Trek Celeb Stalker: Captains A’Plenty

NEW FEATURE: TrekMovie.com presents a new regular column where we stalk your favorite Star Trek celebrities and inform you on what they are up to. This week we have Shatner giving the smackdown, Patrick Stewart getting (yet another) award, Kate Mulgrew opining on the superiority of Voyager, Scott Bakula getting work, and much more!

This Week in Trek – November 11th edition

The biggest Trek news this week, of course, is that filming on the new film has begun. Well, that and the whole Winona Ryder thing. In addition to that, however, This Week in Trek also brings you news on  a holographic fashion show, the premiere of Walter Koenig’s new movie, Trek making people’s lists, Captain Picard for Vice President (?!), and much more. Just click below. You know you want to.

This Week in Trek – TNG@20, season premieres, parallel universes, and bowling Klingons [UPDATED]

This week marked the 20th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation…so it gets a special section. We also bring you new Star Trek: Year Four artwork, a fan-made audio series, a number of TV season premieres, evidence of parallel universes, Klingons who bowl with honor and much more… Furries vs. Klingons… songs will be sung about this day.

This Week In Trek – President Picard, Guinan & Uhura Chat, Trek Taxis, and 7 of 10?

As we celebrate the 41st anniversary of Star Trek, this week’s wrap-up brings news on why Picard should be president, a controversial debut for a certain Ten Forward bartender, a Star Trek-inspired cab company, Nichelle Nichols on Heroes, news of Patrick Stewart appearing in a big budget prequel, a singing TNG episode guide, and much more.  

This Week In Trek

Trek XI: Comic-Con have just released a preliminary list of panels and Star Trek XI is on it. TrekMovie.com had reported before that Paramount planned to attend for Trek and we have re-confirmed that there will be a panel, but they have not yet worked out the details. DS9 showrunner Ira Behr told TrekMovie.com he thought Abrams plans for a return to TOS was ‘the safe thing’ but expressed concerns about ‘going backwards to the future’ Heroes actor Zachary Quinto again expressed a desire to play Spock

This Week In Trek

Trek XI: EW listed Trek XI as one franchise Hollywood is trying to ‘reboot’, writer Roberto Orci notes that the Trek comes with ‘preexisting expectations’ Trek Merchandise: IDW sent out Issue 2 of Klingon: Blood Will Tell Comics Hallmark have released their 2007 catalog with their two new Star Trek ornaments

This Week In Trek

TrekMovie looks at all the Trek news here and elsewhere for the last week Trek XI: George Takei expressed his confidence in JJ Abrams and tells thinks the new film will be ‘fantastic’ . Heroes’ Masi Oka stated he would be honored to play a new Sulu Gary Sinise denied the rumors he was to play McCoy Trek Merchandise: The first season of Star Trek Voyager was made available on iTunes last week, but today it was removed due to technical issues. We are told it should return soon. Trek Toy distributor Diamond Select has purchased Trek Toy maker Art Asylum

This Week In Trek

TrekMovie looks at all the Trek news here and elsewhere for the last week Trek XI: William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy say they still have not been contacted, but are still open to appearing in the film JJ Abrams said he always thinks of Keri Russell when working on a new project and thinks she would make an ‘awesome’ Klingon Walter Koenig advises any actor playing Chekov to ‘stay out of the shadows’ Comedian (and well known geek) Patton Oswalt says he has heard a rumor that Ryan Gosling is interested in playing Kirk. Oswalt also opines that ‘JJ Abrams can do no wrong’ Wizard Magazine has put forward their choices for recasting Star Trek. Choices include Matt Damon for Kirk, Zachary Quinto for Spock and Vin Diesel for Kor.

This Week In Trek

TrekMovie looks at all the Trek news here and elsewhere for the last week Trek XI: We reported that the Trek XI production team are gearing up to move onto the Paramount lot to begin pre production. Plans are for construction to start in the summer and shooting in the fall on six stages at Paramount an one at Universal. We also reported that the IGN rumors of Damon, Brody and Sinise being cast in the film cannot be confirmed and have been denied by some sources. George Takei opined that John Lim of Star Trek New Voyages would make a good Sulu for STXI TOSR producer David Rossi discusses Trek XI in the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine, details here DS9, VOY, & ENT science advisor Andre Bormanis told Sebs Raw Takes he is not interested in working on Star Trek XI

This Week In Trek

TrekMovie looks at all the Trek news here and elsewhere for the last week Trek XI: All quiet on the Trek XI front, but this week marked the one year anniversary of the first report from Variety of a JJ Abrams Star Trek film. That was well before this site existed, but my first comment on the news can be seen at TrekBBS (under my alias ‘PowderedToastMan) There actually was some fake news, TheSpoof.com ‘reports’ that Vice President Dick Cheney has accepted a role in Trek XI. TrekMovie.com will have a Trek XI Update in the upcoming week