Exclusive: Countdown Writers Talk Nero, Star Trek Movie, Prequel Comic & more

"Star Trek: Countdown" is the official prequel comic for the new Star Trek movie, with two issues of the four issue series released so far. Countdown writers Mike Johnson and Tim Jones talked about the series at a panel at Wondercon over the weekend. TrekMovie has a report from that appearance plus an exclusive follow-up interview full of information on both the comics and the movie. [COMIC and MOVIE spoilers below]

Rumor Control: No TNG Cameos In New Star Trek Movie

It is amazing that this late in the game casting rumors for the new Star Trek movie can still arise, but they can. Today the rumor comes out of Wondercon, where Latino Review has ‘breaking news’ asking the question ‘Is The Next Generation In the New Star Trek Movie?’ The answer is no (with a little yes), but it certainly isn’t breaking news. Details and spoilers below.

New Star Trek Online ‘Path to 2409’ Provides Game Story Clues and Ties In To Movie Prequel Comics

Cryptic Studios released another one of their ‘path to 2409’ updates, telling the story between Star Trek Nemesis and the setting for the MMO. They are now up to 2385 and we are now starting to more hints towards the coming conflict with the Klingons, and what appear to be tie-ins to the events of "Star Trek Countdown"

TrekInk: Early Review – Star Trek: Countdown #2

The first issue of "Star Trek: Countdown” showed us a surprising new friendship between Nero and Spock and finished with the shocker of a new Captain of the USS Enterprise, along with lots of tension between  Romulans, Vulcans and even the Remans. Issue two takes the next step in showing the events that lead up to the new Star Trek movie. Find out how that is all working out in our early review below. (SPOILERS)

STO Update: First Cyrptic/IDW Synergy + New ‘Kobayashi Challenge’ + more

This week there has been an interesting development regarding Cryptic Studio’s upcoming Star Trek Online MMORPG. We can now see the first connection between IDW Comics and the Cryptic game. Plus Cryptic has started a new ‘Kobayashi Maru’ challenge on their forums and there are also a couple of new interviews to check out…see below for more details.

Early Review: Star Trek Countdown #1 – Prequel Comic To Star Trek Movie

The wait is (almost) over. The first issue of "Star Trek Countdown," the four-part Star Trek movie prequel series, hits comic book stores on Wednesday. Who is Nero? What is Spock’s agenda? What’s going to happen with that star? How exactly does the new movie tie into the TNG era? Well you came to the right place as TrekMovie has the first review of "Star Trek Countdown" Issue #1.

TrekInk: ST: The Last Generation #3 Review + Countdown #1 Update

The Chancellor is dead and the timeline is jumbled due to interference from the future. Will Picard and his motley band of resistance fighters figure out how to set things right? Learn more in our early review of the third ‘Myriad Universe’ issue of "Star Trek: The Last Generation." Plus TrekInk has an update and new (little) preview of "Countdown" the Star Trek movie prequel comic.

TrekInk: Cover Art For Final 2 Countdown Comics + Tribbles Alien Spotlight Preview

We are now just weeks away from the release of the first issue of "Star Trek Countdown," the official prequel comics for the upcoming Star Trek movie. Recently we showed you the covers for the first two issues and today artist David Messina posted the artwork for the final two issues. We also have an update on a comic all about tribbles! 

Best Of Star Trek In 2008 – Official Productions & Events

The previous entry in our ‘Best of Trek 2008’ series looked at all the top stories related to Paramount’s Star Trek movie over the last year. Today we look at all the other official productions related to Star Trek coming from CBS and the various official licensees, including picking our favorite Trek episode, DVD, book, comics, and events of the year.  

TrekInk: Review – Last Generation #1 & #2

Fresh off his role as an editor of the IDW Trek comics, Andrew Steven Harris returns to writing. This time he brings us the first “What if?” Star Trek comic, set at the end of the sixth feature film, “Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country”. Does it stand up to scrutiny? And who exactly is the captain of the Silver Ghost?

TrekInk: Review – Mirror Images #4 & #5 + New TokyoPop Covers

TrekInk is back and catching up. Today we take a look at the final two issues IDW’s "Mirror Images" series. Of course we know how the Mirror stories end, but how do we get there? Who dies and who lives? Oh wait… we know that too. Still, in this case, it’s the journey, not the destination. Plus we have a look at new covers for upcoming TokyoPop Trek Mangas.

Abrams: ‘Star Trek’ Is Movie They Couldn’t Afford In Past + New Trek Banner [UPDATE: Hi Res.]

In a new interview with MTV, Star Trek director JJ Abrams says that the final cut of the film should be completed very soon. He also talked about deleted scenes, humor, Majel Roddenberry, and more, including what is different about his star Trek movie. UPDATE: Plus we have a high resolution version of a new promo banner from Paramount.

Writers Give More Details On Star Trek Movie Prequel Comics

In January IDW will release the first issue (of 4) of "Star Trek Countdown," a prequel comic book for the new Star Trek movie, based on a story by the film’s co-writers. Today in an interview with CBR, Roberto Orci along with the writers of the comic Tim Jones and Mike Johnson reveal some of the secrets of this new book, including how was part of the genesis.

TrekMovie’s Star Trek Holiday Shopping Guide

The weekend following Thanksgiving is traditionally the big start to the holiday buying season and for Trekkies there are quite a few brand new Star Trek items to fill your stockings. TrekMovie has compiled a comprehensive guide to all the new collectibles, toys, figures, books, DVDs and replicas being released this holiday season.

More Details and Promotional Image For Star Trek Movie Prequel Comic

Last month TrekMovie reported that IDW will release a comic book prequel in January for the new Star Trek film from JJ Abrams. Today IDW issued an official announcement related to that book, including a promotional image and some comments from the IDW editor and Star Trek movie co-writer Roberto Orci. [UPDATE: plus a comment from artist David Messinia] [SPOILERS]

TrekInk: Preview Of “The Last Generation” Comic Mini-series

What small things will change the destinies of a man’s life, and what trials might people have to go through to show their mettle. Andrew Steven Harris’ new comic series "The Last Generation" will examine the plight of a group of survivors as they fight against the Klingon Empire. See below for our preview of the series including comments from the author and exclusive artwork.

Exclusive Details On Star Trek Movie Prequel Comic Book Series

Back at Comic Con in July IDW announced plans to do a prequel comic book series linked to the new Star Trek movie. The first details on that series (due to kick off January 2009) were sent out this week to comics dealers and TrekMovie has more exclusive information (and spoilers) on what appears to be the first official piece of merchandising related to the new movie.

TrekInk: Review – Byrne’s Assignment Earth #5 & Hollow Crown #1

Nixon… er… Nixons, Gary Seven, the Praetor, Koloth, cloaks, and Roberta Lincoln… what’s the common thread? John Byrne brings us the final issue of "Assignment: Earth" and the first issue of his new Romulans series, "The Hollow Crown." Will Gary and Roberta save the day? How is the crown hollow? Will John Byrne entertain and amuse us yet again?

TrekInk: Review Star Trek: The Complete Comic Book Collection DVD ROM

So, it’s here…the history of Star Trek on comic books, over 500 comics, all on one small five inch plastic and metal disc. Graphic Imaging Technology has just released Star Trek: The Complete Comic Book Collection on DVD ROM.  The burning questions… how is it, what does it really entail, how easy is it to use, is it worth it? Oh… and… how cool is this!?