All Access – Supplemental: John Billingsley Interview

Anthony’s busy with the Picard premiere, so in lieu of a regular episode of the podcast, here’s Laurie’s interview with John Billingsley, Enterprise‘s Dr. Phlox. The interview was done to help promote TREKtalks2, a yearly fundraiser for the Hollywood Food Coalition that brings Star Trek celebs from both in front of and behind camera together for a marathon of panels and discussions.

In addition to discussing the event, Laurie and John talked extensively about Star Trek: Enterprise, covering the character of Phlox, whether the show was sexist or just sexy (or both), the chance of Phlox appearing on current Star Trek shows, the perils of being on UPN during a tumultuous time in TV, and the season John wasn’t a big fan of, along with the joys of becoming part of the eternal world of Star Trek.

Just a heads up: There’s swearing in here, and we have left it as is, neither bleeping nor deleting.