Science Friday: Giant Laser, Nameless Rover, Space Tools, and Zombie Mammoths?

With the unveiling of the new Trek trailer, the interweb continues to be abuzz with giddy Trek fans and non-fans alike. But, the science must continue! This week Science Friday brings you a naming contest for the new Mars rover, the world’s largest laser, zombified mammoths, tools lost in space, and more. All this plus our gadget of the week: the G-Speak Spatial Operating Environment.

Science Friday: Real Shields, Martian Headstones, Enceladus Close-ups, Trek Science Costumes + more

Welcome to Science Friday! This week, learn about how Trek-like technology could protect astronauts, get the latest on Trek’s science advisor in our newest Cassini Watch, read Mars Phoenix’s favorite tombstone quotations, see spherical satellites working along side our astronauts in the ISS, and see TrekMovie’s favorite Trek and science Halloween costumes! All this plus our gadget of the week: the Fortis IQ Blackboard watch!

Science Friday: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween and welcome to a very spooky edition of Science Friday! Learn about a new artificial heart fit for a starship captain, how mini robots will build homes on Mars, portals from the Sun to the Earth, and a special Halloween sky show in the heavens. Also, don’t miss the top science Halloween costumes! All this and more plus our gadget of the week: Microsoft Second Light.

Planet Vulcan Discovered?

In an exciting example of how science follows science fiction, Epsilon Eridani, the star system rumored to contain Spock’s home world of Vulcan, may in fact be home to Earth-like planets. NASA’s Spitzer space telescope has observed asteroid belts orbiting the star that may indicate an Earth-like planet zone similar to our own. What will we find when we can take a closer look? Read on to learn more!

Science Friday: Low Budget Edition

In this economy, you got to look to ways to save money…so this Science Friday takes a look at some low budget science including going to space in a microcraft (if you don’t mind the claustrophobia), making buildings on the moon without water, outsourcing moon missions to India and getting your X-Rays with Scotch Tape. And with all that money you save, you can afford the gadget of the week: the walking robotic plant of the future!

Science Friday: Saturn Cylcone, ET Life, Shark Blood, Martian Lab & A Replicator?

Put on your thinking caps, because it’s time for Science Friday! This week, we bring you a new Cassini Watch and Saturn’s southern cyclone, why “following the water” may not be enough for ET life, how a glass of shark’s blood a day keeps the doctor away, and mission status updates from the Mars Science Laboratory. All this plus our gadget of the week: the Objet Alaris30 3D printer makes like a Star Trek replicator.

Science Friday: LHC Delays, Massive Rings, Colliding Planets, Electric Supercars + more

This week in Science Friday, planets in a nearby solar system are experiencing violent collisions while atoms at the LHC are not. The Phoenix Mars lander is still diggin’ away and takes a peek under a rock. New information is revealed about Saturn’s rings, and the newest and strangest dwarf planet is discovered. All this plus our gadget of the week: the Dodge EV.

Science Friday: Little LHC Glitch, Giant Alien Planet, Tiny Life In Space + more

Time to engage your brain with Science Friday’s news of happenings in the scientific community. The LHC deals with some first beam glitches, a spacecraft captures some neat movies of solar activity, scientists get the first direct images of an alien world, and water bears in space!. All this plus our gadget of the week: the cute and functional Rovio.

Science Friday: New Rings, New Life, New Micro-subs + more

Well, the hubbub from the Large Hadron Collider’s first beam is over and it appears that we survived, for now. But, the Earth could be incinerated at any moment, so hurry up and enjoy this week’s edition of Science Friday  with new rings of Saturn, new life forms on Earth, Mini submarines, and a gamma-ray burst mystery solved. All this plus our gadget of the week!

Large Hadron Collider Initialized – Earth Not Incinerated

Whether you’ve been keeping up with Science Friday, been to  The Google today, or stopped into your local online physics forum lately, you may have heard about the Large Hadron Collider — the “world’s largest atom smasher” which some said would create black holes that would gobble up the Earth. Well, first beam was today, and it appears that we are all still here.

Science Friday: Hadron a go, Invisibility a no? + Martian sky, Microsurgeons + more

Physicists are getting fidgety over next week’s launch of the Large Hadron Collider. In addition, new pseudo Trek Tech is in the works with an anti-invisibility cloak, and some micromachines are ready surgery. Plus, see the Phoenix Mars Lander’s latest theatrical masterpiece, find out why all of your silver wear is mysteriously sliding towards Florida, and more.

Science Friday: Death Rays, Rover Freedom, Super Milk, Flashgloves + more

Today in Science Friday, the final tests for the Large Hadron Collider’s death ray proton beam have been a success. Is world domination next? Also, the Opportunity Mars Rover is climbing its way out of Victoria Crater. Plus, read about the newest space telescope, and how a high-tech glass of milk is just what the doctor ordered for your bones, and much more science fun.

