All Access: Review Of ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Episode 16 “Preludes”

[Review starts at 12:46]

Anthony and Laurie start with Chris Hemsworth new comments about why he thinks the movie about James Kirk and his dad fizzled, then move into Terry Matalas’ comments about how Picard season 3 is a continuation of both Deep Space Nine and Voyager. They give an update on Discovery season 5, which just wrapped filming, and tease an upcoming giveaway for the release of season 4 on DVD. After that, they dig into Tony’s new interview with Ronny Cox (Jellico on TNG and Prodigy), then review the newest Prodigy episode, “Preludes.” They wrap up with a look at Starfleet’s attitude towards genetic engineering and an episode of the 7th Rule podcast with Ira Steven Behr talking about the Deep Space Nine series finale.