All Access Star Trek: “Envoys” – Review Of ‘Lower Decks’ Episode 102

This week, Anthony and Laurie cover the Star Trek Universe news: Alex Kurtzman’s latest updates on Discovery, Strange New Worlds, Short Treks, and Section 31;  the movies and how they do (or don’t) relate to TV; and upcoming virtual Trek events.

After that, we review “Envoys,” the second episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks. We talk drunken Klingons, Starfleet enthusiasm, and favorite jokes, but disagree on the show’s pacing.


Alex Kurtzman’s Star Trek Universe updates

Star Trek: Prodigy new producer director

Virtual NYCC/Metaverse

Star Trek movie news

Random mentions during the review of “Envoys”:

Laurie and Neil’s roundup of unsung Star Trek friendships

TNG’s “The Child

TNG’s “Half a Life” (regarding Kaelons)

TAS’ “The Survivor


Tony: Trek-inspired COVID suit (Google Translate will come in handy if you don’t speak Spanish.)

Laurie: Ralph Senensky’s website (More on Ralph here. )