Takei Dishes On Shatner

George Takei appeared on Conan O’Brien last night and immediately Conan asked George about his ‘hate’ for William Shatner and how he got a chance to roast bill on Comedy Central. Takei talked about how Shatner never got his name right and how he thought Bill’s acting “sucked.” The original Sulu also talked about the Stern show, dubbing Godzilla, and appearing on a new talent show…check out video below.

Shatner Live Chat Now April 4th + Recent Shatner Q&A

The twice postponed Live chat with William Shatner has now been set for this Friday. Bill (and his daughter) will be taking fan questions at April 4th at 5PM (Pacific). Instructions on participating below. Plus we have some recent ‘ShatnerVisions’ videoblogs about Boston Legal season 5, his new autobio and Shat discussing some of his favorite things.

Shatner Met Quinto and Pine

It has already been reported that members of the new Star Trek crew have had a chance to meet their predecessors (Quinto and Nimoy, Saldana and Nichols, Yelchin and Koenig, plus Pegg has met James Doohan’s son, Chris). Now, finally, William Shatner reveals on a new ShatnerVision video that he has met the new Kirk, Chris Pine (and Quinto as well).

77 Reasons Why William Shatner Is Awesome

Today is William Shatner’s 77th birthday. The original Captain Kirk is still going strong both acting as well as with all his other myriad of activities (as pitchman, writer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, etc.). He is an endless source of inspiration and entertainment and so we thought we would honor him with a list of the 77 reasons why we think he is awesome.

Shatner Live Chat March 31st + Recent Shatner Q&A

A couple of weeks ago we reported that William Shatner will taking his ‘Shatnvervision’ live with an online chat with fans, but it was postponed. Now The Shat’s team have set a firm date of Monday March 31 at 3:00PM Pacific. The chat will be on (for more info check out this announcement). In the mean time Bill has been taking fan questions the old fashioned way via his regular Shatnervision Blog, some recent answers below.

Vintage Video: Shatner On Kirk v Crane, Why He Did Trek and Kirk’s Death

Four years ago this month, the Museum of Television & Radio held a ‘Tribute to William Shatner’ at their annual Paley Festival. Video for this 2004 event is now online at Fancast, where you can see The Shat on subjects ranging from meeting Spencer Tracy to the death of Kirk. Plus in videos for a separate MTR event for Boston Legal, Shatner declares which role is bigger: Kirk or Crane…see below

Shatner To Direct New Comedy Film

Late last month we reported that William Shatner had signed a multi-project deal with Big Screen Entertainment. The first project for that deal is the already announced "Gonzo Ballet" documentary centering on the Milwaukee Ballet’s performance based on Shatner’s Album "Has Been." now has the exclusive scoop on the second project, a new comedy feature film to be produced, directed (and possibly starring) William Shatner.

Shatner Gets With The Program On Oprah [UPDATE: Video]

Today, William Shatner boldly went where he’d never been before, The Oprah Winfrey Show. Shatner was featured as one of Oprah’s ‘TV icons’ series. The show also included Happy Days’ Fonzie, Henry Winkler and soap opera singing sensation Rick Springfield (who was also Zac on the original Battlestar Galactica). No big news (besides seeing Shatner using a cane) and no questions about the new movie, but was still interesting to see Shatner in this environment.

Shatner: Star Trek Is Frog

William Shatner is the gift that keeps on giving. A new ShatnerVision video shot at the opening of Star Trek The Tour (from a month ago) shows the original Captain Kirk answering that perennial question “are you in the new Star Trek movie?” He is very positive about not being in the film, but also very positive about the film itself. He then goes into a discussion of how Star Trek is like a frog…really..see it below.

Boston Legal Cancelled? [UPDATE: Shatner Says No]

Star Trek, Rescue 911, TekWar, and TJ Hooker are all shows where William Shatner was not able to break through the 100 episode barrier. Hopes were that he would finally do it with a fifth season of Boston Legal, but that is now in some doubt. Yesterday ABC announced pick-ups for their fall line-up and Shatner’s current series was not on the list. However, ABC will be bringing back Trek-related series Lost , Samantha, Who? and Pushing Daisies.

William Shatner NOT In Life Or Death Struggle

The current issue (which came out last Friday) of The National Enquirer has a story titled WILLIAM SHATNER SURGERY TURNS INTO LIFE-OR-DEATH DRAMA which would be pretty big news if it were true. The story states that Mr. Shatner suffered heart complications during hip surgery. After being sent tips to the story, checked in at Shatner HQ and was told that Bill was fine, that he has had no surgeries and the whole thing was made up.

New Video Projects From Shatner

William Shatner continues his quest to become king of the Internet with the addition of a couple of new online projects. Firstly a site called VideoJug announced today a new set of interactive videos of The Shat discussing his “candid and personal views on life, Star Trek and the entertainment business.” And if you want to get more personal, is offering the opportunity to get a personalized video of Shatner signing memorabilia.

