Star Trek Nominated For SAG Stunt Award + Wins LV Critics Awards + Still #4 in DVD Sales

Thursday brings more data on how JJ Abrams’ Star Trek movie is playing with both the industry community and the public at large. Star Trek has been nominated for one SAG award, and the Las Vegas Film Critics have handed Star Trek two awards. And in the mainstream we have the latest sales info on how well Star Trek is doing in home video.

Seth MacFarlane Still Wants To Do Star Trek Family Guy Parody Episode – Will Paramount Cooperate?

Seth MacFarlane’s animated FOX comedy Family Guy has long been rife with sci-fi references, which have culminated in doing full parody episodes remaking two Star Wars movies. And what movies does he want to do next? According to a new interview, MacFarlaine is still interested in taking on Star Trek, but will Paramount let him?  

Star Trek #2 Film For Austin Critics + #5 Twitter Movie Topic

Another day and some more award season activity for Star Trek. First up the Austin Film Critics Association has named JJ Abrams Star Trek as one of the top 10 films of the year, unfortunately a number of new city critics groups lists had no Star Trek. And out there in the mainstream, Twitter has relased their trending topics of the year and Star Trek is on that list too, more details below.

Giacchino & Horner Nominated For Golden Globes – None For Star Trek [UPDATE: Cameron Praises Trek]

This morning the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced their nominees for the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Unfortunately JJ Abrams Star Trek feature did not pick up any nods, not that it was expected. However, a couple Star Trek music vets did get nods. See below for more info plus some more award season analysis of Star Trek. [UPDATE: Avatar director James Cameron talks Trek]

Star Trek Revitalization (and JJ Abrams) Cited As Part Of Paramount Success Story

2009 has been a good year for Paramount Pictures. Thanks to winners like Star Trek, Transformers 2, Paranormal Activity and GI Joe the studio is ranked #2 with $1.5 B for the year, but with fewer films than any of its rivals. Today the New York Times takes a closer look at the studio and its chief Brad Grey, who gives an update on plans for JJ Abrams’ and Star Trek’s future.

Star Trek picks up 5 Critics Choice Nominations + Boston Critics Win [UPDATED]

The Awards Season has been heating up in recent days with a number of critics groups announcing awards or nominations. JJ Abrams Star Trek movie has been getting some notice, including five nominations today from the Broadcast Film Critics Association. Star Trek also picked up an award from the Boston Critics Association. More details below. [UPDATE: Added more critics lists links]

Win A Star Trek Trip To See Shuttle Launch

Back in the 70s NASA’s Space Shuttle program began with the Star Trek inspired naming of the first shuttle as Enterprise. Now the Shuttle program is winding down and Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is teaming up with Paramount to help give it a Star Trek goodbye with a contest to win a VIP trip to view one of the final launches. See below for details on how to enter the contest.

Star Trek Sparks Oscar Buzz Debates + Paramount Promotes Trek For Guild Awards + more

Last week we reported that Star Trek ended up on the NBR Top 10 list. Now some are starting to question the notion that  JJ Abrams movie actually make it onto the final list of Oscar noms. Below we have the latest Oscar buzz, plus the latest with Star Trek and the critics awards and upcoming guild awards.

Star Trek One Of Paramount’s Films For Award Season Consideration

JJ Abrams Star Trek has been doing well with the ‘popularity contest’ type of awards (Scream Awards & Hollywood Awards), but now it is time to get serious. With the end of the year comes the beginning for awards season. This is now being kicked off by the "For Your Consideration" promotional campaigns from the studios. For 2009, Paramount has around 20 eligible films, and they have selected four for their awards campaign, including JJ Abrams Star Trek.

Star Trek Tops Home Video Sales Charts

Paramount had big hopes for Star Trek on home video, and it looks like they are getting their wish. JJ Abrams movie has wrapped up its first week in the home video market and (just like with theatrical release) it is topping the charts. The first sales data is coming in and Star Trek leads in both sales and rentals, as well as iTunes digital downloads. More details below

New Klingon Propagana Video Follow-up + Translation & more

On Sunday TrekMovie first reported on a new viral video titled "Klingon Propaganda" which contained clues leading to a Klingon website. The mysterious video has been sweeping around web since, and today there is a new video live-action video from the same source which shows the Klingon plot may be even more insidious. We have that below, plus a translation and more details on the first video.

