Exclusive: Preview of ‘Star Trek: The Art of The Film’ [UPDATED]

Next week, timed for the same day as Star Trek on home video, is the release of  "Star Trek: The Art of the Film", a coffee table book full of photos and sketches from the artists who worked on the new Star Trek movie. Today TrekMovie has an exclusive peek at a couple pages from the "Aliens" chapter, check it out below. [UPDATED: Links to more preview images]

Watch Full Video From Art Director’s Guild Tribute To Star Trek

Two weeks ago the Art Directors Guild held an event in Hollywood celebrating the designs of Star Trek from The Original Series to the new JJ Abrams movie. On hand were production designers from Trek’s history. We previously reported with some pictures and quotes, but now video from the entire event is available online. See below for a breakdown and links to each part of the event.

REPORT: Star Trek Designers Talk Trek History At Art Directors Guild Event

Sunday night at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, the Art Director’s Guild held a special event honoring the design of Star Trek. On hand was a panel of distinguished designers, including Scott Chambliss and Herman Zimmerman, sharing their thoughts and memories with the capacity crowd. Video will be made available next month, but we have photos and a report with some interesting comments below.

Exclusive: Interview with Star Trek Production Designer Scott Chambliss

Scott Chambliss had worked with JJ Abrams for years, including on Alias and Mission: Impossible: III, but redesigning the Star Trek universe was probably his most ambitious undertaking. In an exclusive interview with TrekMovie, the production designer talks about the challenges of taking on Trek, fan feedback, and also what we can look forward to in the upcoming Art of Star Trek book.

Art Directors Guild Honoring Star Trek Designers At Hollywood Event

Later this month The Art Directors Guild will be honoring the designers of the final frontier at their "Star Trek: 45: Years of Designing the Future" event in Hollywood. On hand will be veterans of Trek design including Herman Zimmerman as well as Star Trek 2009’s Scott Chambliss. They will be showing clips as well as the Director’s Edition of ST: The Motion Picture. Our friend Daren Dochterman will be moderating the panel.  

The Collective: Star Trek Standees + New Bobbleheads + Playmates Wave 2 + New Watch

The Collective has a collection of news about Star Trek products you might have not heard about and updates on some favorites, including Star Trek movie crew life-sized standees, Playmates second wave of Star Trek movie figures, first look at the Star Trek Armitron watch, and new Funko Star Trek bobble-heads. Check it all out below