Star Trek Online

Leonard Nimoy Joins Star Trek Online Voice Cast – Watch Behind The Scenes Nimoy Video

Today is turning out to be a busy day for STO news as we have a second (and very exciting) update. Star Trek’s original Spock Leonard Nimoy is joining the other Spock (Zachary Quinto) and lending his voice to the game. Atari has released a behind the scenes video of Nimoy recording for the game, which you can watch below.

STO Update: New Episode Trailer + More Klingon Gameplay Details

In the upcoming MMORPG "Star Trek Online" players don’t go on missions or quests, they partake in ‘episodes’, each of which is designed to feel like an episode from a Trek TV show. Today Atari has released a new video preview, which shows what this episodic gameplay will feel like. Catch that below, plus some more details on Klingon gameplay in STO.

First Details For Klingon Gameplay In Star Trek Online – Focus To Be On Player vs Player

The MMORPG Star Trek Online, which is to be released on February 2nd, will allow players to play characters in one of two factions, The Federation or the Klingon Empire. Most of the information released to date has focused on the Federation gameplay, but today Atari released the first details on the Klingon experience. Atari also released a number of new Klingon images from the game.

Quinto To Voice Tutorial EMH In Star Trek Online + Top 10 Trekkie Reasons To Play

Much of the pre-release info on MMORPG Star Trek Online has been about features, graphics, factions, and other gaming bullet points, but STO is also aiming to bring in Star Trek fans. Today we have more from Atari on how that is being done. First up we have details on Zachary Quinto’s role for the game. Plus we have Atari’s "Top 10 Trekkie reasons to get excited about STO" and their "Top 10 Trek locations".

First Details On Novels Set In New Movie Universe + Star Trek Online Novel Tie-In Announced

Over the summer we provided a preview of Pocket Books plans for Star Trek books in 2010, which included four books for Summer 2010 set in the alternative timeline of JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. We now have the first (brief) details on those four books, plus the announcement of a novel tied to the Star Trek Online game coming in early 2010.

STO Update: Box Art + Trailers + Open Beta + Bridge Announcement + more

Although the focus of the week has been the home video release of the new Star Trek, there has also been a lot of activity on the Star Trek Online MMORPG front. Cryptic has released the box art for the game, announced dates for open beta, released new videos, and more. They also revealed a big change in the game, allowing you to hang out on your bridge. 

STO Update: New History Video + New Screenshots + Exclusive Bonuses + more

In our Star Trek Online update we have a whopping 27 new screenshots to show you from Cryptic’s upcoming MMORPG, but wait there’s more! Cryptic also released Part 2 of their video history chronicling the events that lead up to setting of the game (the war between the Klingons and the Federation in 2409). Plus we have some details on cool pre-order bonuses and more clues on the release date.

Star Trek Online Begins Closed Beta + TrekMovie Giving Away Keys

Cryptic Studio’s highly anticipated massive multiplayer game, Star Trek Online, is taking a big step towards its release today with the announcement that the game is now ready for the closed beta test. This is a big milestone that indicates the game is still on track for release in early 2010. We have details below on how you can enter, including a TrekMovie contest giving away a few guaranteed spots for the beta test.  [UPDATE: TrekMovie contest over]

Exclusive: Interview With Star Trek Online Producer Craig Zinkievich

In 2010 the long wait will be over when Cryptic releases its massive multiplayer online game, Star Trek Online. In an exclusive interview with TrekMovie, STO executive producer Craig Zinkievich talks about how he will balance between hardcore and first time gamers, what you can do besides blow things up, We also have three exclusive new screenshots.

STO Update: New Ship + Game Info + Pre-orders + Possible Consoles + more

Cryptic has been busy this past week, including releasing details for a new Federation ship, the Discovery class, which looks a bit like a famous Trek ship. There is also a new screenshot and some new details on skills, plus pre-order information and some hints on possible console availability. Finally, we take a first look at the growing ‘fleets’ for STO.

Trek Gaming Update: ST: Online Beta Confirmed + New Screenshots & Details + DAC Announced For PSN

There has been a lot of news in Trek gaming since our last update. Cryptic studios has finally confirmed the date for Star Trek Online to go into beta. They have also released a bunch of new screenshots, revealed a new ship and more game details. In addition, the Playstation Network version of Star Trek DAC has been announced. Details on all that below

STO Game Update: New Screenshots + Backstory + more

It has been almost a month since TrekMovie’s last update for  Star Trek Online, the upcoming MMORPG, so we have a bit of ground to cover. This update includes screenshots, an update to Cryptic’s FAQ, and some new story elements, where even though they are in the Prime Timeline, Cryptic is still trying to incorporate elements from the Star Trek movie. 

STO Game Update: New Screenshots + Cardassians + Klingon v Klingon + New Backstory + more

In the last couple of weeks there has been quite a bit of activity for the Star Trek Online MMORPG. This update to Star Trek Online showcases three new screenshots (including Cardassians and Species 8472!), an update to Cryptic’s FAQ, two updates to the Path to 2409 series along with a few other tidbits of information, including more of the connection between the game and the new Star Trek movie