All Access: ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Episode 308 “Surrender” Review… with Brent Spiner Interview Clips

Tony and Laurie talk about new character posters for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and new Trek merch (including the TNG movies on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray), then dig into the latest on Picard, from Terry Matalas’ assurance that Kirk will not be making an appearance on the show (beyond the remains we saw at Daystrom) to his description of the show as a proper send-off for the TNG crew. After playing some of the audio from Tony’s interview with Brent Spiner—who talks about Data’s evolution as well as his feline colleague—it’s time to review the latest Picard episode, “Surrender.” Laurie and Tony enjoyed it thoroughly, especially the way it moved the story forward and gave us great character moments along the way, although they’re both impatiently waiting to learn the full story about Jack. They wrap things up with an April Fools’ Day joke from Prodigy EP Aaron Waltke and fun Voyager guest star trivia.