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Stewart, Shatner & Trek On Hand At Jules Verne Festival This Week

On Thursday the annual Jules Verne Film Festival kicks off in Los Angeles and Star Trek is very much a part of this year’s event. Presiding will be Captain Picard himself, Patrick Stewart, who is the festival’s “President of the Jury.” Malcolm McDowell, William Shatner and other Trek celebrities will also be showing up. Details below

Takei Talks Heroes, TOS-R and ST08

Today seems to be Sulu Day. George Takei may not be appearing in the new Star Trek movie, but the man who originated Sulu still has some thoughts on his past life and the future of the franchise. Regarding why The Original Series seems to be ‘hot’ again (with Trek Remastered and the new Star Trek movie), Takei cites Gene Roddenberry’s vision. He tells Dreamwatch…

HD DVD Player Buying Guide

On Tuesday Star Trek Season One is released on the combo HD DVD/DVD format. Recently Paramount Home Entertainment announced that it is committed to HD DVD exclusively until 2009 (Star Trek Season Two hits stores on March 25th and Season Three by the end of 2008). So if you want to see the new box set or any other Trek in HD in the near future, then you will have to get yourself an HD DVD player. The good news is that it wont cost you too much latinum.

Review – Star Trek: The Original Series Season One HD DVD Box Set [UPDATED]

Last September CBS commemorated the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek by going back to the original 35mm films and digitally remastering them for the HD era. The project not only cleaned up the images, but also added brand new CGI to replace the original shots that wouldn’t hold up well to the microscope of 1080p HD. This ‘Star Trek Remastered’ has been seen in syndication, but only in standard definition. Now finally with the release of Star Trek The Original Series on DVD/HD DVD Combo disk you can finally see the remastered show in full HDTV resolution, as it was intended to be seen. Plus the set comes complete with many new special features, many of which take advantage of the interactive features of HD DVD.

TOS Remastered Producers On New HD-DVDs

The latest Starburst Magazine has an interview with the TOS Remastered producers David Rossi, Mike Okuda and Denise Okuda. They talk about the project and the new Season One HD-DVDs coming out November 20th. Rossi enthuses about one of the special features for the box set: In many cases you’ll get the fun opportunity to have side – by – side references of the original shots and what we have done with the re-mastering process. I think that’s going to be very cool for people to watch.

HD-DVD Giveaways + Australian “Menagerie” Screening

The release of Season One of the digitally remastered Star Trek: The Original Series is in two weeks (Nov. 20) and the promotions for it keep racking up. Firstly STARTREK.COM has a new contest with a grand prize of a Toshiba HD-DVD player and a TOSR Box Set, (DETAILS HERE). And if you live close to New York City and are one of the first in line to buy the box set at select Virgin mega-stores you will get a free Toshiba HD-DVD player and a ‘Star Trek goodie bag’ (DETAILS HERE). Lastly screenings of the HD version of “The Managerie” have been added in Australia (DETAILS HERE).

Menagerie Screening Dates Added in Europe and Canada

The November screenings for the remastered two-part Star Trek episode “The Menagerie” keeps expanding. Last week an additional day was added to the US (story), and now it is going international. Fathom have added a link to details for seventeen Canadian locations (November 15th only) – Canadian details at Empire Theaters. And now new showings in Europe have been announced as well, varying from November 13th to November 20th depending on location – European details at STARTREK.COM. Tickets info for the American screenings on November 13th and 15th available at Fathom Entertainment.

2nd Night Added To Menagerie Screenings

Due to the popular demand for the screenings of “The Menagerie” on 300 theaters around the country, Fathom Entertainment have added a second night. So in addition to the screenings on November 13th you can also see Kirk, Spock and Pike in HD on November 15th – with two showings (7:30pm and 10:30pm). More info at Fathom’s website. Fathom have also sent over a high res screen cap and a high res version of the poster. Plus there is a new video trailer. …check it out below.

More TOS Remastered On HD-DVD and iTunes

We are just one month away from the release of Season One of the remastered Star Trek The Original Series and now it looks like we will not have too long to wait for the rest. At a recent trade show Paramount Home Entertainment announced they will be shipping around 30 HD-DVD titles in 2008, but didn’t go into details. However sources have indicated to that both Season 2 and Season 3 TOS-R are on the list. Work has already started on the special features for the Season 2 box set and all the the VFX work has been completed as well. TV Shows on DVD is reporting that the Season 2 box may hit stores as early as mid-March, but this has not been confirmed.

See Remastered “The Menagerie” On The Big Screen!

A year before J.J. Abrams brings his vision of The Original Series to the big screen, the original Original Series is going to get a go. CBS just announced a special presentation of the remastered "The Menagerie" on November 13th at almost 300 theaters nationwide. Both parts of "The Menagerie" will be shown in HD and cinema surround sound. The presentation includes a 30 minute behind-the-scenes featurette about the remastering. You can find theaters and buy tickets  at Fathom Events ($12.50). More info at Of course it is no coincidence that these screenings are being held one week before the release of  Star Trek: TOS – The Complete First Season [on HD DVD]