Indy 4: No Trek Trailer But Possible Trek Reference

Even though a couple months ago debunked the rumor, apparently some still thought there would be a new trailer for Star Trek with Paramount’s release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull this week…well there isn’t. However, there may yet be a subtle reference, consciously or unconsciously to Star Trek in the new Indy film. [INDY 4 SPOILERS BELOW]

Sci-Fi Saturday: Marvel Movies, Indy, Dark Knight, Buck Rogers, GI Joe, Lost, Smallville + more

Sci Fi Saturday is here for a late night entry of news on a whole bunch of new movies from Marvel (Iron Man has gone to their heads), details on the Dark Knight’s two-faced Harvey Dent, the return of Buck Rogers and tons of images and vids from the upcoming summer movies. In TV news we have details on the Lost finale and future seasons, plus another possible cast defection from Smallville, and more.

BSG Preview: “Faith”

This week’s episode of Battlestar Galactica, “Faith,” is the conclusion of the cliffhanger episode from last week “The Road Less Traveled.” And it includes a special Trek Guest Star (Nana Visitor aka DS9’s Kira Nerys). We have more details, preview videos, and vids with three different BSG stars, and Caprica casting news and some frakkin links, so check it out.

The Collective: Racing Promotion – Indy Goes Indy, Is Trek Next?

A year before Paramount brings Star Trek back to the mainstream in a big way, they are working on another big franchise comeback, Indiana Jones. The Collective is keeping a close eye on how Paramount market this year’s big Indy movie to gain insights into what we may be expecting for next year. We will have a full report in June, but today offer an example of just one bit of the Indy media blitz…racing promotion.

Paramount Announces First Blu-ray Titles – No Trek (Yet)

Over two months after being the last studio to announce support for Blu-ray, Paramount has finally announced titles, but so far no Trek. The initial five Blu-ray releases (coming out between May 20th and June 3rd) are catching up on previous films released on DVD like There Will Be Blood, and Cloverfield. Then, starting on June 24th Paramount will issue its first Blu-ray title on the same day as the DVD, “The Spiderwick Chronicles” with ‘more to follow.’

Sci-Fi Saturday: Hobbit, Iron Man, Indy, Terminator 4, Wall-E, Star Wars TV, Lost, Sarah Connor,

This week of Sci-Fi has lot of returns and come-backs from Ferrigno, to Schwarzenegger to Tony Stark and Sarah Connor and more. Also  Del Toro finally makes it official, the Lost producers start spilling some beans, Sansweet talks Star Wars TV.  Plus we got pics and vids from Iron Man, Indy, Speed Racer, Spirit, Wall-E and so much more.

Abrams Contrasts Cloverfield and Trek

Another video interview with Star Trek director JJ Abrams is online (part of his Cloverfield DVD release promotion). Abrams contrasts Cloverfield and Trek with AP, saying that Trek, unlike the ‘found video’ style of Cloverfield, is ‘massive’ and ‘epic.’ The director also talks about what the experience of shooting Trek has been like and the beginning of the editing process.

BSG Preview: “Escape Velocity”

Tonight’s episode of Battlestar has Baltar buying his own BS and stirring up the fleet. In this weeks BSG column, we got video previews, a new video Q&A with Adama himself, NY Comic Con panel video, BSG girls in bikinis! Plus a Star Trek reference from last week’s episode, in case you missed it.

Abrams: Star Trek Not For The Fans Alone [UPDATED]

While JJ Abrams is out doing promotional interviews for the upcoming DVD release of Cloverfield (which he produced) some Trek talk is slipping through. Even though last week Abrams touted the respect for Roddenberry’s vision, in some new interviews the Star Trek director made it clear that his new Trek is going to be ‘realer’ than ever before and targeting a whole new audience.

Nana Visitor Is Mrs. Voorhees In New Friday the 13th

Deep Space Nine’s Nana Visitor is headed into horror movie history. In a ScreenGeeks interview conducted at StarFest in Denver over the weekend, Visitor revealed that she will be playing Pamela Voorhees, the mother of Jason the hockey-mask wearing serial killer in the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th. Visitor also talked about her upcoming guest spot on Battlestar Galactica.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Indy, X-Files, Iron Man, Hobbit, Lost, Stargate, Terminator, Lost, + more

Summer movie season is soon upon us and this week’s SciFi Saturday has lots to talk about, even if Steven Spielberg says you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the Internets. In addition to Indy 4 news we got stuff on X-Files plot, Dark Knight’s Viral, Incredible Hulk critiques plus pics and vid from Iron Man, Speed Racer and more…and TV news too.

