ShatWatch: Bill Reads Palin Poetry On Tonight Show + Helps Greenpeace Send A Message

It has been a busy 24 hours for William Shatner. Firstly, it seems Bill and Conan have moved on from the ‘salute incident‘ as The Shat appeared on The Tonight Show to do a comedy bit last night. We have video of that below. In other William Shatner news, today he got involved in a Greenpeace event protesting toxic chemicals being used by HP, you can listen to his message to HP employees below too.

Trekkies Guide To San Diego Comic Con 2009

This weekend (kicking off with a preview tonight) is the annual San Diego Comic Con. Although there are no major Star Trek panels, Trek will still have a big presence at the show from the Paramount Home Entertainment Booth, to the other licensees (including some selling exclusives). There are also Trek celebrities showing up at booths and panels. We have all the details below.

Quinto Presents At ESPY Awards + Pine’s Next Movie Update + Guide To ST09 Stars At Comic-Con

It seems like you can’t do an awards show these days without having a Star Trek skit or Trek celebrity presenter. Last night it was Zachary at ESPN’s ESPY Awards. This quickie ST09 Celeb Watch has pictures and video from that, plus an update on Chris Pine’s next movie and a full breakdown on where you can find your Trek celebrities at Comic Con next weekend.        

Jonathan Frakes Narrating New Science Doc On History Channel – Clip From Show On Cloaking Devices

Star Trek stars are no strangers to the world of voice-over and narration and with all that practice at technobabble, they are naturals for narrating documentaries on space, science and technology. The latest is Next Gen’s Jonathan Frakes who is narrating a new show on The History Channel called "That’s Impossible" The show airs Tuesday (with two episodes airing tonight). See below for a clip.

Happy Birthday Patrick Stewart

There may be two Captain Kirks but there still is only one Captain Picard. Today is Patrick Stewart’s 69th Birthday. Although he has handed in his space suit to return to his home in the theater, Star Trek fans still remember the leader of The Next Generation on TV and film. See below for the latest on Patrick.  

Orci and Kurtzman To Produce Movie Based On View-Master Toy (Really!)

The co-writers and executive producers of the new Star Trek movie (and sequel) are adding yet another movie into their stable or production projects, and this one is yet another hard to believe adaptation. DreamWorks is now in talks for the rights to make a film based on the Fisher Price ViewMaster 3D Viewer toy, with Bob and Alex tapped to produce.

TJ Hooker Getting Movie Reboot (Really!) – Will Shatner Be In That?

It appears that another classic TV show starring William Shatner is headed for a big screen reboot, this time it is TJ Hooker…and no that is not a joke. Today Variety reported that the classic 80s cop show is being remade as an action comedy. No word yet on if any of the original show stars will return, but there is a potential part for Shatner.   

ShatWatch: Attack Of The Bill Edition

One of the reasons William Shatner hasn’t seen the new Star Trek movie yet, could be because he continues to be the hardest working man in showbiz. Today Bill appeared on Attack of the Show and discussed whether or not he could beat up Chris Pine, amongst other things. We have video of that and his new Priceline commercial, plus a Raw Nerve update, news on the possibility of more TekWar on TV, and a project that Bill actually said no to. 

William Shatner Explains Why He Has Not Seen The New Star Trek Movie

For over two years while the Star Trek movie was in development and production, much of the debate, news and gossip about the film was about whether or not William Shatner would be in it, something he contended would benefit the film. So it is a bit surprising that two months after its release, Bill has yet to see it. While co-hosting Live with Regis and Kelly last Friday he explains why, details below.

Star Trek Passes $370M + Studio Chief (& Orci & Kurtzman) Talk Trek Future + Urban’s Big Mouth

Star Trek just finished its 8th weekend in general release and it is still in the top 10 for ticket sales. We have all the latest box office details below, plus the head of Paramount talking up the future of the franchise. We also have more from Bob and Alex and Karl Urban getting a mouth full.

Photos & Video From TrekFest & TrekExpo [UPDATE: & VulCon]

Over the weekend there were two Star Trek events held in the middle of America, TrekFest in Riverside, Iowa and TrekExpo in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Celebrities attending these events include Leonard Nimoy, Marina Sirtis, George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Denise Crosby, and Walter Koenig. Below we have links and excerpts from news reports, plus images and videos from the events. [UPDATED: Plus new video from VulCon from Alberta, Canada]

Happy Birthday JJ Abrams

Today is the 43rd birthday of Star Trek producer/director Jeffrey Jacob ‘JJ’ Abrams. The man behind Lost, Alias, Felicity, Fringe, MI3, Cloverfield and much more joined the Star Trek universe 3 years ago, and he was a welcome addition to the family. So happy birthday JJ, and many more.

Nichelle Nichols On ST09: Feels ‘Honored’ By Abrams and Saldana

This weekend is the annual TrekFest in Riverside Iowa (the futre childhood home of James T. Kirk). On hand will be stars of the classic Star Trek, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, and George Takei. Nichols has a new interview promoting the event, where she talks about her career and what she thinks of the new Star Trek movie.

ST09 CelebWatch: Pine #2 Bachelor + Quinto’s New Role + Zoe’s Bday + Pegg Autobio + Urban Talks Fans + more

Star Trek continues raking in the dough at the box office, and the film’s stars continue to make the news. We have Chris Pine heating up People’s Top Bachelor list and the LA stage, Zachary Quinto taking on the current financial crisis, Karl Urbans talking about the fans, Simon Pegg penning an autubio, and much more. Plus, what ST09 star update would be complete without pictures of  Zoe attending a fashion event!

Watch William Shatner Give Conan The Salute [UPDATED: Bill’s Finger Makes Global News]

As noted in yesterday’s ‘ShatWatch’, William Shatner was a guest on last night’s Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. Bill was there to promote his latest projects and was his usual avuncular self. There was no talk of the new Star Trek movie, but Bill did recall a Trek related story and then there was a bit of an incident when he gave Conan a couple of different ‘salutes’. [UPDATE: Shatner’s Conan Appearance is getting lots of press, we have the links]

Patrick Stewart ‘Absolutely Loved’ New Star Trek Movie

The last four Star Trek movies featured the crew of The Next Generation, led by Captain Picard, played by Patrick Stewart. But in a new(ish) interview from the UK, Stewart seems to be a fan of the new Star Trek movie, as well as its new captain, Chris Pine. Details below, plus we catch up with what the former Jean Luc has been up to recently.