Review: Amok Time Remastered

Angry Red PlanetWarned by McCoy that Spock is acting a little "off," Kirk is forced to agree after the Vulcan assaults Nurse Chapel with a soup bowl. Spock awkwardly explains that he’s in the grip of an irresistible sexual urge and that he’ll die if he doesn’t mate Real Soon. Kirk can easily relate to this, so he defies Starfleet orders to return Spock to his home planet. Vulcan is the most PC planet in the cosmos: a world of unemotional, rational, pacifist vegans. It’s logical, therefore, that we are introduced in short order to: A masked executioner T’Pring, a betrothed woman who desires another man and enters into a murder conspiracy rather than be seen to defy conventional social mores Stonn, a co-conspirator so full of lustful rage that he can’t help blurting out unhelpful clues to his complicity ("No, I was to be the one!") T’Pau, a planetary ruler so smug and bigoted that she indulges in playing lethal "gotcha!" with naive strangers ("Des combad ees to de deat")

Remastered “Amok Time” Airs Today – T’Bring It On

Pon Farr has got Spock feelin’ frisky and to make it worse he has to fight Kirk to work it out of his system. Preview | Episode Info | Show times Another Trek classic with some of the best Kirk, Spock, McCoy character moments. Plus probably most memorable score of the series. This week doesnt offer CBS Digital with much to work with, but what they have they are really going to town on… New matte painting replacing live action ‘troika’ walk to arena on Vulcan New matte painting replacing live action establishing shot of arena plus a few Enterprise shots including some around planet Vulcan

Spinrad Talks TOSR Doomsday – Plus A New VideoBlog On ‘Saving Star Trek’

Norman Spinrad, the writer of "The Doomsday Machine" has now seen the new remastered version and  gave some of his reactions to What did you think of it?Norman Spinrad: I haven’t watched it at all for a while and it is a strange experience. My first take is that everything looked cleaner – not just the effects but the whole episode looked cleaned up. For the new special effects it seems the biggest change is that they seem to be able to do motion a lot better. Things are moving in a more complicated way. The doomsday machine isn’t that different. The way I conceived it, it was something else. It should look both alive and robotic..and neither the new or the old looked either.

Review: “The Doomsday Machine” Remastered

THERE WAS, BUT NOT ANYMORE: DOOMSDAY HAS ARRIVED! Before getting to my review of the new “Doomsday Machine,” let’s get through the preliminaries first. First up, let’s address why it’s sacrilege to screw with the original Star Wars Films (ok, really SW and ESB, I never really cared what they did with Jedi – although putting a new song in Jabba’s court was not really a step in the right direction) and not Star Trek. The answer: because George Lucas, for all intents and purposes, is supplanting the original Oscar nominated versions of Star Wars (which resides in the Library of Congress among other places) for all time and, frankly, making them worse. The Enhanced Star Trek, on the other hand, is an alternate version of the original episodes which continue to be in syndication and on DVD and are not intended to replace the original 1966-69 versions, but rather exist as a companion piece to them.

CBS Digital Guys Use To Play Prank On Boss

We all know that "Doomsday" was the big one for CBS-Digital, and that Special Effects Supervisor Niel Wray went a bit grey getting it finished. Well the effects team thought they would play a little prank on Niel and try and convince him that eagle eyed readers spotted an error in the final product (in the trailer). To that end they recreated a fake version of with a faked trailer and some rewritten comments…

Nimoy Wanted STIV To “Lighten Up” – OK Being Typecast

Leonard Nimoy has had a long and successful career and now says he can trace much of that success back to Star Trek. In a new interview with FatFreeFilms he talks about how Trek opened up many opportunities for him to both act and direct. After directing Star Trek III, Nimoy went on to direct a number of films including the hit comedy 3 Men and a Baby. Regarding humor, the man who portrayed the original emotionless Vulcan talks about why he wanted Star Trek IV to have a sense of humor:  when we developed Star Trek IV I said going in "this film has to lighten up". We have been dealing with death and destruction in these Star Trek movies and we have had enough of that. Spock died and Kirk’s son died and the Klingons were all being killed, and I said "Enough – lets find a way to have a lighter tone. In spite of the fact that Earth is being jeopardized we have got to find some humor." And I think we did.

