All Access Star Trek: “Moist Vessel” – ‘Lower Decks’ Episode 104 Review

This week, Anthony and Laurie delve into the latest Alex Kurtzman interview for info on the Section 31 show and new creative hires in the Star Trek Universe, and discuss the news that Star Trek: Discovery is hitting CBS proper—the broadcast network, not the streaming service. Then they review “Moist Vessel,” episode 4 of Star Trek: Lower Decks (repeating the title as often as they can).

Links to topics discussed in the pod


Alex Kurtzman talks Section 31 show and composer Nami Melumad

Nami Melumad on Twitter

CBS Network broadcasting Star Trek: Discovery

Other mentions:


This Is the End


Anthony: William Shatner on the “Storybook Squares” version of Hollywood Squares (and William Shatner and Henry Winkler’s Better Late Than Never GalaxyCon panel on Aug. 29.)

Laurie: Episode of The Delta Flyers podcast where they talk about Neelix’s crush