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Quinto Talks More About Upcoming Projects & Returning To Star Trek (and Star Trek Online too)

Zachary Quinto caused a bit of a tempest earlier in the week with his comments in one interview about taking a break from Star Trek. In some new interviews promoting Star Trek Online, the actor goes into more detail on his plans for the near future, and how he plans to return to Trek after doing some of his own projects. Excerpts below.

Quinto Clarifies: Will Be Spock For 2012 + Appears in ‘Yoda’ Comedy Podcast

Yesterday we reported that Zachary Quinto said he was taking a break from Star Trek for a couple of years. For some this caused a bit of confusion as Quinto was expected to work on the Star Trek sequel next year. Quinto has now clarified his remarks, saying he is ready to put on the ears when needed. In other Quinto news, the actor may be taking a break from Trek, but he recently appeared in a (kinda) Star Wars thing. All the details below.

Exclusive: Roberto Orci Gives Star Trek Sequel Update & More [VIDEO]

After the WGA Star Trek screening and panel earlier in the week (see previous report), Roberto Orci spent a little time doing a video interview for TrekMovie. The writer talked about meeting Walter Koenig, gave an update on the status of the sequel, explained why writing it feels harder than the first, and also revealed how fan interaction at TrekMovie has worked its way into meetings with the Star Trek Supreme Court.

Orci & Kurtzman at WGA: Talk Star Trek Canon, Spock/Uhura, Shatner, Sequel, TrekMovie Fans & more

As part of their series of screenings for WGA nominees, there was a showing of the 2009 Star Trek movie at the WGA theater in Beverly Hills on Wednesday night. Following the film there was a panel discussion and Q&A with the writers (and WGA nominees) Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. The pair covered a lot of old ground, but also discussed some of the hot point topics on the first Star Trek, and they also talked about the sequel too. They also talked about commenters at!

Star Trek Sequel: JJ Abrams (Jokes): We Are Going Gorn! + Lindelof Says Scripting Starts in April

We have a couple of Star Trek sequel updates. While attending the National Board of Review Awards in New York earlier this week, producer JJ Abrams talked a bit about the next Trek, but then started joking about the Gorn. And in a separete interview co-writer Damon Lindelof said that work on the script will begin in April.

Pocket Books ‘Holding Off’ On Star Trek Movie Tie-ins – 4 Novels Pulled From Summer 2010

This Summer Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Books was planning to release four new Star Trek novels set in the new timeline of the 2009 Star Trek movie. However, today Pocket Books has informed TrekMovie that the four novels were being removed from their schedule, they have also issued a statement explaining why.

John Cho Thinks Khan Would Be ‘Badass’ + Quinto Tweets About Star Trek Sequel

Are you ready for more Star Trek sequel news? Well Star Trek’s new Sulu is. In a new interview, John Cho is talking up what he knows about the next voyage of the USS Enterprise and offering his opinion about a certain genetically enhanced individual. Plus Zach Quinto tweets about Star Trek: Something Something sequel.  Details below.

Paramount Make June 2012 Star Trek Sequel Date Official + Spidey Reboot and Wolverine 2 Jump Into Summer 2012

On Friday we reported the breaking news that the decision had been made to set the release date for the Star Trek sequel to mid-summer 2012, and today it is now being officially confirmed by Paramount. Star Trek is back June 29, 2012. There has also been some activity on the Summer 2012 competition front in the last couple of days, including big news on the Spidey franchise. Details below

BREAKING: Star Trek Sequel Tentatively Set for June 29th, 2012

JJ Abrams has already been on the record saying that the sequel to 2009’s Star Trek should arrive in the Summer of 2012, but when? TrekMovie has confirmed with trusted sources that today the team behind the film decided to shoot for mid-Summer, with June 29, 2012 penciled in as the tentative date, setting the movie up for a big 4th of July opening.

What Do Trekkies Want In The Star Trek Sequel? – TrekMovie Polling Gives A Clue

What do Trekkies want for Christmas? Well, a great sequel to this year’s Star Trek movie would be a good start. The follow up is 2 1/2 years away, but work on the script is likely start in earnest in January. Over the last few months TrekMovie has conducted a number of polls regarding the sequel, with some interesting results. See below to find out what the people are saying.

Star Trek Revitalization (and JJ Abrams) Cited As Part Of Paramount Success Story

2009 has been a good year for Paramount Pictures. Thanks to winners like Star Trek, Transformers 2, Paranormal Activity and GI Joe the studio is ranked #2 with $1.5 B for the year, but with fewer films than any of its rivals. Today the New York Times takes a closer look at the studio and its chief Brad Grey, who gives an update on plans for JJ Abrams’ and Star Trek’s future.

