Star Trek Into Darkness

Leonard Nimoy “Hopes It Works Out” For William Shatner and Star Trek Sequel

This Thursday Fox airs the season finale of JJ Abrams Fringe, featuring what is likely the last performance of Leonard Nimoy as an actor. Nimoy recently did a conference call with reporters discussing the finale, where he also talks about his decision to retire (again) from acting, and he gives his thoughts on the next Star Trek.

Confirmed: ‘Super 8’ is JJ Abrams Next Film As Director – Co-Produced With Steven Spielberg

The drip drip drip of the secret JJ Abrams project continues. Today comes more details on Super 8, which has a teaser trailer showing with  Iron Man 2 this weekend. It is now confirmed that Super 8 is a collaboration between JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg. More details below, including a description of the trailer.

William Shatner Talks Star Trek Sequel, Governor General Buzz, & new Sitcom + more

Yesterday William Shatner held his annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show. In this ShatWatch we have photos from the event, plus video of Bill talking about JJ Abrams and the Star Trek sequel. We also have video from Bill from the last week talking about his new sitcom pilot and Canada Governor General buzz. All that plus some awesome Classic Shat video from 1977.

Next Batman Film Coming July 20th 2012 – 3 Weekends After Star Trek Sequel

The 2005 film  Batman Begins, was often held up as a model for how the 2009 Star Trek film could successfully bring back a franchise. And in 2012 it looks like the new crew of the Enterprise will be taking the caped crusader head on as Warner Brothers just announced they will release their next Batman film three weeks after the next Star Trek film. 

Leonard Nimoy Talks More About Retirement – Zachary Quinto Responds

Leonard Nimoy came out of retirement to appear in JJ Abrams Star Trek (and Fringe), but now he is ready to exit the acting stage again. In a new interview promoting his appearances this weekend in Canada, the actor talks about his final acting performances. Plus, Star Trek’s new Spock Zachary Quinto comments on Star Trek without Nimoy.

Karl Urban Talks Star Trek Sequels

Karl Urban, Star Trek’s new Dr. McCoy, is the latest Trek actor to weigh on on the production start guessing game. During a press event promoting his upcoming appearance in the vampire movie Priest, Urban said he thought the Star Trek sequel will "start to shoot at the beginning of next year." The actor also talked about the evolution of his character, Trek fans and how many Trek films he thinks he has in him.

Zoe Saldana: Star Trek Sequel Filming Dates To Be Set Within Month

Zoe Saldana is all over the place right now. She is in the film Death at a Funeral that opened last weekend, in The Losers, opening next Friday and Avatar is released on DVD & Blu-ray this week, plus a bunch of magazine covers. Not surprisingly her schedule is starting to fill up, and in a new interview she outlined what is next, including an update on the Star Trek sequel schedule.

Bruce Greenwood Joins Star Trek Sequel Production Start Guessing Game – But Will Pike Be In It?

We know the Star Trek sequel will released June 29, 2012, but Paramount has not announced a production schedule (or even a director). Scripting on the film has yet to start in earnest, but over the last few weeks actors from the first film have been dropping guesses for the production start. The latest to weigh in is the new Pike, Bruce Greenwood. Details below, plus TrekMovie asks the question: Should Pike be in the sequel?

Zachary Quinto Wants Leonard Nimoy In Star Trek Sequel

Much has been reported about the special mentoring relationship between the the Spocks of the 2009 Star Trek movie, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy. So far it looks like Leonard Nimoy is serious about handing things off to Quinto for the sequel, and going (back) into retirement. But a new comment from Quinto suggests the young actor may not be ready to let go.

UPDATED: Saldana Expects Star Trek Sequel To Start Shooting Early 2011 + Wants More Uhura/Spock

Recently Simon Pegg made news across the web with his estimate that the Star Trek sequel (scheduled for release June 29, 2012) would start shooting later this year. TrekMovie noted that this estimate was optimistic and sources were saying 2011 was more likely. Now in a brief interview from Wondercon, Zoe Saldana provides her estimate and talks about returning to the role of Uhura. [UPDATE: More from Saldana – talking Spock/Uhura]

Star Trek Sequel To Start Shooting In 2010? – Probably Not

Paramount has already announced that their next Star Trek movie will be released June 29, 2012, which is exactly 27 months away. So when will the film begin shooting? Simon Pegg says it could be as soon as late 2010, but according to sources, that may be a bit of an early estimate. Details below. Plus more on Simon Pegg’s meeting with Patrick Stewart.

