Shatner & Nimoy Talk Star Trek Movie & More At DragonCon – VIDEO

This morning DragonCon kicked off in Altanta, and the first event in the impressive Star Trek schedule was an appearance by the original Kirk and Spock, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Reports are coming in apparently the new Star Trek movie was the focus for the pair speaking to a crowd of over 2000. We have a summary and some video below. 

Shatner, Nimoy, Stewart & More Headed To DragonCon’s TrekTrak on Labor Day Weekend

The biggest fan run convention is DragonCon in Atlanta, and every Labor Day weekend they have an impressive dedicated ‘TrekTrak’. This year is no exception with a huge line-up of Trek celebs including William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Kate Mulgrew and Patrick Stewart. Plus there are a number of Trek related activities and panels and more celebs, details below.

JJ Abrams Presents Leonard Nimoy With Lifetime Achievement Saturn Award & Talks Trek Sequel

Last night the 35th annual Saturn Awards were held in Los Angeles honoring the world of science fiction. The big winner of the night was The Dark Knight, with Star Trek eligible for next year’s awards. But Trek was still there as Leonard Nimoy was given a lifetime achievement award, presented by JJ Abrams, who also made some comments about the next Star Trek film.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Leonard Nimoy

Since Comic Con 2007 one of the greatest sources of comfort for Trek fans was knowing that Leonard Nimoy had decided to come out of retirement for this new Star Trek. In a new exclusive interview with TrekMovie we talk to the original Spock about returning to the role, fan concerns about canon, Shatner, Fringe, Quinto’s Spock and much more. [interview contains SPOILERS]

JJ Abrams Talks Working With Nimoy on Star Trek and Fringe at Paley Fest Fringe Event

Back home from his global tour promoting Star Trek, JJ Abrams came to the Paley Festival in LA tonight to talk about his TV show Fringe, and he brought along his fellow Star Trek/Fringe team of Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Bryan Burk, along with show stars Anna Torv, John Noble and Joshua Jackson. One of the subjects of the Q&A was Leonard Nimoy. [FRINGE spoilers below]

Leonard Nimoy To Appear On ‘Fringe’ [UPDATED: Orci Answers Fringe Questions]

Leonard Nimoy is headed to another JJ Abrams production, this time on the small screen. EW is reporting that Nimoy will appear as what could be a recurring character on Fringe, the genre show created and produced by the same team who are bringing us the new Star Trek movie. This is big news for fans of Fringe and of Star Trek, and huge news for fans of both. [more below, including FRINGE spoilers]

Happy Birthday Leonard Nimoy

Today, Leonard Nimoy is 78.  His thoughtfulness and dedication to his art is a big reason for the popularity of Spock.  He has entertained Star Trek fans for more than 40 years, creating a cultural icon with a character we are all delighted to see again on the big screen this year.  However, his career is more than Spock, starting nearly 60 years ago.  TrekMovie sends its best wishes to Leonard on his birthday with this collection of some of his performances during his many decades as an entertainer. 

Leonard Nimoy Talks About His Return To Spock + Reveals Scene Detail

After two decades, and passing on previous offers, Leonard Nimoy returns to the role of Spock in the new Star Trek movie. In an interview in the new SciFi Now Magazine (#26), the actor talks about the state of the franchise, his approach to the role, the new actors, working with Quinto and more. Nimoy also talks a bit about an interesting scene in the film. See excerpts & spoilers below.

ST09 Cast Watch: Saldana and Nimoy Talk Movie + Pine Named Future Star + more

It has been a busy week for the stars of the Star Trek movie. Below we have excerpts of Zoe Saldana (Uhura) and Leonard Nimoy (Spock Prime) talking about the new film, plus Chris Pine’s turn at Kirk has already garnered him a film industry honor. We also have more on what’s up with Zachary Quinto (Spock), Simon Pegg (Scotty), and Eric Bana (Nero) below. 

Big Bang Theory ‘Nimoy Napkin’ Being Auctioned Off This Weekend

Last month we reported that the Trek-crazy CBS sitcom Big Bang Theory incorporated the gift of a Leonard Nimoy autographed napkin into their Christmas episode. As it turns out, there really is a genuine Big Bang napkin signed by Nimoy, and it is being auctioned off for charity this weekend. See below for details and an exclusive picture of the napkin in question.

