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Review – Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection on Blu-ray

To coincide with the release of the new Star Trek movie Paramount has released the six original cast movies on Blu-ray for the first time in the ‘Star Trek Original Motion Picture Collection.’ Each film comes loaded with extras. There is a lot to cover, so read on to see how Paramount did with the original crew Trek movies in 1080p HD.

Star Trek’s $112M Global Opening Weekend + Quinto,Nimoy & Pine on SNL + More Tidbits

Judging by our current poll and the reader reviews Star Trek has has a great opening weekend for the fans, but it looks like that elusive mainstream audience are also on board. We have the numbers below [UPDATE: w/ Int’l returns] Plus there is video of Quinto, Pine & Nimoy on SNL and more interviews and opening weekend tidbits, including ‘Star Trek The Sneakers’ and much more.

Review – Star Trek: The Original Series Season 1 – Blu-ray [UPDATED]

Back in September 2006 CBS commemorated the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek by going back to the original film and digitally remastering the series for the HD era, cleaning up the images and adding new CGI special effects. Previous HD-DVD & DVD releases were available with only the new. But now thanks to the benefits of Blu-ray, fans have a choice (original or CGI), and can see Trek in 1080p.

The Collective: Autographed Edition

Collecting autographs is not a hobby unique to Star Trek. Fans of everything from sports to first-edition books have been fascinated by obtaining the signatures of those they admire. Today TrekMovie provides a guide to obtaining autographs from the world of Trek, plus we have a fun contest sponsored by Autograph Magazine and news about Rittenhouse Ltd.’s Star Trek 2009 feature film trading card set signers.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Terminator, Green Hornet, Ghostbusters + BSG, Caprica, Lost + more

We got good news if you were spoiled by that leaked Terminator 4 ending? We also have updates on Seth Rogen’s Green Hornet and 3rd outings for the Ghostbusters and the Riddick franchises and more movie news and previews. For TV the SciFi SyFy channel is still dealing with name change fallout, plus we have updates on BSG, Caprica, Lost and more. Plus all the usual previews, including the new Doctor Who.

Trek Vets Pick Up (And Give Away) Oscars At 2009 Academy Awards

The 81st Academy Awards were held tonight, and Star Trek was all over the place, albeit indirectly. For starters, a few Trek alumni walked home with a golden statuette. Not only that, but several Trek veterans were on hand to co-present a few awards. Oh, and then there’s the fact that the show’s orchestra was conducted by the man who wrote the score this year’s Star Trek. Check it out below.

CBS & Paramount Announce First Star Trek Blu-ray sets – TOS S1 & All TOS movies coming April/May [UPDATED]

Today CBS and Paramount made official what we have been reporting for months, for the first time ever, Star Trek is coming to Blu-ray in 2009. CBS announced a Blu-ray set for the first season of TOS and Paramount announced all the TOS era movies are coming to Blu-ray, all to be released this Spring. TrekMovie and have worked together to bring you all the info on the new sets, see below for full details.

BSG Preview: Season 4.5 Is Here + Olmos as Picard?

The ragtag fleet is back! Tonight the first of the final 10 episodes of Battlestar Galactica airs and so TrekMovie brings back our weekly BSG previews. Tonight’s episode "Sometimes a Great Notion" is the first BSG (not counting webisodes) in six months. We have all the latest on BSG (plus some Trek connections) to get you started. [SPOILERS]

CelebWatch: Stardate 01.15.09

This week, the Watch has more news on big news for Scott Bukula. We also have the low-down on new projects for Kate Mulgrew and Whoopi Goldberg, Malcolm McDowell taking pride in killing Kirk, William Shatner talking seal violations, LeVar Burton showing his ink, UK fame for George Takei, the latest Jeri Ryan sighting, and and much more below.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Forbidden Planet, Buck Rogers, Terminator, Watchmen, Battlestar, Stargates, Dr. Who + more

It is usually slow towards the end of the year, but there is a ton of genre news this week. We got James Cameron tied to Forbidden Planet, Frank Miller tied to Buck Rogers, Kenneth Branaugh tied to Thor and so much more, including trailers and images. In TV there are updates including previews on Stargate(s), Battlestars plus more previews, including the Doctor Who X-Mas special.

Shatcember Update: Get Ready For Shatner’s Raw Nerve

Due to this month being just chock full of William Shatner all over the TV dial, has decided to rename it ‘Shatcember.’ In the first of our Shatcember updates, we discuss the December 2nd premiere of Shatner’s new talk show Raw Nerve Bio, reveal the Biography Channel’s Shatner mini-marathon, and celebrate great Shatner interviews of the past.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Terminator, Transformers, Iron Man, BSG, Dollhouse, Stargate + more

In Sci-Fi movie news this week we have a big update on that other big May 2009 movie, Terminator Salavation. Plus there are updates on Transformers 2, Iron Man 2, a Dr. Strange movie and more. TV news brings the first look at the new Stargate series, word on the ending of BSG, the latest on Dollhouse and more. Plus new images and videos from a couple dozen movies and series, so check it all out below.