Science Friday: Doomsday Edition

This week on Science Friday, get updated on the latest antics of the Large Hadron Collider, a now void contract for NASA’s next-gen space suits, how Hubble is solving galactic mysteries, and an advance towards “micro-spacecraft”. All this plus our gadget of the week: The Ultimate Music Box, and our video of the week: Lightning in Slow-Mo!

SciFi Sunday: Transformers 2, Harry Potter & Lots ‘O Comic Book Movies + Virtuality, Heroes, Terminator TV + more

The two biggest movies are Iron Man and The Dark Knight, so it should be no surprise that both Marvel and DC are thinking about even more comic book movies. Plus we have some new images and video for 2009 movies (some are even not based on comic books!). In TV news there is an in-depth report on Ron Moore’s Virtuality, plus lots of images and videos from upcoming fall shows, including Sarah Connor and Heroes.  

Science Friday: Saturnian Jets, Rat-Brained Robot, Space Ghosts + more

This week in Science Friday we have an eclectic group of stories for you. First off, Carolyn Porco (Star Trek‘s science advisor) and Cassini have found the source of Enceladus’s icy jets. Next, meet the robot with a real brain. Then see the amateur discovered “cosmic ghost”, and take a tour of the Earth through geology via OneGeology’s Google-Earth-like interactive map. All of this plus our gadget of the week: The Lotus Concept Ice Vehicle.

Science Friday: Eclipse 2008 Edition

This week Science Friday serves up some hot science news including a total solar eclipse happening today, a high-powered microscope for only $10, a lake discovered on Saturn’s moon Titan, NASA ‘tasting’ water on Mars, Virgin Galactic’s space tourism program, and our gadget of the week: “World’s First Practical Jetpack”!

[Not Enough] Star Trek On The iPhone

J.J. Abrams is fond of saying that iPhones do more than an Original Series communicator (except speak directly to a ship in orbit, but lets not get picky). Recently Apple upgraded the iPhone software to '2.0' and launched the official Apple’s App Store. The service offers almost 1,000 free and paid apps in numerous categories. The only problem — a serious lack of Trek applications!

NASA Founded 50 Years Ago Today

On July 29th, 1958 President Dwight Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act into law and NASA was born. Thus began the space race of the 60s, which sparked more popular culture interest in space. Since the shooting of the first pilot for Star Trek in 1964, there have been numerous references to NASA in Trek, all the way through to the last series Enterprise.

Science Friday: Thinking Phoenix, Rogue Engineers, Fighting Red Spots, Nerd Girls + more

This week Science Friday has loaded up some of the best science news for you including an update on Mars’s Phoenix Lander, plans of some rogue NASA engineers, cannibalistic red spots on Jupiter, our galaxies hottest spot, and a lunar transit caught on tape. All this plus our video of the week: Revenge of the Nerd Girls and gadget of the week: Top 5 real Trek gadgets.

Science Friday: Water In Space Edition

This week in Science Friday we have more news on just how much water there is in our solar system. And we meet the water bear — extreme solar system survivors. Plus we hear from Star Trek’s own Dr. Carolyn Porco speaking about the Cassini mission and learn the secrets to crazy alien technologies behind flying saucers. All this plus our gadget of the week: Seabreacher Submarine, and video of the week: visible magnetic fields.

Science Friday: Mars, Cars, Spins, & Skins

This week is an exciting one for Mars scientists who found evidence for water ice and nutrients necessary for supporting life on the surface of Mars. Also in Mars news, the mystery of the "two-faced" planet might have been answered. This plus an accidental ‘electron spin’ discovery in the laboratory could lead to faster computers, a new ‘dermal skin regenerator’, and our gadget of the week: the GINA BMW shape-shifting car.

Science Friday: Summer Solstice Edition

Phoenix has continued to dig on the surface of Mars in search of the oh-so-elusive water ice, with some new trenches and new glitches. NASA is hard at work designing the next generation of space suits that will take our astonauts to the moon and beyond. New nanotube technology looks promising in defeating cancerous cells. Also, TrekMovie celebrates the Summer Solstice with you! All this plus our gadget of the week: the futuristic Kohler Crevasse sink.

Science Friday: Friday The 13th Edition

It is Friday the 13th and human beings have a robot digging up stuff on Mars…will it find a haunted ancient burial ground? Probably not but it is finding good science. We also have the final word of the status of what the heck to call Pluto. Plus there is planetary weather, the launch of a new satellite, an early holodeck and NASA is planning a mission to the sun…perhaps they will go at night (rimshot).