All Access: Tawny Newsome Interview & Star Trek News Wrapup

Anthony and Laurie discuss the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery panel at CCXP, the latest on Nicholas Meyer’s Khan audio drama, Michelle Hurd’s interest in a Worf/Raffi spin-off, Chris Pine’s lack of Star Trek 4 news, and some new Trek merch.

They then turn to Laurie’s interview with Tawny Newsome, who talks about Lower Decks season 4 and season 5 as well as being in the writers’ room of Star Trek: Starfleet Academy. Newsome also talks passionately about her love of Deep Space Nine and more.

They wrap up with a fun video from Red Letter Media featuring the Enterprise-D and the announcement of TREKTalks 3, a day of streamed Star Trek panels for the Hollywood Food Coalition.