KirkWatch: William Shatner Talks Career & Trek Co-stars + Chris Pine On Unstoppable

Star Trek’s original Kirk William Shatner is the subject of an extensive feature interview in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine. The actor speaks frankly about his career and a bit about his Star Trek co-stars. Excerpts below, plus some bonus Bill videos as well. And Chris Pine, Star Trek’s new Kirk, is also the subject of a new interview, talking about his new film. Excerpts of that below too.  

VegasTrekCon10: Shatner Talks Star Trek ’09 & Chris Pine in ‘Captains’ Doc + Nimoy: ‘Never Say Never’ for Star Trek Sequel

One of the biggest highlight’s this weekend at the Star Trek Convention was the joint appearance of Star Trek’s original Kirk and Spock: William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. The discussions covered the new Star Trek movies, details on Shatner’s The Captains documentary, Star Trek history and more. There was also a surprise appearance by Patrick Stewart. A full report and lots of photos below.

William Shatner Wonders If He Can Be De-Aged For Star Trek Sequel Like Jeff Bridges For Tron

Leonard Nimoy may be out of the game, but his friend William Shatner has made it clear in the last few years that he is interested in another go at being Captain Kirk. New comments from Shatner reconfirm his interest in the role, and the tech used to de-age Jeff Bridges for Tron Legacy has the original Kirk intrigued.

Best Idea Ever: William Shatner As Next American Idol Judge?

It is a well-established fact that Star Trek’s William Shatner is the true king of all media. Bill is busy these days with his two shows on the Bio Channel and a new CBS sitcom, but a new campaign has just started with the most awesome idea of all: William Shatner as judge on the Fox juggernaut American Idol. The show is in search of new judges and one big town paper is pushing Bill.

Shatner Talks $#!* at TCA + A&E Airing Shatner Aftermath DC Sniper Special Tonight

William Shatner’s new sitcom $#*! My Dad Says has stirred up some controversy but at a TCA event yesterday the actor talked about the word not allowed on TV. And in other Shatner news, A&E has just announced an "Aftermath" special airing tonight where Bill gets exclusive new information out of the DC Sniper  Lee Boyd Malvo. Details below.

William Shatner Weighs In On Khan In Star Trek Sequel Debate

Another voice has weighed in on the issue of Khan in the Star Trek sequel, and it is the same voice that made the "Khaaaaaaaaaaaaan!" yell immortal in Star Trek II. At Comic Con William Shatner was asked if he thought that JJ Abrams and team should bring Khan back for the sequel. It turns out Bill has an opinion on that. Also, the man Bill is playing in his upcoming sitcom $#!* My Dad Says has an opinion of Shatner. All that below

EXCLUSIVE: Director Confirms Free Enterprise 2 In Development – but not ready for Comic Con

In the last few weeks there have been a number of hints (coming from William Shatner and others) that a sequel to the Trek-themed cult comedy Free Enterprise was in the works. So far the guys behind Free Enterprise have kept mum, but TrekMovie finally got director Robert Meyer Burnett to go on the record to talk about the project.

William Shatner Reveals More Details On “Captains” Documentary + Talks Star Trek V

Star Trek’s original Kirk attended the London Comic Con over the weekend and in between autograph signings yesterday he did a Q&A to a group of around 500 enthusiastic fans. His talked included some interesting details on his new "The Captain" documentary as well as some discussion of Star Trek V. Details below.

ShatWatch: London Comic Con Pix + Lifetime Achievement Video + Nick Cage On Shatner’s Greatness

It is time for a new ShatWatch. Star Trek’s William Shatner has spent the weekend at the London Comic Con and we have pix of Bill from the event. We also have some recently uploaded Shatner videos, including the Banff Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony, a recent con where he talks about De Kelley and his pitch for wild salmon. All that plus Nicholas Cage talking about how Bill is a ‘Great Man’.

Details On William Shatner’s New ‘Aftermath’ Show Coming In August

Proving that he is the hardest working man in show business, we have a second press release today related to Star Trek’s William Shatner. The Bio Channel has released details on their second Shatner show, Aftermath, which has Bill taking a look into the famous and infamous in the ‘aftermath’ of coming to notice. The show is coming in August, more details below 

Video of the Day: Leonard Nimoy Accuses William Shatner Of Stealing His Bike

If you have ever had the pleasure to see original Star Trek icons Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner together at a Trek convention you may have heard the infamous bike stealing story. A fun video of a telling of the story from a con from the past has gone viral and is worth checking out, watch it below.  

Alicia Witt Confirms Role In Free Enterprise 2 + Rumor Control On Cameos For Stewart, Abrams and Nimoy

We have another update and some rumors to deal with for Free Enterprise 2, the sequel to the 1998 Star Trek-themed cult-comedy starring William Shatner. All indications are that this film is happening and now actress  Alicia Witt has let it slip that she is in the film as well. There is also a rumor that the film will include cameos from Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart and JJ Abrams. Robert Meyer Burnett responds to TrekMovie about that below.

More Free Enterprise 2 Clues: Old Spice Actor Says Shooting Starts Next Week + Eliza Dushku Also Drops Hint

Today more revelations make it look like Free Enterprise 2, the sequel to the 1998 cult-classic with William Shatner, is a go. The latest news comes from actors who were not associated with the first film. One actor even says shooting will be going on next week, while Dollhouse star Eliza Dushku also dropped a Free Enterprise hint.

Vancouver Star Trek Con Report & Photos: Shatner, Nimoy, Shimerman, Trinneer & more Trek celebs

Over the weekend Star Trek returned to British Columbia for an official Creation Star Trek convention in Vancouver, headlined by William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, along with a number of other Trek celebrities. We have a full con report and pictures of all the celebrity guests below.  

Collectors Pick Up Good Deals At Julien’s Star Trek Auction

The second of this summer’s three big Star Trek auctions happened Sunday. The Julien’s auction was different in that it had fewer actual props and costumes and was mostly the Gene and Majel Roddenberry estate sale, along with a number of items from William Shatner. Overall, the auctions was a success for collectors because of reasonable prices, including the few 2009 Star Trek movie items.

Shatner Talks Star Trek Sequel, Captains Doc & Free Enterprise 2 at TrekExpo [VIDEO]

On Saturday William Shatner appeared at the TrekExpo in Tulsa, OK. At the event, Bill gave the audience an update on future Trek-related projects, commenting on the Star Trek sequel, giving more details on his "Captains" documentary, and talking more specifically about Free Enterprise 2. See details below and watch video from the event.

Shatner Reveals ‘Captains’ Doc Details (Which Explains Bakula Meeting) + Talks Nimoy Retirement

This weekend William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and many more Star Trek stars are headed to Vancouver for an official Star Trek convention. In a new interview promoting the con, Shatner talked about Nimoy’s retirement and discussed his new ‘Captains’ documentary. TrekMovie also has an update on the meeting with Shatner and Bakula.  

VIDEO: Rod Roddenberry Tours Julien’s Star Trek Auction

On Sunday June 27th Julien’s will be holding a Star Trek Auction at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas with items from the Roddenberry estate, plus additional items from William Shatner and a collection of costumes and props from the Star Trek 2009 movie. All of the lots are now on display in Las Vegas, and there is a new video of Rod Roddenberry touring the Roddenberry estate collection. See that and more info below.

NimoyWatch: Limited Edition Vulcan Poster + ‘Evening With Leonard Nimoy’ coming to Long Beach + Shatner/Nimoy Duet?

Today we have a special Leonard Nimoy edition of CelebWatch. First we have more video from Nimoy’s visit to Vulcan, plus info on how you can get a special limited edition poster and T-Shirt from the event. There is also another event (‘An Evening with Leonard Nimoy’) added to his 2010 tour schedule. Plus William Shatner appears to be headed back into the recording studio, and he is trying to coax his friend Leonard to join him.

ShatWatch: Bill’s Star Trek 2009 Thoughts + TekWar Radio Show + More $#*! My Dad Says Video

Time for another ShatWatch to catch up on all things Bill Shatner, starting off with his latest comments about the 2009 Star Trek movie (and sequel). Plus Bill reveals he is working on a TekWar radio show. We also have video of Bill talking about his new sitcom (with more clips) and video of Bill on the Dr. Oz Show.

Parents Group Threatens CBS Over Shatner’s “$#*! My Dad Says”

The announcement of William Shatner’s new sitcom $#*! My Dad Says is only a day old, and already it is stirring up controversy. CBS is touting the show as a "family comedy" and putting it on at 8:30 on Thursdays, but a parents group is denouncing CBS for its choice of title, and has announced a campaign to go after affiliates who air the show and advertisers who sponsor the show.