Great Links

Great Links: Trekkies Unite Edition

The Great Links has a couple of weeks of Trek out in the world to catch up on. This edition has a lot of stuff on Trek going up against other fandoms and franchises, from Star Wars to Browncoats to Furries. We also find out which ‘hot’ celebs are and are not Trek fans. Plus CBS are the ones that dealt it, in their latest promotional viral video.  

Great Links: Star Trek v Star Wars + Lots of Spock

The Great Links took a week off to decompress after Comic Con, but its back with lots of Trek going on out there in the world. This week two themes have been emerging on the web, a couple of new skirmishes in the ongoing battle of Star Trek vs. Star Wars (where TrekMovie’s ‘Foolerprise’ makes a surprise cameo). Plus Mr. Spock has been making the rounds from Sex Symbol, to art, to a real life equivalent. Pics, vids and more below,

Great Links: USS Sombreroprise, Irish Spock, Spock Monroe + Trek in the City

Ever wondered what the USS Enterprise would look like if fans really had a say in the design, find out below in this weeks Great Links. Plus we try and answer the questions big questions — Did Gene Roddenberry discover Spock in an Irish pub? What would Marilyn Monroe and Spock’s love child look like? What if Trek and "Sex and the City" crossed over?

Great Links: ‘Dude, Where’s My Trek’ Edition

Star Trek is everywhere, it surrounds us…and binds us…oops wrong franchise. Maybe confusing Star Wars and Star Trek explains why the International Space Station has Wars and not Trek in their library? We have that story and all the other Trek flare ups around the web in this week’s ‘Great Links’ including a story about how one actor auditioning for Scotty almost got himself the wrong kind of happy ending.

The Great Links: Freddy v Khan, Chewie v Worf, Politics v Prime Directive + more

Over 40 years old and yet every week Star Trek still gets talked about all over the web…not just on Trek sites. This week the Great Links has discussions on the Prime Directive in relation to the real world, Trek making it into two different top 50 lists, and another chapter in the battle between Star Trek and Star Wars. Plus we have my favorite topic — Trek women!

The Great Links: Trek Saves The World, Talks Smack + Inspires Image Challenges

New Feature: The latest column to evolve out of the old ‘This Week In Trek’ column is one for ‘Trek Links on the web’ that aren’t related to Trek Celebs, merchandise or other areas covered in our regular columns. For this week’s ‘Great Links’ we have a magazine honoring the importance of Trek in TV history and another honor for ‘space smack talk’ plus some lighthearted ‘photo challenges.’