collective DVD Set + TOSR Season One Price Drop

CBS Paramount has just released the final details on the September 16 release of the Star Trek: Alternate Realities DVD Fan Collective. We have a full list of the special features, more packing art and news on the special promotional figure giveaway. Plus the Season One of the Remastered Trek has dropped in price to fall in line with Seasons Two and Three.

Dragon Con Has Impressive TrekTrak For Labor Day Weekend 2008

The Annual fan run Dragon Con event in Atlanta, Georgia is considered on of the most fun con experiences. Each year it has a dedicated ‘Trek Trak’ full of celebrity panels, discussions, as well as some fun Trek-themed events. This year is shaping up to be a good one, with stars from every show slated to appear plus some fan film showings. See press release below for more.

Collins Talks Star Trek Villain Make-up + TrekMovie Adds More Detail

Last week, actor Clifton Collins, Jr. confirmed the race that he and his fellow villains (including Eric Bana) will be playing in the new Star Trek movie. This week, the actor is talking about their make-up routine and what it was like working with director, J.J. Abrams. Plus TrekMovie has a bit more detail on what the villains will look like. [spoilers]

TrekMovie’s New View Of The 2nd Star Trek Character Posters

You knew this was coming. Following on from our previous ‘new view’ of the original Comic Con 2008 Star Trek teaser posters, TrekMovie now brings you a ‘decolorized’ version of the four new posters which were revealed at Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. Now you can get a better look at Cho, Pegg, Urban and Yelchin.   

Last Chance For Personalized Videotaped Shatner Signing

Way back in January TrekMovie reported that William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk, had hooked up with, who offer personalized videotaped memorabilia signings. The event had sold out (twice) and they have now expanded it to allow for more signings, but the deadline to sign up for your autographed item and personalized taped message from Shatner is midnight Tuesday (Pacific).

TrekMovie’s New View Of The New Star Trek Poster

The big Star Trek event for Comic Con 2008 was the brand new poster (or actually 4 posters) which revealed four cast images for the first time. The poster was well received, but it was also highly stylized, saturating the Trek crew with colors from the traditional TOS uniforms (gold, red and blue). So TrekMovie decided it would be interesting to ‘reverse engineer’ the actual images from the poster as they might appear in the movie.   

NASA Founded 50 Years Ago Today

On July 29th, 1958 President Dwight Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act into law and NASA was born. Thus began the space race of the 60s, which sparked more popular culture interest in space. Since the shooting of the first pilot for Star Trek in 1964, there have been numerous references to NASA in Trek, all the way through to the last series Enterprise.