Zoe Saldana Is Readying For Her Fight Scene In Star Trek Sequel

Star Trek’s new Uhura Zoe Saldana’s next big role is in the upcoming action movie The Losers. Set visit interviews with Saldana were released today on a number of sites to promote the film, which included some talk about the Star Trek sequel. Zoe revealed that she is expecting to have to get back to the gym to fit into her Trek mini and she revealed that JJ Abrams has promised her a fight scene. Details below.

Leonard Nimoy on Star Trek, Sequel, Fringe & Quitting Conventions

As reported yesterday, Leonard Nimoy will be attending the Emerald City Comic Con this weekend in Seattle, WA. There is another good interview with the actor promoting the event, where he discusses his past and future with Star Trek, Fringe and how he isn’t going to be attending conventions after 2010. Excerpts below.

Exclusive: Academy Award-Nominee Barney Burman Talks Star Trek Makeup, Oscars & Sequel Klingons

As noted yesterday’s Academy Award analysis, the Makeup category appears to be Star Trek’s best chance to take home an Oscar, which would be a first for the franchise. So TrekMovie thought it would be good to check in with nominee Barney Burman to see how he is dealing with the Oscar nomination, and to talk about his work on the first Star Trek, and what he would like to do in the next one.  

Sony To Release 3D Spider-man movie 4 days after Star Trek sequel – Will Trek go 3D too?

Last month, on the same day that Paramount announced they picked the release date of June 29th, 2012 for the Star Trek sequel, Sony announced they were rebooting the Spider-man franchise for 2012. Today Sony announced they want to take on Trek by picking July 3rd, 2012 as their release date. They also announced the next Spider-man will be in 3D. Will Star Trek follow in the 3-D Trek?

Quinto Curious About Star Trek Sequel Story – Doesn’t Expect To See Script Until End of 2010

Zachary Quinto may be taking some time off Trek (perhaps to play Gershwin) but he appears to be looking forward to getting back into it. The new Spock talked briefly to Entertainment Weekly about the Trek sequel and how he is as anxious as we all are to find out what writers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof are up to.

JJ Abrams & Tom Cruise Set for Mission Impossible IV – coming Summer of 2011

There has been an update on progress on that other big Paramount franchise JJ Abrams is working on. Paramount has announced that the Abrams-produced Mission Impossible IV will go into production this summer and Tom Cruise will be back as both producer and star. The goal is for the film to be out by the summer of 2011. Details below.

Lost’s Carbonell Ready if Khan is in Star Trek Sequel + Lindelof Talks Lost-Trek Franchise Connection

A couple of months ago TrekMovie debunked a rumor that Lost’s Nestor Carbonell was being eyed for the role of Khan in the Star Trek sequel. But that didn’t stop a recent interviewer from asking the actor if he would be interested in the part, the short answer is ‘yes.’ And in other Trek/Lost connection news, showrunner and Star Trek producer Damon Lindelof is talking about the connections between Lost’s future and Trek’s history

Leonard Nimoy Says Star Trek ‘On Track’ Again – Feels He Isn’t Needed In Sequel

Star Trek’s Spock Prime, Leonard Nimoy, is helping promote the new Star Trek Online game (in which he does some voice work  — see previous article). The USA Today has a great interview with the actor where he talks about the game, the enduring popularity of Star Trek, favorite scenes and more, including Star Trek sequel. Excerpts below.

Patrick Stewart Interested In Appearing In Star Trek Sequel + Mad Max 4 Rumor + more from PS in OZ

We have even more Sir Patrick Stewart news for you this weekend. TNG’s Picard was in Australia Saturday and Sunday appearing at OzTrek2, and while there he said he would be interested in appearing in the next Star Trek movie. He also talked X-Men, animated TNG, Doctor Who and more. Details and photos below. Plus there is a new rumor that Stewart may be in the next Mad Max movie.