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Exclusive Excerpt From Upcoming Nicholas Meyer Star Trek Memoir

A generation ago a young upstart director had the temerity to shake things up in the Trek franchise, and result was the classic Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, beginning a decade long relationship for Nicholas Meyer. This summer Meyer will recount his years with Trek in a new memoir, and TrekMovie has an exclusive excerpt, along with more Meyer summer 2009 news.

Star Trek V 20th Anniversary – Retro Review

Today is the second Friday in June and the number one movie at the American box office is a Star Trek movie. And on the second Friday in June of 1989 another Trek film opened, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, to an entirely different reception. This weekend TrekMovie begins a 20th anniversary look back at STV with a series of articles, starting with this (repost of our 2008) retro review.

Possible Dates For Star Trek DVD and Blu-ray Releases For Fall 2009

In April and May CBS and Paramount put out a total six DVD and Blu-ray sets, mostly around the release of the new Star Trek movie, but they are not done yet. There are a number of additional sets for the new Star Trek movie, TOS, and the TNG era movies on the way, and now the first indications of when we will get them are starting to hinted at.

Review – Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection on Blu-ray

To coincide with the release of the new Star Trek movie Paramount has released the six original cast movies on Blu-ray for the first time in the ‘Star Trek Original Motion Picture Collection.’ Each film comes loaded with extras. There is a lot to cover, so read on to see how Paramount did with the original crew Trek movies in 1080p HD.

EXCLUSIVE Blu Ray/DVD Featurette Clips: Morga On STVI “Brute” + Tim Allen Talks Kirk

Last week Paramount released a number of new Star Trek DVD and Blu-ray titles with the biggest being the Original Motion Picture Collection on Blu-Ray. Paramount has provided TrekMovie with an exclusive clip from that collection as well as another exclusive clip from the new Galaxy Quest Deluxe DVD with Tim Allen talking about wanting to be Captain Kirk.

TrekInk: Review of Missions End #2 + Previews of Klingons Spotlight & ST:II Adaptation

The IDW Star Trek comics are coming faster these days. Today the second issue of the "Mission’s End" series comes out and it is full of politics and intrigue, set at the end of the TOS five year mission. Below we have a review of "Missions End" #2. Plus we have previews of the "Alien Spotlight" Klingons issue coming out next week, and the Star Trek II adaptation coming this summer.

New Box Art Reveals Details For Upcoming Star Trek Blu-Ray Sets + Trek Parody Gets Deluxe DVD

CBS and Paramount have released more box art for the upcoming Star Trek Blu-Ray releases. Plus there is a new promo video online for the TOS Season One Blu-ray set. And there an additional exciting Deluxe Edition film coming out on the same day as the other Trek films (hint: one special feature is a ‘Thermian Audio Track’).

Exclusive: LeVar Burton Talks Geordi, VISOR, Nemesis, JJ Abrams, the future of TNG, and more

In part 1 of our exclusive interview with TNG’s Levar Burton, we focused on his new acting, directing and blogging projects. In part 2 (below), it is all Star Trek, with LeVar’s thoughts on Geordi LaForge, the last Trek movie (Nemesis), JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie, his hopes for a future TNG movie, and more.  

CBS & Paramount Announce First Star Trek Blu-ray sets – TOS S1 & All TOS movies coming April/May [UPDATED]

Today CBS and Paramount made official what we have been reporting for months, for the first time ever, Star Trek is coming to Blu-ray in 2009. CBS announced a Blu-ray set for the first season of TOS and Paramount announced all the TOS era movies are coming to Blu-ray, all to be released this Spring. TrekMovie and DigitalBits.com have worked together to bring you all the info on the new sets, see below for full details.

Exclusive: Jonathan Frakes On Nemesis, JJ Abrams Star Trek, A Return of TNG + more

Yesterday we posted our the first part of our interview with Next Generation’s Jonathan Frakes, focusing this weeks episode of Leverage  which he directed and guest stars Trek vets Brent Spiner and Armin Shimerman. For part two we focus on Star Trek, talking about keeping in touch with his former co-stars along with his thoughts on both the last and next Star Trek movies, and even a bit on Heroes and Lost.

Blu-ray Update: TOS Season 1 + TOS Movies Coming May 2009

[This article cross-posted here and at Digital Bits] As reported on Thursday at Digital Bits, select release details and cover art images of Star Trek sets on Blu-ray have leaked from European studio sources, but there’s been conflicting information as to what exactly the release will entail here in the USA. We’ve checked in repeatedly with Digital Bits and TrekMovie industry sources and we’re now able to bring you accurate, updated details.

ST-INS@10: The Science of Star Trek Insurrection

This week TrekMovie is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Star Trek: Insurrection. So, put your thinking caps on, and get ready for a very special Insurrection edition of our weekly science column. Have you ever wanted to know how the cloaking devices work, or what makes those Ba’ku metaphasic rings so very metaphasic? Well grab a seat. Here’s your chance to delve into the theoretical science of Star Trek: Insurrection!

10th Anniversary Review of Star Trek Insurrection

On December 11th, 1998, 10 years ago today, Paramount released the third TNG era feature film (and ninth in the Trek franchise), Star Trek Insurrection. For the rest of the week, TrekMovie.com will celebrate the anniversary with a series of Insurrection themed articles, starting today with a retro review of the film, including some behind-the-scenes info on its inception.