Star Trek Mag Nimoy Interview Excerpts + STM Planning 3 Movie Issues

The new issue of the official Star Trek Magazine has a very delicious interview with actor Leonard Nimoy, who reprises his role as Spock in the new Star Trek opening May 8th. In the interview, conducted in early October, Nimoy talks about J.J. Abrams, the cast, Spock’s importance in the film, Trek’s appeal and his expectations of the film, and much more. Excerpts below.

Preview Of Shatner’s Raw Nerve Interview With Leonard Nimoy (airing Tuesday Jan. 6)

For those who miss Shatcemeber, it is time to start celebrating Shatuary 6th. On Tuesday, January 6th, the Bio Channel is showing the long awaited William Shatner’s Raw Nerve interview of Leonard Nimoy. The event is being celebrated with a special day of Shatnerific and Star Trek programming. We have more details including video and images below.

ShatWatch: Raw Nerve Nimoy Clip & Pics + Shatner Talks Kirk Fight Moves

In just a month William Shatner’s new talk show Shatner’s Raw Nerve finally premieres on the Bio Channel. The Bio Channel has now launched, which includes some clips from his interview with Leonard Nimoy. [UPDATE: Bio has sent over some exclusive images of Shatner and Nimoy]. Plus The Shatner Project has a new video of Bill talking about some of his classic Shat Fu fight moves.

VegasCon 08: Two Spocks Talk Trek – Reveal New Details

On Sunday Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy, the headliners for the official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, really brought the house down. Appearing both individually and together, they entertained the crowd with stories as well as providing insights (and some spoilers) about the new Star Trek movie. Full details and pictures below.

Watch ‘Star Trek Online Revealed’ with Leonard Nimoy [UPDATED]

At1:30 PM (Pacific) Cryptic Studios held their ‘Star Trek Online Revealed’ event at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention. Leonard Nimoy helped them unveil this exciting new massive multiplayer Star Trek game. The presentation lived up to its name and revealed much about the new game, we have video, details and new screenshots below.

Exclusive Interview: Leonard Nimoy – Excited To Be Spock Again

Possibly more than anything else, the inclusion of Leonard Nimoy has given Trek fans a sense of security for this new Star Trek film from JJ Abrams. In his second interview with, the once and future Spock talked about what it was like to return to the role he made famous, and also provided his thoughts on the new film (including some interesting new tidbits).

NPR (& Nimoy) Take A Look At Spock

As part of their ongoing ‘in character’ series, NPR radio took a close look at the character of Spock from Star Trek: The Original Series. The six minute audio report available online includes comments from the original Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy, along with TOS writer DC Fontana and MIT professor Henry Jenkins.

Nimoy Talks To A Bug In VW Ad

Volkswagen has a new ad campaign based around a mock talk show featuring an early 60s VW Bug (named Max) as a show host. Each commercial features a celebrity guest, including model Heidi Klum, basketball coach Bobby Knight, astronaut Richard Searfoss, actor/singer David Hasselhoff, and Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy. Nimoy’s commercial just started airing this week. VIDEO below…

Grand Slam XVI: Two Spocks Rock The House

The ultimate event of the Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit was the appearances  of the two Spocks, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy. The pair each had a solo portion followed by a joint appearance (in the same way they often do it when Shatner and Nimoy appear at cons). Of course the actors were not there to reveal big details about the ultra-secret Trek feature film, but their enthusiasm and chemistry was undeniable. Highlights + pics below.

Nimoy Talks Life With Spock

In January we ran early excerpts from an unpublished interview with Leonard Nimoy, and now the full interview is available. In the interesting discussion, the original Spock talks about aging, photography, his long career and politics. He also talked a bit about the character of Spock and how it has influenced his life, excerpts below.

Nimoy Log: Is It Strange To Play Spock Again?

The third in our series of guest blogs from Leonard Nimoy. I’ve had a great time working on the movie. I expect to finish around the end of March. The level of production, the quality, the size and the talent continue to impress me. The people I’ve worked with have all been extremely enthusiastic and JJ Abrams impresses me as a very special talent and as a person.

Nimoy On Trek and Judaism

In a new interview with The Jewish Daily, Star Trek’s once and future Spock spoke about his upcoming role in JJ Abrams Trek and how Trek connects to Judaism. Nimoy, who had retired from acting, said that photography was the major love of his creative live but that the new film was “something special.” More from Nimoy below…

Nimoy On Aging and Revitalizing Trek

In a new interview Leonard Nimoy talks about photography, aging and Trek. The 76 year old actor/director/photographer tells that he thinks about death and has even set up a clock that runs backward which tells him how much time he has left. He also feels that the new Star Trek will ‘revitalize’ the Trek franchise.