Abrams on Howard Stern: Talks Strike, Shatner, Cloverfield ‘Sickness’ And More [UPDATED: Abrams on Opie & Anthony Too]

Star Trek producer/director JJ Abrams called in for an interview with the Howard Stern Show and being that it was Howard Stern, questions ranged from “is your wife hot?” to “did you bang Jennifer Garner?” to “how much money do you make?” to “is Tom Cruise nuts?” But he also took some serious questions about the writers strike, people getting sick watching Cloverfield and, of course, Star Trek (and Shatner). See below for some select quotes and the full audio interview. [UPDATE: Abrams also called in to Opie and Anthony Show…details and audio below]

Details and Cover For New Shatner Autobiography

This week details and a cover have been released on a new autobiography from William Shatner, the first Captain James T. Kirk. The book titled "Up Till Now: The Autobiography" (co-authored by David Fisher) promises to be the definite Shatner-ography and will be available in May on both a hardcover and audio CD (presumably narrated by the man himself). Details and large cover image below.

Shatner On Being Poor, Almost Dying, & The New Movie

Details Magazine has a new interesting interview with William Shatner where he talks about living out of his car after his run on Star Trek The Original Series, dealing with the death of his wife and (of course) what he thinks of JJ Abrams new moive (and his lack of involvement). Plus in a new video Bill talks about what keeps him going and what is next for the Shat.

Shatner In The Movie Saga Still Not Over

Over the last few months there have been a lot of stories regarding whether William Shatner will or will not be in the new Star Trek movie. Periodically a report crops up that claims to have the definitive answer one way or another. The latest is a new report at Moviehole claiming ‘final confirmation’ from co-writer and executive producer Roberto Orci that Shatner will not be in the film. However, it appears they have jumped the gun.

Shatner & Fuller Nominated for Golden Globes

Today the nominees for the 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards were announced as usual there are a few Trek connections. Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series for his role on Boston Legal. If he wins it will be his second Golden Globe. In addition, Star Trek Voyager writer/producer Bryan Fuller’s Pushing Daisies was nominated for Best Comedy or Musical TV Series. Fuller created Pushing Daisies and is executive producer; this is his first Globe nomination.

Shatner on Raw Nerve, TOS-R, new ‘Star Trek’ and more had a brief moment to chat with William Shatner on the green carpet at the Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival on Sunday, where Shatner received a lifetime achievement award. Shat talked to TrekMovie about his new talk show ‘Raw Nerve’ and about talking to Nimoy now that he is in town to shoot Star Trek. The video below also shows a couple of questions from another reporter (with thanks) about TOS-R and Trek references on Boston Legal.

Shatner Doing Live Video Chat Thursday – First Question From Community Member

This Thursday (Dec. 13) William Shatner will be appearing on Hollywood Now, a live video Internet chat show from During the show Shatner will be taking questions from those who are logged via the PalTalk software. The half hour show begins at 1 pm Eastern, but you will be able to join the ‘room’ around 3 hours before hand and ‘raise your hand’ to be put into the queue. has arranged with PalTalk to have the first question come from from a community member (details below).

Video Of Shatner Getting Lifetime Achievement Award

On Sunday night William Shatner was presented a lifetime achievement award at the Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival in Los Angeles. The award was presented by none other than Malcolm McDowell (Generations: Soran) and Patrick Stewart (TNG: Picard). Shatner was also presented with a special gift from representatives from the Oneida Indian Nation. See below for the entire 21 minute video.

Stewart, Shatner & Trek On Hand At Jules Verne Festival This Week

On Thursday the annual Jules Verne Film Festival kicks off in Los Angeles and Star Trek is very much a part of this year’s event. Presiding will be Captain Picard himself, Patrick Stewart, who is the festival’s “President of the Jury.” Malcolm McDowell, William Shatner and other Trek celebrities will also be showing up. Details below

Nimoy Responds To Shatner’s Recent Comments

As recently as August Leonard Nimoy was still saying that he thought the new Star Trek movie would be better off with William Shatner in it. However, The New York Times is reporting that Nimoy is ‘not sympathetic’ to Shatner’s latest complaints about the film. In the Times ‘Arts, Briefly’ section Nimoy is also quoted as saying: I know he’s upset, but his character died three movies ago, so it would have been very difficult to get him into this one.

Shatner Talks ‘Star Trek’ Flap + Announces Free Vegas Trip Promotion

In the Last couple of weeks William Shatner’s comments about not yet being asked to be in the new Star Trek have been all over the news. Shatner called in to the Howard Stern show this morning [listen to audio below] and right off the bat Stern dug in, telling him he was “carrying on like a crazy man.” Shatner defended himself saying that he only answers questions when asked and that “they blow it up.” The original Captain Kirk went on to say he “doesn’t care” about not being in the movie, but again stated that asking Nimoy to be in the film without himself was a “stupid business decision.” When asked what he felt about new young actors taking over the roles, Shat seemed OK with it stating “time marches on.”