Ron Moore Developing New Sci-Fi Show For Fox

Star Trek veteran writer/producer (and Battlestar Galactica co-creator) Ron Moore may be bringing space-based science fiction back to network TV. According to the trades Fox has greenlit Virtuality, a two hour ‘back-door pilot’ written by Ron Moore (and fellow Trek vet Michael Taylor). The show is set on a space ship equipped with a virtual reality system (cough, Holodeck, cough).

Sci-Fi Saturday: Dark Knight, Punisher, GI Joe, Justice League, X-Files, Watchmen, Lost, BSG, Jericho + more

Sci-Fi Saturday brings news on a troublesome scene in The Dark Knight, problems with Justice League movie, a delay for the Punisher movie, and an explanation for no ‘mythology’ in the X-files move. But there’s lots of good stuff too, like lots of pictures (including Wolfman and Watchmen), more videos, possible new life for Jericho, a post BSG future for Tricia Helfer and more.

Galactica Preview: Six of One

[NEW FEATURE] There may be no new Star Trek episodes these days (excecpt TOS-R), but Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica is keeping it real for ‘space based’ TV series. A Trek fan favorite, the show features many Trek vets behind (and in front) of the camera and so for it’s fourth and final season will run a special preview for each Friday’s episode and also BSG news.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Hobbit, Indy 4, Iron Man, Machete, Heroes, Knight Rider, Caprica…and Short Circuit?

The world of sci-fi movie news has "The Hobbit" looking realer, Indy 4 getting realer, Batman and Transformers 2 details, and a remake for "Short Circuit"? Plus new images including Hellboy 2 and DragonBall. Also there’s lots of new video, including Iron Man and Indy 4 TV spots. And we got NBC’s new genre shows, details on Ron Moore’s Caprica and lots more TV news

Sci-Fi Saturday: Indy, Hobbit, Terminator, Speed Racer, Wolfman, Battlestar, Smallville, Jericho

This week in Sci-Fi we got McKellen talking Gandalf, Lucas downplaying Indy 4, Yelchin talking up Terminator (and Trek), Hirsch on Speed Racer, Keanu playing up the environmental Earth Stood Still, Wolfman getting real, Weinsteins doubling up on Fanboys and tons of new movie trailers and images. For TV we got news on Jericho, BSG, Smallville and much more

Sci-Fi Saturday: Hugos, Dune, V, Batman, Wolfman, BSG, Jericho, Caprica, Futurama + more

This week in SciFi brings news on possible comebacks and sequels for Dune, V, Friday the 13th, Dark Knight, Fantastic Four, Green Lantern and more. Plus new images and videos, including Indy 4, Speed Racer and a scary new Wolf Man. In TV news there a few obituaries as well as some birth announcements, including a Star Trek-themed comedy! Plus there are Hugo nominations, including one for some fan-made Trek.

Yelchin In Talks To Co-Star In Terminator 4

Anton Yelchin, who recently finished work playing Star Trek’s new Chekov, may be stepping in to another famous role in another sci-fi franchise. According to The Hollywood Reporter the 19 year-old actor is “in negotiations” to star as Kyle Reese alongside Christian Bale in the post-apocalyptic Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, the fourth film in the Terminator series.

Moore: No Trek-like Films For BSG – But Yes For TV Prequel

Today brings lots of news on the future of Trek vet Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica franchise. The BSG co-creator tells The Hollywood Reporter that he doesn’t expect the show to follow in the footsteps of Trek to the big screen. However, the show will be finally getting the TV prequel announced two years, ago as Sci-Fi have given the greenlight fo the pilot of Moore’s Caprica.

R.I.P. Arthur C. Clarke

AP is reporting that legendary science-fiction writer and futurist Arthur C. Clarke passed away at his home in Sri Lanka after suffering from breathing problems. The author of over 100 books was 90. Clarke never wrote for Star Trek, however he certainly had an influence many of those who were involved with Trek , including creator Gene Roddenberry.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Superman, Hulk, Dark Knight, Potter, Fringe, Terminator, BSG, and more

A big week in Sci Fi news. Superman is returning again, the Hulk is getting big fight, Harvey Dent is hitting the road, Potter gets an extra movie, Ant-man is crawling to the big screen. Plus new movie posters, images and trailers. In TV news we got sci-fi bubble shows, Fringe wrapping, a Battlestar Top 10, Details on Star Wars on TV and more.

Orci & Kurtzman Talk Trek, Transformers…Indy 4? [UPDATE: O&K Writing Superman Sequel?]

Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are hot stuff these days. They have multiple big projects in the works from Transformers 2 to Eagle Eye to Fringe to a little thing called Star Trek. Which is why Entertainment Weekly’s new exclusive interview titled: “‘Star Trek’ Scribes: What Indiana Jones Means To Us” is a bit of a ‘WTF?’ But it turns out the pair are also huge Indy fans (as is…so deal with it). Kurtzman has even taught his two year-old son the Raiders theme.