JJ Abrams Talks 3-D Movies & Super 8 At Comic Con – Full Abrams/Whedon Panel Report

Today there was a Geek Summit of sorts with an Entertainment Weekly hosted panel with Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams at San Diego Comic Con. Unfortunately there was no discussion of the Star Trek sequel, but there was news from Whedon on The Avengers, and Abrams confirmed the start date for Super-8 and also said some interesting things about 3-D. More details below and a full report below. 

JJ Abrams & Joss Whedon Doing ‘Visionaries’ Panel At San Diego Comic Con + More Thursday Trek-related Panels

The Thursday schedule for this year’s San Diego Comic Con has been released and it includes a number of panels that could be of interest to Trekkies, especially an Entertainment Weekly hosted discussion with geek gods Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams. See below for details on that and other Trek related panels and guests for Thursday.

Alicia Witt Confirms Role In Free Enterprise 2 + Rumor Control On Cameos For Stewart, Abrams and Nimoy

We have another update and some rumors to deal with for Free Enterprise 2, the sequel to the 1998 Star Trek-themed cult-comedy starring William Shatner. All indications are that this film is happening and now actress  Alicia Witt has let it slip that she is in the film as well. There is also a rumor that the film will include cameos from Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart and JJ Abrams. Robert Meyer Burnett responds to TrekMovie about that below.

CBS Picks Up Shatner Sitcom ‘$#*! My Dad Says’ & Orci/Kurtzman’s ‘Hawaii Five-O’ + Trailer For Abrams ‘Undercovers’

William Shatner, Star Trek’s original Captain Kirk, is headed back to network TV, this time in a sitcom. CBS is announcing their Fall schedule this week, which will include the $#*! My Dad Says sitcom, as well as the remake of Hawaii Five-O, produced by Star Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. More details below, plus NBC’s newly released trailer for JJ Abrams Undercovers.

Confirmed: ‘Super 8’ is JJ Abrams Next Film As Director – Co-Produced With Steven Spielberg

The drip drip drip of the secret JJ Abrams project continues. Today comes more details on Super 8, which has a teaser trailer showing with  Iron Man 2 this weekend. It is now confirmed that Super 8 is a collaboration between JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg. More details below, including a description of the trailer.

Secret JJ Abrams Trailer With Iron Man 2 [UPDATE: Possibly Cloverfield PREquel]

Back in the Summer of 2007 a mysterious trailer for a film "produced by JJ Abrams" showed up in front of Transformers, sparking rumors (we had to debunk) it was for the upcoming Star Trek film. It turns out, that was just the beginning of the viral campaign for Cloverfield. Now comes word that this weekend JJ Abrams may do it again with a secret new trailer for what might be a Cloverfield follow-up. [UPDATE: possibly a prequel] 

Pilots From Shatner, Abrams & Orci/Kurtzman Getting Good Buzz [UPDATED]

In May the broadcast networks will all announce their Fall schedules, including what new pilots they will be picking up. The Hollywood Reporter is now providing a preview of what shows are getting the good buzz, and they include two dramas members of the new Star Trek team, as well William Shatner’s new sitcom. [UPDATED: more buzz]

Orci & Kurtzman Producing Airport Thriller + Abrams & Lindelof In Time ‘Most Influential’ Poll

The members of the Star Trek ‘Supreme Court’ continue to show their Hollywood power. Today it was revealed that Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are producing a new airport thrill (and they also just cast Harrison Ford in another film they are producing). Plus Time Magazine is preparing their Top 100 issue, and JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof are climbing up the online poll.

Applications Make Adding Star Trek Lens Flares Easy + More Lens Flare Video Mashups

Much has been said about JJ Abrams directing style in the 2009 Star Trek movie and copious lens flares. Well if you ever wanted to give your photos or videos the JJ Abrams Star Trek treatment there are apps for that. See below how you can add flare to your life, plus some examples lens flares being added to things to make them more…flarey.

Star Trek Lands JJ Abrams On Vanity Fair List of Hollywood’s Top Moneymakers

JJ Abrams may or may not have been ‘snubbed’ by the Academy for his work on the 2009 Star Trek movie, but one thing is for sure, the man was paid. According to a new report in Vanity Fair, the producer/director is now on Hollywood’s Top 10 list of moneymakers for his ‘back end’ profits from Star Trek.      

JJ Abrams & Tom Cruise Set for Mission Impossible IV – coming Summer of 2011

There has been an update on progress on that other big Paramount franchise JJ Abrams is working on. Paramount has announced that the Abrams-produced Mission Impossible IV will go into production this summer and Tom Cruise will be back as both producer and star. The goal is for the film to be out by the summer of 2011. Details below.

Star Trek Sequel: JJ Abrams (Jokes): We Are Going Gorn! + Lindelof Says Scripting Starts in April

We have a couple of Star Trek sequel updates. While attending the National Board of Review Awards in New York earlier this week, producer JJ Abrams talked a bit about the next Trek, but then started joking about the Gorn. And in a separete interview co-writer Damon Lindelof said that work on the script will begin in April.

JJ Abrams To Direct Pilot For His NBC Spy Show ‘Undercovers’

We are still months away from knowing whether or not JJ Abrams will be directing the 2012 Star Trek sequel, but today it was announced he is going back into the director’s chair for the pilot of his new spy show for NBC, Undercovers. The new JJ Abrams executive produced show will be one of the new dramas to fill out the NBC schedule, now that their 10PM Jay Leno has been cancelled.

Star Trek Revitalization (and JJ Abrams) Cited As Part Of Paramount Success Story

2009 has been a good year for Paramount Pictures. Thanks to winners like Star Trek, Transformers 2, Paranormal Activity and GI Joe the studio is ranked #2 with $1.5 B for the year, but with fewer films than any of its rivals. Today the New York Times takes a closer look at the studio and its chief Brad Grey, who gives an update on plans for JJ Abrams’ and Star Trek’s future.

JJ Abrams Talks Personal Connection To Trek & Fans + ST09 Editors Talk Kirk

As his Star Trek movie is being talked up for the Awards Season, the Hollywood Reporter checked in with director/producer JJ Abrams to talk about the film, his process and more. JJ had some interesting things to say about how the film was personal, the fans and more. Plus Variety talks to the Star Trek editors. Excerpts of both below.

Shatner: Star Trek Movie “Wonderful” + Talks Star Trek Sequel

Last night Bill Shatner was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, promoting his show Raw Nerve, but things swung around to discussion of Star Trek. Bill said he thought the Star Trek movie was "wonderful", implying he finally saw it, and revealed he and JJ Abrams recently had lunch. However, he said he didn’t know if he would be in the sequel. See video below.