ShatWatch: Takei v Shat Round 3 + Canadians Want Shatner

Think the back and forth between William Shatner and George Takei regarding Takei’s wedding invitation was over?  After Shatner’s first biting video and Takei’s response, Shatner has a new video today up on The Shatner Project where he tries to get in the last word, and he also seeming invites Takei onto his new Talk show. Plus we have Canadians petitioning Shatner news.  

ShatWatch: Raw Nerve Nimoy Clip & Pics + Shatner Talks Kirk Fight Moves

In just a month William Shatner’s new talk show Shatner’s Raw Nerve finally premieres on the Bio Channel. The Bio Channel has now launched, which includes some clips from his interview with Leonard Nimoy. [UPDATE: Bio has sent over some exclusive images of Shatner and Nimoy]. Plus The Shatner Project has a new video of Bill talking about some of his classic Shat Fu fight moves.

Shatner Watch: Takei Takedown, Broadcasting Award, Shatner Clause + more

Before the William Shatner and JJ Abrams drama there was the William Shatner and George Takei drama. This feud has played out in books, talk shows and in the media — most recently in reports about how Shatner was not invited to Takei’s wedding. In his newest "Shatner Project" video blog, Bill doesn’t hold back on how he feels. See that below plus get all the latest on The Shat.

Abrams On Shatner, Star Trek Sequel and Run Time + Exclusive Production Update

Today is what feels like round 78 in the ongoing Saga of JJ Abrams and William Shatner and the new Star Trek movie. In a new MTV interview Abrams talks about William Shatner’s response to his own comments in an interview about a potential scene…is this the last word? Plus Abrams talks about the run time of the film and TrekMovie has some additional info on the post-production. 

Shatner: Nobody Offered Me A Role

Recently JJ Abrams kicked off a lot of buzz when he revealed that there was a scene in the new Star Trek movie written for Shatner, but said it didn’t meet with Shatner’s ‘no cameo’ requirements. Today William Shatner launched his new ‘Shatner Project’ video blog and one of the first videos is a direct reply to the latest from Star Trek’s director.

Shatner Launching New VLog + Appearing On SNL Tonight?

In 2007 William Shatner launched ShatnerVision at, a vlog (or video log) where he would regularly update fans with what is going on and also give a glimpse into the life that is Shatner, at least until April of this year when ShatnerVision stopped broadcasting. But the wait is over and Shatner is back with a new web vlog called ‘The Shatner Project’ that will launch at YouTube early next week.

Shatner’s Raw Nerve To Premiere in December + Exclusive First Look

About a month ago we reported that A&E Networks had picked up William Shatner’s new talk show Raw Nerve and it would premiere August 19th (today) on the Bio Channel. Fans have been asking about the show and so TrekMovie checked in with A&E. Don’t worry the show is still coming, but will now be in December. We have an exclusive first image and more details below.  

Last Chance For Personalized Videotaped Shatner Signing

Way back in January TrekMovie reported that William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk, had hooked up with, who offer personalized videotaped memorabilia signings. The event had sold out (twice) and they have now expanded it to allow for more signings, but the deadline to sign up for your autographed item and personalized taped message from Shatner is midnight Tuesday (Pacific).

Shatner, Fuller, BSG, Lost Nominated for Emmys

The nominees for the 2008 Emmy Awards were announced this morning and there are a few Trek alumni on the list with William Shatner at the top of that list. Other Trek alums include Ronald D. Moore, Bryan Fuller, Gary Hutzel, Doug Drexler, and Sarah Silverman. Also Star Trek’s new masters picked up some nods for Lost. Full details below.

ShatnerWatch: Talking Abrams, Saving The Earth, Making A Pony?

It’s another Shatnerific Edition of CelebWatch. This week, we have Shatner discussing his life, his career, and (again) J.J. Abrams. This report also raises several questions: Will Boston Legal receive any Emmy nominations this year? Can Shatner save the Earth from everyone else? Is Shatner really designing new versions of My Little Pony? The answer to one of these questions can be read below! 

ShatWatch: TV Land Awards, TCA Nomination, Talks Meaning of Life, TekWar DVD, + more

William Shatner is such a big star that this week he deserves his own special edition of CelebWatch. We have photos of the original Kirk presenting at the TV Land Awards, news of Shat receiving a critical nomination, video of him talking about his new autobio, quotes from a new interview where he talks about everything from Boston Legal, to Trek to Global Warming, and more.

Shatner Reflects On Kirk

Just last weekend we had Leonard Nimoy looking back with NPR and discussing the character of Spock. Now we have William Shatner talking Kirk with the AP. The original Kirk, who is known to not like to watch himself, actually sat down to watch an episode of Star Trek The Original Series, and tells AP “from my perspective of 40 years later, and I thought, ‘You know, that’s rather good.’”

Shatner: Roddenberry Was A Chiseler

It appears that William Shatner’s media tour for his autobiography “Up Till Now” may never end. In many of the previous interviews Shatner has noted that he thinks his former co-stars (in particular George Takei) should ‘let go’ of previous grievances, but in a new interview (and in excerpts from his book) it is Shatner who is airing a grievance…this time with Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.

Shatner On Abrams, Pine, STV and 1992 MTV Movie Awards

It appears that Shatner is still out and about and talking to the press. In a couple of new interviews with MTV the actor again talks about being disappointed about not being in the Star Trek movie, but also expressed confidence in director JJ Abrams. Shatner also gave details on his apparently very brief meeting with Chris Pine (the new Kirk) and talked extensively about a 1992 singing performance at the first MTV Movie Awards.

Shatner: Star Trek Was A Miracle

Just when you thought it was safe, there is yet more from William Shatner as part of his tour promoting "Up Till Now.” The British Daily Telegraph has an extensive feature on Shatner where he talks all aspects his life including some good tidbits on Trek, from how it started to how it ended to the rumors of him wearing corset. Plus in a separate radio interview Shatner talked about Galaxy Quest!

Library Computer: Review Shatner Autobiography “Up Till Now”

Shatnerology 121: Introduction to Shatner Each year at the college I teach as a Sociologist, I suggest a class called "Introduction to William Shatner" and I am not joking when I say it would be a dynamic class looking at issues of from aging to Marxist theory. No, really. After reading William Shatner’s autobiography "Up Till Now," I am convinced that his life is symbolic of the United States experience. Ironic for a guy from Canada.

Shatner on Stern: Talks Trek Fueds, Abrams Trek, Berman Trek, and more

Wednesday morning William Shatner was the guest on the Howard Stern Show promoting “Up Till Now“. The interview went on for almost and hour and ranged on a number of topics from the book, to problems with the Trek cast, to the Abrams movie, to the death of Kirk and much more. Excerpts and AUDIO below.

Shatner Talks Takei Feud On Conan [UPDATED: Shat Talks Pine + Vids from View and GMA]

On Monday William Shatner showed up on NBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien to promote his new autobiography “Up Till Now“. Shat did a skit early on, then came on as the 2nd guest and talked about his ‘gripping’ experience meeting Koko the gorilla, and how his Trek co-stars hate him, specifically George Takei. See VIDEO below.

ShatnerWatch: Boston Legal Renewed + Autobiography Preview [UPDATED]

A special Sunday Shatnerific Edition of CelebWatch. After a long period on the bubble, ABC has cut a deal to give Shatner’s Boston Legal another season. More on that and how it relates to Colm Meaney’s new show Life on Mars below. Plus new excerpts from Shat’s new autobiography “Up ‘Till Now” have just been released. UPDATE: Added full schedule for Shatner media tour