CelebWatch: Stardate 10.23.08

The Watch is back! We have an October roundup of celebrity news, including Auberjonois back at Boston Legal, Visitor losing more than her head for the Friday the 13th remake, a book deal for Pegg, Chris Pine’s Trek poster auction, and much more! Plus, we have two hilarious videos, one with Michael Dorn berating John Cleese and another with Bob Picardo as a ladies man. Check it out below!

Sci-Fi Sunday: Batman, Iron Man, Ghostbusters, Transformers, Fringe, Smallville, Heroes, Dollhouse + more

Another week and another Batman sequel casting rumor. We have that plus news on Iron Man 2 in 3D, that Arnold Terminator cameo, Bill Murry in Ghostbusters III and more including new images and vids from Transformers, Avatar and more. Plus there is tons of TV news, images and video previews, including Dollhouse, Terminator, Fringe, Heroes, Doctor Who, Battlestar and more.

CelebWatch: Stardate 09.08.08

Yes, I’m aware that I missed by deadline by four days. That’s what happens when real life interferes with… well, life. Anyway, this week the Watch has great news on who’s headlining Vegas Con ’09, J.J. Abrams talking more Fringe, Walter Koenig going nuts, Takei readying his wedding, Dragon*Con photos, and new projects for many Trek alumni.

CelebWatch: Stardate 08.07.08

This week, the Watch brings tons of happenings for Patrick Stewart, including reviews of Hamlet. We also have reviews of Chris Pine in Bottle Shock, Eric Bana talking cars, a new movie for Simon Pegg, Adam Nimoy talking about his dad, Jolene Blalock talking about Starship Troopers, plus Whoopi back on Broadway, and more!

CelebWatch: Stardate 05.30.08

This week in the Watch, we have news on Patrick Stewart wrapping up his Macbeth gig, Wikipedia giving Wil Wheaton trouble, Brent Spiner meeting his Italian dubber, an update on Simon Pegg’s next movie, Blalock talking T’Pol, Russ back directing, new work for some Trek villains, and more.

CelebWatch: Stardate 05.15.08

Hiya, folks! This week’s Watch brings you Quinto cracking jokes about Trek, movie set reports for Scott Bakula and Winona Ryder, Trek star convention appearances, the final act in the Andrew Koenig legal drama, Stewart hanging with with his fellow Tony-nominees and visiting Goldberg on The View (w/ VIDEO), and a new project for Trek ’09 writers Kurtzman & Orci: What do you guys think about Tom Cruise for President?

ShatnerWatch: Boston Legal Renewed + Autobiography Preview [UPDATED]

A special Sunday Shatnerific Edition of CelebWatch. After a long period on the bubble, ABC has cut a deal to give Shatner’s Boston Legal another season. More on that and how it relates to Colm Meaney’s new show Life on Mars below. Plus new excerpts from Shat’s new autobiography “Up ‘Till Now” have just been released. UPDATE: Added full schedule for Shatner media tour

CelebWatch: Stardate 5.9.08

This week’s Watch covers news on four of the Star Trek captains and makes you ask the questions: Will William Shatner be back as Denny Crane? Will Patrick Stewart be nominated for a Tony Award? Does Avery Brooks exaggerate? And what happened to Kate Mulgrew’s family emergency? Plus, we have news on the two Koenigs, Crosby, Auberjonois, Cho on SARS, and more!

Library Computer: “Making of Yesterday’s Enterprise” Review + Interview

This week Library Computer takes a look at a number of ‘making of’ books for specific Star Trek episodes, including a review of the latest one about making the classic TNG episode "Yesterday’s Enterprise." We also have an interview with the author Eric Stillwell (who co-wrote the story for the episode) where he discusses both the episode and his time working on the TNG staff.

Patrick Stewart Defends Trekkies

Back in February we reported that Patrick Stewart (TNG’s Capt. Picard) had to ask fans not to come to his plays dressed in Starfleet uniforms. In a new interview with Newsweek, however, the actor gets a bit testy (much like Simon Pegg did recently) and shows his love for Trekkies, assuring that we are not, as Newsweek calls us, “weird.” He still doesn’t like those damn uniforms, though.

CelebWatch: Live Shat, Pundit Mulgrew, Broadway Stewart, Jailbirds Orci and Kurtzman

This week, CelebWatch brings you news on William Shatner going live, Patrick Stewart going Broadway, Whoopi’ going weepy over an Oscar snub, Mulgrew going political, Takei going snarky, Blalock going trooper, Greenwood going artistic… and Orci and Kurtzman going to ‘Michael Bay Jail’ (see artists rendition…right) Read below for more!

Oscars: Trek Vets Pick Up Trophies + Trek Celeb Photos

The 80th Annual Academy Awards were held tonight at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. As reported last month, nine Star Trek alumni (present and future) were nominated for an Oscar this year including Michael Giacchino, the composer for the new Star Trek film. Of the nine ‘Trek’ nominees only two left with trophies and Giacchino wasn’t one of them. See below for our full coverage including photos from the show and Trek celebs spotted at Oscar weekend events. 

Trek Celeb Stalker: Captains A’Plenty

NEW FEATURE: presents a new regular column where we stalk your favorite Star Trek celebrities and inform you on what they are up to. This week we have Shatner giving the smackdown, Patrick Stewart getting (yet another) award, Kate Mulgrew opining on the superiority of Voyager, Scott Bakula getting work, and much more!