All Access: Star Trek Universe News Roundup

Tony and Laurie are back with the latest on all five current shows—Picard, Strange New Worlds, Lower Decks, Discovery, and Prodigy—covering production updates, new interviews about upcoming seasons, and insights into episodes that have already aired. They talk about the Ben Sisko autobiography on the way, Paramount Plus’ affirmation that there’s still a Section 31 show in development, Michelle Yeoh’s increasing star power, and the possibilities of Enterprise characters finding their way into the new Trek shows, with some input on the idea from new interviews with Scott Bakula and John Billingsley. Sofia Boutella is talking about her interest in another Star Trek movie, and Nicolas Cage is talking about his interest in Star Trek itself! The podcasters wrap up with a Spock/Geordi team-up for a vaccination campaign and a Patrick Stewart/Jamie Oliver team-up for a tasty meal.