Watch Ron Moore’s Caprica Pilot Online + Trek Vets on Newsweek Best Of Decade

Veteran Star Trek writer/producer Ronald D. Moore’s Battlestar Galactica wrapped up its fourth and final season earlier this year, but the story of the Colonies is not over. In January SyFy begins airing the new BSG prequel series Caprica (also co-created by Moore). And today SyFy put the entire pilot episode online. You can watch it below.  

Zoe Saldana Avatar Premiere Photos + Trek Comments + Early Avatar Reviews (including Simon Pegg’s)

Last night was the world premiere of James Cameron’s new sci-fi epic Avatar. Star Trek’s new Uhura Zoe Saldana continues her 2009 genre domination as playing the alien Neytiri. We have photos and video from the London premiere, along with some of Saldana’s latest comments on Trek. We also have Simon Pegg’s twitter review of Avatar, and some early reviews of the film and Saldana’s performance.

Shatner: Star Trek Movie “Wonderful” + Talks Star Trek Sequel

Last night Bill Shatner was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, promoting his show Raw Nerve, but things swung around to discussion of Star Trek. Bill said he thought the Star Trek movie was "wonderful", implying he finally saw it, and revealed he and JJ Abrams recently had lunch. However, he said he didn’t know if he would be in the sequel. See video below.

Exclusive Interview: Scott Bakula Talks “Men of A Certain Age” + Star Trek Sequel + more

Monday night TNT premieres their new drama Men of a Certain Age, which stars Scott Bakula as one of three old friends dealing with middle age. In an exclusive interview, Bakula talked to TrekMovie about the show, working with Matt Damon in The Informant! along with what he would have liked to have done with Archer on Enterprise and how he would be interested in appearing in JJ Abrams next Star Trek movie.

Reminder: Star Trek ‘Genesis Trilogy’ Tonight in Santa Monica w/Nick Meyer + clips of recent Meyer talk

Tonight, continuing TrekMovie and Geek Monthly’s Star Trek Weekend, we are hosting a Star Trek triple feature, showing the ‘Genesis’ Trilogy at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica. On hand will be Nick Meyer, to talk about his time with the Star Trek franchise. See below for clips of Meyer from another recent event talking about his book and Star Trek.

Zoe Saldana Doing Live Avatar Chat Thursday (3PM ET) + Fan Q&A Next Week

Star Trek’s new Uhura, Zoe Saldana’s will next be seen (rendered in 3D CGI as the Na’vi princess Neytiri) in James Cameron’s new sci-fi epic Avatar. The actress is gearing up for lots of press for the film, including a live chat today with the director and other stars. There is also a chance for you to submit questions to another Q&A. Details below.

Pine, Cho & Quinto On People’s Sexiest Men List + Shatner Talks Sexy List On Conan

Last week we reported that Chris Pine, JJ Abrams (and the ‘Surpreme Court) were Men of the year in GQ, and Zoe Saldana was being featured in the new DETAILS. But we were remiss to mention that the week before People Magazine was also honoring the new Star Trek by naming three of the stars in their list of the Sexiest Men Alive. We also have video of William Shatner talking about how he is also on a ‘sexy list’.

Captain’s CelebWatch: Shatner ‘Gives Up’ On Trek Co-stars + Stewart’s Talks Abuse + Brook’s Talks DS9 Movie + Updates For Bakula, Mulgrew, & Pine

Star Trek’s captains have been in the news lately so today we check in with the latest celebrity buzz starting off with William Shatner talking about his Trek co-stars, Patrick Stewart talking about his childhood, Scott Bakula talking type-casting and Avery Brook’s talking DS9 movie. Plus we have clips of Mulgrew from DragonAge and the latest on Chris Pine’s next projects. 

ShatWatch: Raw Nerve S2 Preview + Kingdom Of Spiders Spec. Ed. DVD + Bill On TV + more

TrekMovie is gearing up to celebrate our second annual "Shatcember". Below we have a preview of the second season of William Shatner’s Raw Nerve, plus a preview of the special edition of Kingdom of the Spiders. We also have your guide to keeping an eye on Bill for the next month. [UPDATE: added video of Shatner with Kate Mulgrew and Brent Spiner]

VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel’s “Yehya Show” Visits Star Trek DVD Party

Over the last week we have been putting up videos from our interviews from the Star Trek DVD party. The Jimmy Kimmel show also sent their friend Yehya to cover the event, and last week they ran a 6 minute segment with interview snippets with Bruce Greenwood, Jacob Kogan, Leonard Nimoy, JJ Abrams, John Cho, and Zach Quinto. See below for more.

