Watch Stewart & Dorn TNG Gag In Family Guy Star Wars Spoof + MacFarlane Indicates Star Trek Spoof Is Next

Just in time for Christmas, Fox released their third Family Guy/Star Wars spoof movie, "It’s A Trap", a parody of Return of the Jedi. And just like with past spoofs, Seth MacFarlane worked in a Star Trek gag, this time with voice cameos from Michael Dorn and Patrick Stewart. Plus MacFarlane has indicated he might finally be doing that big Star Trek spoof he wants.   

Watch: Big Bang Theory Goes Gorn + Preview of Next Week’s Ep. w/ Wil Wheaton

Last night once again the nerdy CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory got dipped into Star Trek for some laughs. The episode featured a Gorn, plus inspiration from James T. Kirk’s solution to the Kobayashi Maru scenario. Watch clips below, plus a promo for next week’s episode featuring Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton.

Watch Star Trek Appears In This Week’s (and Next Week’s) “Community”

While many geeks may prefer the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory for their cultural references, the NBC comedy Community, also airing at 8PM on Thursdays, is also full of pop culture, including last night’s episode which dipped into Star Trek. And next week it looks like they will have more Trek fun. Watch the clips below.

Watch ‘Star Blecch’ The Animated Mad Star Trek 2009 Parody + More Mad Trek fun

Mad Magazine has a new animated TV spinoff on the Cartoon Network and in September they took on the 2009 Star Trek movie. You can watch the animated parody below, plus TrekMovie looks at the long history of Star Trek and Mad Magazine (and MADtv). So get started with all the Star Blecch below.

Watch Patrick Stewart’s Family Guy Cat Cameo + New Car Rental Commercial V.O.

Last night the 9th season of the animated FOX comedy Family Guy premiered, and the special 1-hour episode "And Then There Were Fewer" contained a cameo from Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Sir Patrick Stewart, as a cat. Watch it below, plus the new National Car Rental commercial featuring Stewart’s voice over. 

Watch Funny Video Trailer For Night of the Living Trekkies + Video Preview Of Star Trek 365

The publishers of two new Star Trek related books have released video promos worth checking out. We have a funny "book trailer" for the zombie/Trek mashup "Night of the Living Trekkies". Plus there is a new video preview/promo for the photo book "Star Trek The Original Series: 365". Check them both out below.

‘Khaaaaan! The Musical’ In Kansas City Next Week + Trek Comedy Shows in NYC & Dallas This Wkd

The Summer of 2010 seems to be a great time for live Star Trek. We now have news of three more live Star Trek comedy shows. Starting next week fans in Kansas City, KS will tremble in fear to "Khaaaan! The Musical". And there are also Star Trek comedy shows happening this week in New York City and Dallas, TX. Get all the details below. 

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