Remastered “The Doomsday Machine” Airs Today – as if you didn’t know

Kirk and crew find a weapon of mass destruction, and an unshaven superior officer obsessed with taking it down.  Preview | Ep. Info | Show times A classic if there ever was one. CBS have been working on this for months with over 100 new effects shots, you will see… Lots of shots of the Enterprise including multiple shots of weapons firing A seriously messed up USS Constellation A big scary planet killer A shuttle and shuttle bay and all of the above from some new angles

Spinrad On The Transparent Doomsday Machine

Some have noted that CBS’s new CGI Doomsday machine doesn’t have that partially translucent look of the original. Well their reasoning is simple, it was never supposed to have it. Mike Okuda tells that he talked to the the original writer for the episode Norman Spinrad about this issue. According to Mike, here is what Spinrad had to say: It was a glitch, not at all intentional. The FX was really primitive, simple blue screen stuff, which is why you can also see fringes around a lot of spaceships and so forth against star backgrounds.

Review: “Journey To Babel” Remastered

For the last two reviews I’ve written for the site I deliberately took on Trek outings that I feel are a little undervalued by the community—not so here. Dorothy Fontana’s “Journey to Babel” is an acknowledged Trek classic and would be even if it had only conjured up Spock’s parents, Sarek and Amanda, in the flesh. But “Babel” offers much more than that—it’s a solid look at the Vulcan family relationship (albeit one somewhat disrupted by the presence of a human parent in the mix), an exciting tale of political intrigue, and an Agatha Christie-type murder mystery that also boasts satisfying action both onboard the Enterprise and in outer space.

Remastered “Journey to Babel” Airs Today

Kirk takes ill and Spock takes command, but he has to deal wtih bickering diplomats, attacking Orions and a nagging mother. Preview | Ep. Info | Show times This history-laden episode introduces Sarek, Andorians and Tellarites to the Trek universe. There are a good number of effects shots, expect new effects for… Planet Vulcan Shuttles and Shuttle bay A brand new design for the Orion ship Many shots of the Enterprise, including firing phasers and photons

TOS-R Producers Talk Doomsday and More have put up a new interview with the Trek Remastered producers Dave Rossi, Denise Okuda and Mike Okuda. Here are some highlights   The "Doomsday" planet killer will ‘honor the original concept’, but have a new ‘cool animation effect’ The Machine doesn’t have "bristling weapons” (desired by original writer that didn’t end up in original design) because they don’t want to "stray too far from the familiar elements" Many changes in the project can’t be made due to time, such as ( Kirk’s tombstone ‘T’ and Gary Mitchell’s screens) Hope to change all chronometer shots to match new one in "The Naked Time” Impulse engines not always glowing is due to only showing them glow them when Enterprise is ‘stepping on the gas’ Think Gene Roddenberry and Matt Jeffries would like the project The Ent may fire red phasers if they have to match live action shots (like in "Who Mourns For Adonais?”)

Review of “For The World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky” Remastered

"For The World Is Hollow and I Have Touched The Sky" is a rather typical 3rd season Star Trek episodes. The story generally can take place on a soundstage and is mostly character driven. The first point is simply a function of lower budgets of Trek’s last year and is one of the main complaints for Season 3. Therefore the lower budgets relied more on the the story to carry the load and "For the World is Hollow" does try to put some of the elements together for an interesting mission. There is the impending peril of the asteroid ship Yonada smashing into a densely inhabited planet, McCoy’s terminal illness, and of course, a computer for Kirk to disable.

William Shatner: The Ballet…Not Kidding

TV Star, Movie Star, Singer, Pitchman, and now inspiration for Ballet…William Shatner does it all. The Milwaukee Ballet has announced it will premiere "Common People" a ballet choreographed to the Shatner’s recent album ‘Has Been’. The dance will be one of three parts of “Premieres of Passionate Dance" being performed this Valentines Day weekend (February 15–18). In a WKTI radio interview Shatner was quite enthusiastic about the event, saying "I have a life long devotion – more than an interest, less than an obsession, with the ballet and to have this happen to me is so exciting." Shatner said that he would try to make it to Milwaukee to see the ballet if he can fit it between shootings of his show Boston Legal.

Takei Feels ‘Hot’…Wants In On Star Trek XI

George Takei seems to be getting more and more work lately; tonight he will be guest starring in NBC Heroes. This bit of stunt casting is getting the show and Takei a lot of publicity. In a TV Guide Interview Takei talked about what it was like to be in demand again Oooooh, and it’s sooooo wonderful!  Who knew this would be happening 40 years after Star Trek? It’s good to feel hot. In another interview with the Philadelphia Daily News Takei was asked about Star Trek XI, and he responded in classic fashion: