Shatner Reveals ‘Captains’ Doc Details (Which Explains Bakula Meeting) + Talks Nimoy Retirement

This weekend William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and many more Star Trek stars are headed to Vancouver for an official Star Trek convention. In a new interview promoting the con, Shatner talked about Nimoy’s retirement and discussed his new ‘Captains’ documentary. TrekMovie also has an update on the meeting with Shatner and Bakula.  

VIDEO: Rod Roddenberry Tours Julien’s Star Trek Auction

On Sunday June 27th Julien’s will be holding a Star Trek Auction at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas with items from the Roddenberry estate, plus additional items from William Shatner and a collection of costumes and props from the Star Trek 2009 movie. All of the lots are now on display in Las Vegas, and there is a new video of Rod Roddenberry touring the Roddenberry estate collection. See that and more info below.

NimoyWatch: Limited Edition Vulcan Poster + ‘Evening With Leonard Nimoy’ coming to Long Beach + Shatner/Nimoy Duet?

Today we have a special Leonard Nimoy edition of CelebWatch. First we have more video from Nimoy’s visit to Vulcan, plus info on how you can get a special limited edition poster and T-Shirt from the event. There is also another event (‘An Evening with Leonard Nimoy’) added to his 2010 tour schedule. Plus William Shatner appears to be headed back into the recording studio, and he is trying to coax his friend Leonard to join him.

ShatWatch: Bill’s Star Trek 2009 Thoughts + TekWar Radio Show + More $#*! My Dad Says Video

Time for another ShatWatch to catch up on all things Bill Shatner, starting off with his latest comments about the 2009 Star Trek movie (and sequel). Plus Bill reveals he is working on a TekWar radio show. We also have video of Bill talking about his new sitcom (with more clips) and video of Bill on the Dr. Oz Show.

Parents Group Threatens CBS Over Shatner’s “$#*! My Dad Says”

The announcement of William Shatner’s new sitcom $#*! My Dad Says is only a day old, and already it is stirring up controversy. CBS is touting the show as a "family comedy" and putting it on at 8:30 on Thursdays, but a parents group is denouncing CBS for its choice of title, and has announced a campaign to go after affiliates who air the show and advertisers who sponsor the show.

First Images & Details For Shatner’s $#*! My Dad Says & Orci/Kurtzman’s Hawaii Five-0 [UPDATED w/ Videos]

Earlier in the week we reported that CBS has picked up a new Sitcom starring William Shatner. Today CBS released more details on $#*! My Dad Says, including the first images. We also have details and images on Hawaii Five-0, produced by Star Trek writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. [UPDATE: video clips from both shows]

CBS Picks Up Shatner Sitcom ‘$#*! My Dad Says’ & Orci/Kurtzman’s ‘Hawaii Five-O’ + Trailer For Abrams ‘Undercovers’

William Shatner, Star Trek’s original Captain Kirk, is headed back to network TV, this time in a sitcom. CBS is announcing their Fall schedule this week, which will include the $#*! My Dad Says sitcom, as well as the remake of Hawaii Five-O, produced by Star Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. More details below, plus NBC’s newly released trailer for JJ Abrams Undercovers.

KirkWatch: Pine Signs On For Comedy Feature + Shatner Denies $600M Priceline Payout

Tonight we have a special brief all Kirks edition of CelebWatch. We start off with news on the new Kirk as Chris Pine has just signed on to do a new action comedy. As for Kirk Classic, William Shatner has bee making news this week with a report that he is a multimillionaire many times over, but apparently reports of his $600 Million worth are just not true.

William Shatner Talks Star Trek Sequel, Governor General Buzz, & new Sitcom + more

Yesterday William Shatner held his annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show. In this ShatWatch we have photos from the event, plus video of Bill talking about JJ Abrams and the Star Trek sequel. We also have video from Bill from the last week talking about his new sitcom pilot and Canada Governor General buzz. All that plus some awesome Classic Shat video from 1977.

Patrick Stewart Talks Shakespeare, Shatner & ‘Inner Light’ + Watch Stewart in ‘Hamlet’ Online

Last night PBS aired the Great Performances film of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, featuring Sir Patrick Stewart and David Tennant. You can now watch the entire film online, and we have that embedded below. But first, there is a new interview with Stewart where he discusses the connection of Star Trek, Shakespeare, and William Shatner. Stewart also discusses his favorite episode of TNG.

Pilots From Shatner, Abrams & Orci/Kurtzman Getting Good Buzz [UPDATED]

In May the broadcast networks will all announce their Fall schedules, including what new pilots they will be picking up. The Hollywood Reporter is now providing a preview of what shows are getting the good buzz, and they include two dramas members of the new Star Trek team, as well William Shatner’s new sitcom. [UPDATED: more buzz]

CelebWatch: Shatner Gets “Weird” + Pine Goes To “Moscow” + Nimoy Wraps “Fringe” + Quinto On The “Margin”

Today we have a special Kirk and Spock edition of CelebWatch, or make that Kirks and Spocks. We have William Shatner selling his new "Weird" show Cannes, Leonard Nimoy wrapping on Fringe (and acting forever?), new details on Chris Pine’s Jack Ryan movie, and some more Zachary Quinto sightings in NYC.

Kevin Pollak and Maurice LaMarche Hold a “Shat Off” To Celebrate 2nd Talk Like William Shatner Day

March 22nd is William Shatner’s 79th Birthday, which means it is the 2nd annual "Talk Like William Shatner Day." This new holiday was declared last year by Shatner impressionist (and veteran voice actor) Maurice LaMarche. This year he has teamed up with comedian and fellow Shatner impressionist Kevin Pollak to celebrate with a "Shat Off" of dueling impersonations. Watch their video below.

Watch Shatner & Richard Simmons Get Real Close On Today Show + Shatner/John Edward Raw Nerve Preview

Let’s start off the day with some more fun with Shatner. The original Captain Kirk was a guest on NBC’s Today Show, where he was promoting his Bio show Shatner’s Raw Nerve. Also on hand was ‘Sweatin to the Oldies’ fitness video guru Richard Simmons, and the pair got a little close for comfort on the couch, check out the videos below. We also have a preview of Shatner’s Raw Nerve with psychic John Edward, airing tonight.

Shatner on Stern: Agrees To ‘Takei Summit’ – Still Planning To See 2009 Star Trek Movie

William Shatner was a guest on the Howard Stern Radio Show this morning. Bill was there to promote his talk show Shatner’s Raw Nerve, but Howard wanted to talk about George Takei and JJ Abrams. Much to Shatner’s chagrin, Stern got Takei on the phone to hammer out a future summit meeting where they can finally hash out their differences. Later Shatner talked about the new Star Trek movie (and the next one). Details below.