Sci-Fi Saturday: Superman, Star Wars, Iron Man, Wolverine, Battlestar, Heroes, Batman & Terminators

This week in SciFi news we celebrate Superman’s birthday (with some help from Captain Kirk) and bring news on a director for Star Wars TV, Indy 4 at Cannes, Terminator taking on Trek, plus news and images from Iron Man, Batman, Battlestar, Wall-E, Heroes, Avatar, and even a possible sequel to The Last Starfighter! so check all that and more below.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Saturns, Avatar, Star Wars, Iron Man, Starship Troopers 3, Watchmen, Lost…and TekWar!

This week in Sci-Fi news we have Saturn nominations, Jolene Blalock talking Starship Troopers 3, Cameron updating Avatar (and Saldana), Star Wars fans taking Lucas to ‘docucourt,’ news on the Akira movie, new photos from Watchmen, Iron Man and more plus some new trailers. Plus there are lots of Lost hints and spoilers and what everyone has been demanding…yes TekWar news!

Exclusive: Paul McGillion Talks Star Trek (and Gate)

Last September first broke the news that Stargate Atlantis actor Paul McGillion auditioned for the role of Scotty in the new Star Trek. After Simon Pegg got the job we were happy to report that Paul still landed a different (albeit smaller) role in the film. This week Paul talked to about his audition and his time on the new Star Trek as well as his impending return to Stargate.

WGA Strike Over – Learn Fate Of Your Fave Shows

After 100 days the members of the WGA have finally called off their strike and are headed back to work. Today 92.5% of the writers voted in favor of going back to work. A 2nd vote on the new contract is due in a couple of weeks, but it is assumed that will be approved easily. What Next? has compiled a quick guide to the effect on the new movie and many favorite genre series and shows with Trek-connections…see below.

AFI Feels Wrath of Khan

The American Film Institute has released their nominations for its “10 Top 10,” in which they will honor what they believe to be the ten greatest films of ten different film genres. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was among the fifty science fiction films nominated. The winners will be revealed when AFI’s 10 Top 10 TV special airs on CBS this June.

Writers Strike (Almost) Over + Showrunners Return To Work Monday

Over the weekend boards for the WGA recommended to the membership approve a new contract and end the 3 month long writer’s strike. Members vote on Tuesday to suspend the strike with a separate vote on the contract later in the Month. Picketing has been suspended and the Variety Strike Blog is reporting that ‘showrunners’ (writer/producers) will be returning to work on Monday.

Picardo Joins Stargate Atlantis Cast + McGillion Back For More

The SciFi Channel announced today that Robert Picardo, The Doctor from Star Trek Voyager, has been tapped as a full-time cast member for the 5th season of Stargate Atlantis. Picardo’s recurring character Richard Woolsey is stepping in as head of the Atlantis Expedition. SciFi also announced that former SGA cast member Paul McGillion (who has a small part in the new Star Trek film) will reprise his role as Carson Beckett for five episodes.

Lost is Back Tonight

Star Trek director/producer JJ Abrams is probably best known as the co-creator of the mysterious hit series Lost. After a much too long hiatus the show is back tonight kicking off its fourth season with an episode co-written by Lost co-creator (and Star Trek producer) Damon Lindelof.

Paramount Gearing Up For Cloverfield 2

The JJ Abrams/Bryan Burk-produced monster movie is still in its second week, but Paramount is already hungry for more. Variety is reporting that Abrams (along with director Matt Reeves and writer Drew Goddard) is already in talks for a sequel. The low-budget scarer has already grossed over $80 Million and has yet to open in many overseas markets. So far it is the biggest movie of the year and holds the record for best January opening of all time.

Abrams on Howard Stern: Talks Strike, Shatner, Cloverfield ‘Sickness’ And More [UPDATED: Abrams on Opie & Anthony Too]

Star Trek producer/director JJ Abrams called in for an interview with the Howard Stern Show and being that it was Howard Stern, questions ranged from “is your wife hot?” to “did you bang Jennifer Garner?” to “how much money do you make?” to “is Tom Cruise nuts?” But he also took some serious questions about the writers strike, people getting sick watching Cloverfield and, of course, Star Trek (and Shatner). See below for some select quotes and the full audio interview. [UPDATE: Abrams also called in to Opie and Anthony Show…details and audio below]

Cloverfield = Monster Hit

Cloverfield, the monster movie produced by Star Trek producer/director JJ Abrams and Star Trek exec. producer Bryan Burk, scared up over $40 Million in its opening weekend (domestically). This makes it the biggest January opening of all time. The film is also playing strongly in the handful of foreign markets where it has opened so far. All in all the low-budget film has grossed over $50 Million (which means it has already in the black…very rare for an opening weekend).

Abrams On Shatner and Star Trek Audience

JJ Abrams called into the the Adam Carolla Show on Thursday morning to talk Cloverfield and Star Trek. In the interview Abrams joked you might need Dramamine to deal with Cloverfield’s shaky cam style. He also talked about the origin of the film title. Regarding Trek he discussed why Shatner has not been cast and how he is approaching the new Star Trek film. Details and audio below.

Cloverfield TV Spots

In just 17 days the JJ Abrams-produced monster movie Cloverfield (along with the teaser for some Star Trek movie) hits the big screen. The buzz on the film is heading to fever pitch and Paramount has released a whole mess of TV spots for the movie (7 in total).Check them out below.