City of Boston Declares November 14th ‘Leonard Nimoy Day’?

The original Spock (aka ‘Spock Prime’), Leonard Nimoy is returning to his home town of Boston this weekend to attend The New England Fan Experience. And Boston is so proud of their native son, that they are declaring Saturday (November 14th) "Leonard Nimoy Day". We have the text of the proclamation below, plus some new comments from the actor.

William Shatner Unveils Wax Figure Of Kirk – Says He Wants To Be In Star Trek Sequel

We already knew that William Shatner’s Kirk is immortal, but now Kirk has been immortalized, in wax. Today Madame Tussaud’s in Hollywood unveiled its wax figure of James T. Kirk, and William Shatner was there to help. And while he was mugging for the cameras, Bill also talked about the next Star Trek movie. See below for TrekMovie photos and video from the event.

Kate Mulgrew Hasn’t Seen JJ Abrams Star Trek – But Wants To Be In Sequel

The latest project for Star Trek Voyagers’ captain Janeway is providing voice work for Bioware’s new fantasy role-playing video game "Dragon Age Origins". In a new interview promoting the game, Kate Mulgrew also talked Star Trek, including talking about the latest JJ Abrams movie, and the next one too. See below for excerpts. 

Star Trek Wins Hollywood Movie Award

Last week we reported that you can vote for the new Star Trek movie for a couple of award shows. The nominations for People’s Choice Awards are still being voted on, but Star Trek did win the Hollywood Movie Award, just a week after picking up the the top Scream Award (which aired Tuesday night). See below for more details and pictures of Zachary Quinto picking up the award at the Hollywood Film Festival on Monday.

Watch Clips Of Shatner (Accepting For JJ Abrams) From Spike Scream Awards

Tomorrow night Spike TV airs their Scream Awards, and as we reported last weekend, JJ Abrams new Star Trek film does very well. We now have some clips from the show, where you can see William Shatner on stage accepting an award for the movie and talking to JJ Abrams about how he isn’t in it.

Zoe Saldana Talks Sequel Production In 2010 – Is 2011 Release Date Still Possible?

Last weekend we reported that Star Trek writing team of Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman were now talking about delivering the script for the sequel in mid 2010 for a potential 2012 release. But now Star Trek’s Uhura Zoe Saldana says she has been asked for details on her 2010 schedule, implying that their still may be a chance for shooting next year. How does this all add up? TrekMovie asks a trusted source to help us sort it all out.

Abrams: Next Star Trek Needs To Be ‘Most Meaningful’ – But Not Called ‘Star Trek 2’

Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman recently said they have more time to hand in their Star Trek sequel, so things are still in that deep thinking stage. In a new interview, producer JJ Abrams talked about what direction he sees the next Trek is going, and how he wants it to be ‘deeper’. JJ also talked about what to call the sequel. Details below plus photos of Abrams presenting an award to Zoe Saldana.

Watch Big Bang Theory Wheaton Episode Promo + Wil’s TNG Memoir Released

The nerdy hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory is always good for a Star Trek reference, but next Monday they will be stepping up a notch as Wil Wheaton guest stars, playing himself. Today CBS released a promo, and you can check that out below. In other Wheaton news, Wil has releases the first volume of his TNG memoir "Memories of the Future", details below.

Nichelle Nichols Talks Kirk Kiss, Roddenberry Relationship & New Film ‘The Torturer’

The original Uhura, Nichelle Nichols stars in a new impendent film, The Torturer. The actress talked about that film as well as Star Trek’s interracial kiss, her relationship with Gene Roddenberry and more. You can listen to the interview for more and see a trailer for the movie.  Plus we have an update and the trailer for Cabonauts, the upcoming webshow starring Nichols.    

Takei Suggests Ending Shatner Feud On Howard Stern Show [UPDATED]

Over the last couple of years the feud between Original Series stars William Shatner and George Takei has really heated up, spilling into mainstream media. Recently there was some talk of George appearing on Bill’s Raw Nerve TV show for a hatchet burying episode, however Takei says he wants to do it on neutral ground, namely the Howard Stern Show. See below for video of Takei making his suggestion.