Zoe Saldana Avatar Premiere Photos + Trek Comments + Early Avatar Reviews (including Simon Pegg’s)

Last night was the world premiere of James Cameron’s new sci-fi epic Avatar. Star Trek’s new Uhura Zoe Saldana continues her 2009 genre domination as playing the alien Neytiri. We have photos and video from the London premiere, along with some of Saldana’s latest comments on Trek. We also have Simon Pegg’s twitter review of Avatar, and some early reviews of the film and Saldana’s performance.

Shatner: Star Trek Movie “Wonderful” + Talks Star Trek Sequel

Last night Bill Shatner was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, promoting his show Raw Nerve, but things swung around to discussion of Star Trek. Bill said he thought the Star Trek movie was "wonderful", implying he finally saw it, and revealed he and JJ Abrams recently had lunch. However, he said he didn’t know if he would be in the sequel. See video below.

Exclusive Video Interview: Nick Meyer Talks Star Trek, Sequel, Opera and More

Over the weekend TrekMovie sponsored an American Cinematheque Star Trek Marathon in Santa Monica. On Saturday writer/director Nick Meyer participated in a panel to talk about his time with Trek. After the event TrekMovie had a moment to chat with the director about the new Star Trek movie, a possible Star Trek opera and if he was interested in taking the Trek director’s chair again..

Exclusive Interview: Scott Bakula Talks “Men of A Certain Age” + Star Trek Sequel + more

Monday night TNT premieres their new drama Men of a Certain Age, which stars Scott Bakula as one of three old friends dealing with middle age. In an exclusive interview, Bakula talked to TrekMovie about the show, working with Matt Damon in The Informant! along with what he would have liked to have done with Archer on Enterprise and how he would be interested in appearing in JJ Abrams next Star Trek movie.

The World Reacts To Unfilmed Shatner Star Trek 2009 Scene + Could It Be Done?

The big news this week has been the revealing of the scene written for William Shatner for the Star Trek movie. Below we have some of the reaction from across the web and here with the Trekkies. Plus we review comments from Orci and Kurtzman and take a look at the technical logistics of putting Shatner into Trek.

Exclusive Video Interview: Leonard Nimoy Talks Star Trek Sequel, Shatner + more [UPDATED]

One of the fan highlights for the new Star Trek movie was Leonard Nimoy coming out of retirement to play Spock Prime TrekMovie talked to Mr. Nimoy at the Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray release party to see if he thinks he might have one more in him, to check up on that invite he gave William Shatner to watch the movie together, and more. [UPDATE: The video embed is fixed now]

Exclusive Video: Cho, Saldana, Quinto, Urban & Greenwood On What They Want In Star Trek Sequel

The returning stars for the Star Trek sequel expected in 2012 may not know what to expect, but they do have some ideas about what they would like to see. At the Star Trek DVD release party TrekMovie talked to John Cho, Zoe Saldna, Karl Urban, Zachary Quinto and Bruce Greenwood about their hopes for their characters and got an earful on ass kicking, chair blinking and more.

Exclusive Video Interview: Orci and Lindelof Talk Star Trek Sequel (+ Fringe & Lost)

For the sequel to Star Trek, the writing team of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman will be augmented by producer Damon Lindelof. At the Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray launch party TrekMovie talked to Orci and Lindelof about the next Trek, getting a status update, thoughts on their approach and what research they are doing. Bob also talked Fringe and Damon talked about the final season of Lost. See video interview below 

Rumor Control: Nestor Carbonell NOT Being Eyed For Khan In Star Trek Sequel

Now that the cycle is complete and Star Trek is on home video, it is appears it is time for the next cycle start up in earnest. In the last day their have been rumors running around the interweb that the Star Trek team are not only focusing on Khan for the sequel, but they are already settling on a specific actor, Nestor Carbonell. However, TrekMovie’s sources say it just isn’t so.

Exclusive Interview: JJ Abrams Talks Allegories, Design, and Release Date For Star Trek Sequel

Yesterday TrekMovie put up the first part of our exclusive interview with JJ Abrams, talking about his Star Trek movie and the home video release. Today we finish off the the interview, talking to Abrams about the sequel, including his thoughts on “going deeper”, the engineering sets and his best guess at a release date.

Abrams & Lindelof Not Working On Dark Tower Adaptation

Back in early 2007 one of the possible projects being touted as JJ Abrams next directorial efforts was an adaptation of Stephen King’s "Dark Tower" series. At the time Abrams and fellow Star Trek producer Damon Lindelof confirmed they were working with King on an adaptation. However, now Abrams has stated that this big project still isn’t something imminent.