Viral Video Leads To ‘Klingon Empire’ Website

The Klingons were created in the 60s to be the Star Trek stand-ins for the Cold War ‘Red Menace’. This week an impressive new video was uploaded to YouTube titled ‘Klingon Propaganda’, which runs with the notion by creating a motivational cartoon from the Klingon perspective in the style of 20th century Communist Propaganda. And it is so well-made, it raises the question as to whether or not it is ‘Fan Made’ or something more.

Vote To Nominate Star Trek at People’s Choice Awards + Hollywood Awards & more

Last weekend JJ Abrams Star Trek movie led the Spike Scream Awards with six wins based on Internet voting. Today The People’s Choice Awards opened their nomination process with Star Trek already listed in most of the movie categories. Details on that below, plus Star Trek at the Hollywood Film Festival and even more Star Trek Oscar Buzz.

Star Trek Finishes Theatrical Run With $385M – Full Box Office Analysis

After a long life of 21 weeks in theaters, JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie has officially ended its run. The film is still in a handful of theaters (including some IMAX), but distributors will no longer be tracking performance. The final tally, as of last Thursday, brings the film a few thousand short of $385 Million world-wide, which is certainly a big success, especially for a franchise that was given up for dead by some just a few years ago. See below for more analysis

JJ Abrams Producing Medical Comedy Pilot + Orci and Kurtzman In Talks To Produce Zombie Movie

[UPDATED] The team behind the new Star Trek continue to be hot commodities in Hollywood. Today it was just announced that JJ Abrams is producing a new medical comedy pilot for FOX. Plus it was also announced that Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman are in talks to produce a new zombie movie based on a comic book. Details below, plus we also have video of a brief video where JJ talks about viral marketing of Trek and other projects.      

Viacom Chief Touts Star Trek As ‘Unqualified Blockbuster’ As Film Reaches $380M Globally

The Star Trek box office performance is almost in the history books, but the film is still out there and has finally hit the $380M globally. Yesterday Viacom’s CEO touted the film to investors as a ‘unqualified blockbuster’ and talked up the future profit potential of Trek as well. Details and the latest box office below, plus another Star Trek musical interlude.

Paramount First To Pass $1 Bil. in 2009 – Studio Chief ‘Excited’ For Future Trek (& Transformers)

Just like last year, Paramount Pictures is again the first studio to pass the $1 Billion mark in domestic ticket sales, and over half of that is due to two films, Star Trek, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Paramount has released a statement about the event, which cites both films as well as acknowledging how they will play into the future of the studio.   

Star Trek Passes $370M + Studio Chief (& Orci & Kurtzman) Talk Trek Future + Urban’s Big Mouth

Star Trek just finished its 8th weekend in general release and it is still in the top 10 for ticket sales. We have all the latest box office details below, plus the head of Paramount talking up the future of the franchise. We also have more from Bob and Alex and Karl Urban getting a mouth full.

‘Star Trek’ Passes TMP To Become Most Attended Film In Franchise (Domestically)

The new Star Trek film is now in its seventh weekend and it still is in the top ten at the box office, ranking 7th in sales from Friday’s estimates domestically. With almost $236M in domestic sales, the new Star Trek has passed another milsestone, being the most attended Trek film in the franchise. See below for the latest details and analysis.

Tom Cruise Wants JJ Abrams To Produce Mission Impossible 4

JJ Abrams first feature film as a director was Mission: Impossible: III back in 2006. After the film’s release there was a falling out between Tom Cruise and Paramount pictures, however more recently things have thawed and in the last year Cruise has been talking up a fourth entry in the franchise. Now it appears that JJ Abrams has been asked to produce MI:4.

Box Office Weekend Update: Star Trek Comes In Fifth (Again)

The estimates for the fifth weekend of the new Star Trek have it in fifth place with $8.4M in domestic sales and another $6M in overseas sales, which is notable because Star Trek was also in fifth place last weekend, even though three new movies opened up on Friday. Star Trek’s estimated global gross now stands at $334.8M. More details below.