Cloverfield Director Talks Star Trek Trailer

Matt Reeves is the director for the JJ Abrams produced monster movie Cloverfield…and one of the few people who has seen the teaser trailer for Star Trek (which debuts with Cloverfield). He certainly is the only one talking about it on the record, saying “it’s a teaser trailer. But still, I was like ‘Wow!’ Just the scope of it, the scale of it, you just look at it and it’s so elegantly done.”

USA Cancels 2 Shows From Trek Vets

The USA Network has given the axe to two genre shows co-created by Star Trek veterans: The 4400 and The Dead Zone. The 4400 was created by Scott Peters and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine writer and producer Rene Echevarria. The Dead Zone was created for television by Deep Space Nine & Voyager co-creator Michael Piller with his son, Shawn Piller (who wrote for TNG and VOY). Both shows also featured a number of Trek vets both in front of and behind the camera.

Striking Sci-Fi Showrunners Offer Fan Prizes For Support

Well the WGA strike continues, and it looks like some of the initial optimism from last weeks renewed talks has turned to pessimism. As reported before, one of the things writers are doing to ask for fan support is join in the Pencils2MediaMoguls campaign where you buy $1 boxes of pencils and send them to studio executives in the name of your favorite show. Now showrunners from Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, Lost, and Smallville are offering up prizes to fans who send in the boxes.

Star Trek Teaser Coming With Cloverfield

Earlier this month reported that the first teaser trailer for the Star Trek movie was in the works and it could possibly end up in front of the J.J. Abrams-produced monster movie Cloverfield in January. Earlier today Screenrant cited a source saying that the trailer will indeed be seen with Cloverfield and has just confirmed this report.

Cloverfield’s Slusho Appears On Heroes – Takei Takes A Sip

The connections to NBC’s Heroes and Star Trek (past and present) are numerous, but now it looks like there is also a link to JJ Abrams monster movie Cloverfield. One of the ‘viral’ sites for Cloverfield is, a fictional Japanese frozen drink company. Slusho drinks have shown up in the last two episodes of Heroes. Here is a clip from last night:

Ron Moore Blogs About Time Writing For Trek

Two weeks ago TNG and DS9 writer (and Battlestar Galactica co creator) Ronald D. Moore set up his own blog mostly focusing on issues related to the WGA strike. However, yesterday Moore delved into his time as a cub writer for TNG in a post titled “The Trek Journals — One in an Occasional Series.” Moore recalls a particularly amusing anecdote about how the writers would spy on meetings between executive producer Rick Berman and show runner Michael Piller:

Strike May Cut Heroes Season In Half + Lost and BSG Also Affected recently reported that the new Star Trek movie should not be impacted by the WGA strike scheduled to start on Monday, but it appears that many TV shows are not so lucky. Heroes, the hit show featuring the new Spock (Zachary Quinto) along with recurring guest spots for a number of of other Trek veterans (Nichelle Nichols, George Takei and Dominic Keating) may only get 11 episodes this season. TV Guide is reporting that the Heroes production has shot an alternative ending to the show schedule to air on December 3rd which will allow it to act as a ‘season 2 finale’ instead of just the planned ‘volume 2 finale’ (Heroes’ 2nd season was originally planned to have 2 ‘volumes’).

1-18-08/Cloverfield Trailer (and title) Coming Soon

Remember that monster movie J.J. Abrams is producing codenamed ‘Cloverfield’ coming out on 1-18-08? It is the one the teaser site ( with just random photographs and viral sites like and various MySpace pages for the films characters. Well Paramount will be releasing the first full trailer for the mysterious film in front of Beowulf on November 16th. The trailer will reveal the final name for the film, which has been the subject of much debate. Now reveals that they have seen a draft of the trailer…click for details. But it looks like in the end the title will actually be…Cloverfield. TrekMovie will put up the trailer when it becomes available.

Rumor: Mike Vogel As Kirk?

A new name is now linked to be in the running for Kirk. reports that  28-year-old actor Mike Vogel (Poseidon) is " the front runner" to take on the role of James T. Kirk in J.J. Abrams new Star Trek film. IESB cites ‘two studio insiders,’ but acknowledge no confirmation. cannot confirm or deny anything except that has no Kirk deal has been done. Sources have recently told that Abrams and his casting team have found the task of picking a new Kirk quite challenging. Vogel does have a connection to the Trek team as one of the stars of next January’s untitled monster movie (aka ‘Cloverfield’, aka ‘1-18-08’) being produced by J.J. Abrams and fellow Trek producer Bryan Burk.

JJ Abrams Speaks About 1-18-08 – Movie Sites Have Yet To Be Found!

It seems that JJ Abrams is frustrated that people haven’t found the hidden websites for the monster movie he is producing. He tells AICN that all this ethanhaas stuff is actually not his movie. This is a bit strange because it was Paramount that was taking down videos from that site posted on YouTube…so I guess they are for some other new mysterious Paramount movie. JJ’s message… Regarding the online stuff you posted: yeah, we’re doing some fun stuff on the web. But, obviously, if the movie doesn’t kick some massive ASS, who gives a rat’s about what’s online? So as you can imagine, we’re focusing mostly on THAT. For what it’s worth, the only site of ours that people have even FOUND is the site. The others (like the Ethan Haas sites) have nothing to do with us. OK readers…I want you to go out there and find those website and send them in via the tipline…your country needs you!